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Author: David Emanuel

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A podcast about the inflection point bridging the Modern with the Gig Age. Emphasis on employee benefits. Amidst the noise there is surely a signal. We are a privileged generation - living in what is likely the most significant inflection point in the process of civilization. Amidst the rush and noise of hyper speed change can we hear the signals? What changes are happening? How does all this change impact each of us? How do we navigate our way to taking advantage of these changes? The Benefits industry delivers a product and service that impacts the lives of millions of people on a day-to-day basis. Artificial Intelligence, therapeutic innovation, communication technology, robotics and the power of interconnectivity are some of the exciting developments that are bringing fresh new opportunities for advisors to work with employers as they seek to maximise the well-being and employment experience of the people who drive their businesses.On this podcast we look to thought leaders, innovators and domain specialists to help filter the noise and hear the signals of our time.
6 Episodes
A discussion with Michelle Hilscher  in an effort to understand Behavioural Science.  Why does the application of this area of Psychology research seem to be coming of age? Is it a signal in the noise and a pointer to the inflection point we are traversing from modern times into the Gig Age?  Why do we make the decisions we make?  Does the volume of infomration we have at our finger tips impact our ability to use our reflexive decision making processess?  How does Behavioural Science help?  WE ARE PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL!
A reminder that we are living in a new age and we need to think differently about how we plan for our years of decumulation. This discussion is equally relevant for financial advisors as well as consumers of financial products. From Not-Retirement-Planning to Annuities and Tontines a wide-ranging discussion about the DECUMULATION phase of life.  Biologic Age, what's-inflation-anyway? and what the world of decumulation is today vs say - the 1960's and 70's.  
 The source of the conversation is Katherine's New York Times best seller - Bottle of Lies.  From corporate malfeasance to efficacy of bioequivalence - this discussion covers a sweeping subject.  This podcast has real relevance for health insurers, benefits advisors and employers who implement, manage and deliver drug insurance  . The time for this conversation is past due.   At the end of the day it's about the patients who rely on these drugs daily - either to sustain quality of life or perhaps even to sustain life.  On any given day each of us is either a patient or could become one!  Do we know how these dugs are manufactured, how they work and what goes into them?
A terrific hour with Adrian Gore.  Purpose and values.  Positive Signals.  Healthy living.  26 years old and his experience disrupting the Life and Health Insurance industry.  
Public - Private Solutions for the delivery of Prescription Drug coverage (and all that implies) for Canadians.  Helen Stevenson is a thought leader and played a significant role in successfully disrupting the RX drug system in Ontario - at some personal risk it should be noted - and managed a process that lead to $1.5bn in savings.   Here we discuss challenges in both the public and private systems.  Listen to Helen explain aspects of the Reformulary offering - a robust solution that reduces complexity of drug plan implementation for advisors and their employers and empowers employees/plan members with tools to ease the purchase of their prescription drugs by providing effective actionable information in an easy to use mobile interface.  Lastly --- some discussion on the roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccine in Canada.Enjoy.
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