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It Was Broken When We Found It
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It Was Broken When We Found It

Author: Ryan Hanson

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IWBWWFI might not be the best name, but was a phrase used extensively back at the ranch by my father when someone would present him with something (or someone) that was broken. When the presenter was questioned, it was always the same answer: "It was broken when we found it". We'll be discussing current events with the emphasis on 'small town' type material. We'll be bringing on weekly guests that range from musical entertainment, all the way to local political candidates and everything in between. Our story isn't unique to our 'town' and will strike a chord with any listener. What our show lacks in quality is hopefully made up for with entertainment. Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for, but know that we're doing our best. 
35 Episodes
A lot of discussion that focused on the City of Van and it's use of HOT Funds... and the entire situation of TxDot threatening to take Jimmys Cock. Both topics are not that that much different.
Brownsboro city council met on Monday for their regular November meeting. On the agenda was the ongoing 'water billing' debacle they've been working on. We're going to talk further about that with Trayce West. We might even discuss some other things...?
We had big ambitions of going into executive session and discussing items not fit for human consumption, but instead we went through mostly the HOT fund debacle that the City of Van is involved in.
We didn't think it was a real word either, but it is:Wangle - To manipulate or persuade someone or something cleverly, symbolizing cleverness, strategy, and skill (maneuver, finagle, engineer). “With her charm and wit, she wangled an invitationWe've been wangling, but we've missed some shows because Sundays are difficult. We'll likely move the show to Wednesdays permanently? We were going to take a poll of 3.7 fans but didn't get it done.Jimmy Newton will be back on this week, if he can see w...
Trayce West Joins us for a discussion about Brownsboro happenings.
Week in review with Jimmy Newton and hopefully one other co-host. It should be another interesting evening of stimulating discussion, but we make no promises. There are times when you actually get less than what you paid for
We could all use some help with both. A candid discussion with Jimmy Timmy Newton and Lee Carter.
A show aimed at proving that we can drink water on the show and still crash the train, although not as badly as previous times. Lee Carter offers an apology and we have local resident Jimmy (Timmy) Newton on the show. Like always, some interesting - and not so interesting discussions. You get what you pay for.
In an odd twist of events, the Van Chief of Police is now trying to help Dominique Horton better his life. Kind gesture or pre-trial trap? It was unethical at best and we talk about and why the Chief needs to resign.
Sean Sieja and Lee Carter filled in for Gavin. We have proven the train doesn't need tracks to crash - it just needs a couple Engineers. Some good discussions, questions and updates.
A little bit of everything. Charles addressed some issues and answered some questions. No one was physically harmed in the making of this particular podcast.
We come back to Van ISD again, Angelina County and a few other topics.
A little bit about us and what's going on with the City of Van EDC.
Van ISD Update, Splash Pad, City Council... Govt Code 554 - we hit it all in this episode.
We learned a LOT of teachers were leaving / resigning from the JE Rhodes Campus. We were able to find out a few details, allegedly. Everything that happens in our schools impacts our community and everything that happens in our communities impacts our schools.
Interesting session in where we cover Bryan Slaton and holding elected officials accountable, ask some questions about our local ISD and discuss swimsuit season, not drinking beer and other very important items.
We're going to discuss 1st Ammendment rights and also Article 1, Sect 27 of the Texas Constitution. As we've learned, many don't understand these very basic rights. Along with this, we're going to deep dive into the Texas Public Information Act 552 and bring some more up to speed on the right to your information that our governments hold for us. This and MORE. We apologize for the audio... SOMEONE didn't turn on the recorder so, we had to strip this from the FB Live post. &nb...
City Council meeting with a little bit of voice over... Sean Sieja was a guest host on this. The City audio isn't the greatest and we appear to be talking over City Council. We are.
A recap of a Van meeting, Payne Springs PD and other things. Somehow, the ending was cut short, but we'll see if we can find it and add it back on. Standby.
This is an in depth and open look at what's happened in Kemah TX and their local government, citizens and affected businesses. We're not into trashing your local elected officials, but we do want to discuss facts and compare to other places. Kemah might be the best teaching opportunity for any general law governance City.Holly Hansen from "The Texan" News will be our special guest and we'll have an open mic for citizens and business owners. This will be a great time and show... that hopefully...