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What else do you do?

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'What else do you do?' is an interview podcast where Masao, an indie game producer, talks to various game developers about what they do when they're not making games.
64 Episodes
Who doesn't want a house full of kittens? Hear the ins and outs of fostering kittens in this week's episode with Shayna Moon, Senior Tech Program Manager at Unity.
This week  Bertine van Hövell, writer and founder of Lost Again Games, and I really got into it deep with nerdy stuff. Join us and explore the strange and wonderful world of live action role playing.
In this episode, I talked to Alex, creative director at Soft not weak, about their journey to create their studio, white male Rolodex problem and the difficulty marginalized people face in trying to break in.
This week we have Tanya X. Short, Creative Director and Co-founder of Kitfox Games. Listen to our conversation about how to manage skill growth in a small studio and how to focus less on years of experience when hiring.
We continue our series on talking to people who manage diverse game studios with Allan Cudicio.  He is the game designer and founder of Twin Drums. We talk about how he founded his studio and why he has such a diverse team
We changed up the gear on the podcast this week and spoke to Astrid Refstrup, CEO of Tripple Topping Games, about how to create a culture of diversity at a game studio.
Continuing the Asian game devs in the west interview series, I spoke to Raj Patel, Senior Brand Manager at Relic Entertainment, about watching Bollywood movies on discord, racial identity as a tag rather than a category, and convincing people with memes.
In this week's episode, I spoke to Stephan Akana, Sr. Global Brand Manager at KanaRey Production, about growing up happa, working for a Japanese game company as an Asian American, and the importance of doing things that make you happy.
Next up on the Asians working in games interview series is May Ling Tan.  She tells us about working in France without speaking any French, how to lead with kindness, and getting fridge magnets for your friends.
The third interview in the Asians working in games interview series is with Sam Sharma, Director of Product on Destiny 2. We talked about grappling with the concept of Asia as well as how the industry expects everyone to act like a certain type of white man.
What is kitchen table polyamory? Amanda Farough came on the pod to talk about her unique story of two families who joined up to make a bigger happier family.
This week I spoke to Evgeni Puzankov, writer and narrative designer, about shoes, writing, and about the time he accidentally ran a half marathon.
In this week’s episode, I spoke to Rebekah Valentine, a reporter at IGN, about faith, journalistic ethics, and how she almost became a nun.
Ep 43. Making comics!

Ep 43. Making comics!


In this week's episode, I spoke to Benjamin Rivers, Creative Director at Bancy Co, about underground comics of the 80s, comparing comics to manga, and how writing comics teaches you pacing in games.
In this episode, I spoke to Victoria Tran, community director for Among us, about her fascination with dating apps, dudes posing with fish, and discuss the perilous journey of dating stereotypes.
In this week's episode, I spoke to JC Lau, Producer at Harebrained Schemes, about Roller derby, gluing her face close to stop the bleeding, and generally being a badass.
In this episode, I spoke to Mae Morrison, Influencer Manager at Behavior interactive, about making art, her past career as a tattoo artist, and how she got into the games industry.
Ep 39. Yes, and!

Ep 39. Yes, and!


I spoke to Rebeccah Bassell, producer at Deck Nine Games, about the Colorado game dev scene and her love of improv comedy and Musical improv in particular!
Listen to Alex Earle, Producer at Radical Forge, and I talked about his career, Japanese Jazz pop, and video games in this epic ramble of an episode
This week I spoke to Chase Bethea, game composer, about bringing retro consoles back from the dead by repairing and restoring them.
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