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Craig Conover and Austen Kroll discuss their lives outside of reality TV and show who they are behind the camera, Listen as they are joined by celebrities and friends and talk about the simple aspects of dating to adventures from around the world. Pillows and Beer will give a look into the lives of two best friends that just want to share their many experiences with all.

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17 Episodes
In this special episode, Craig and his business partner, Jerry, discuss the opening of their new store and the history of Sewing Down South. Sorry for the technical difficulties: new store, new "studio," new issues. Audio is fixed after the 7-minute mark.
Episode 15: Vibin

Episode 15: Vibin


The boys are back to their old antics of giving you updates on life happenings and then get to answering your many fan questions. Bonus fan episode coming soon.
Episode 14: Give Them LaLa

Episode 14: Give Them LaLa


The boys give a quick update on everything going on and then are joined by the beautiful and honest Lala Kent. She discusses everything from being a new mom, sobriety, her many business ventures, and much more!
The boys are joined this week by two professional snowboarders: Bronze Medalist Scotty Lago and X-Games host Jack Mitrani. The guys discuss everything from Scotty's Olympics controversy to their worst wipeouts.
In this semi-behind the scenes clip, join Craig and Austen as their new Limo is delivered.
Episode 12: BroTox

Episode 12: BroTox


With a busy weekend planned, the boys discuss a wide arrange of topics. From talking about Craig's new store to getting botox, this episode is nothing but honest laughs. They are then joined by 3 special guests at the end of the episode so do not miss out!
In this weeks episode the boys go crazy and buy a limo! They are then joined by PGA Tour Pro and Major winner Keegan Bradley who talks about life on tour, being a super fan of reality tv, and then gives his picks for this week's Masters.
In this episode, the boys discuss a wide range of topics. From deciding who is going to be their best man, gambling tips and stories, and lastly to answering some audience messages.
The boys are joined by celebrity chef Jordan Andino. Listen as they discuss Austen's catfish story, being the Kardashian's personal chef, and what he is doing to make it through the pandemic.
In this episode, the Boys discuss many things from studying abroad in college to Craig's perfect proposal. However, the most important thing that is discussed was sent in by a new and lovely listener who reinforced why you should always thank servicemen and women.
Episode 7- Flying Ain't Hard

Episode 7- Flying Ain't Hard


Join the boys as they talk about their pet peeves of flying and what you do when you get that connection with someone only a flight can bring. Later return to Austen's DM's and some of your questions with Craig.
The boys discuss Craigs ever going list of top 5 favorite movies and answer questions from our wonderful fans! Craig and Austen are then joined by friend and comedian, Jared Freid, who has a new comedy special dropping tonight on YouTube. He discusses the special, becoming a comedian, and of course the Bachelor.
Spencer Pratt, a.k.a. Pratt Daddy, of "The Hills" joins the Boys to discuss almost everything. He breaks down being the most hated man in America, being banned from Costa Rica, and the power of crystals. Listens as he is also joined by his wife, the lovely Heidi Montag, as they discuss the highs and lows of life as reality royalty. This is a conversation you do not want to miss.
Episode 4: Down Under

Episode 4: Down Under


As they discussed in episode 1, Craig and Austen give an insight into what it is like to hang out with them at Outback Steakhouse. Listen as they discuss their favorite foods from Outback as Craig orders almost the entire menu and Austen breaks down which superhero is the best. A special thanks to Outback for allowing us to record on site!
The long-awaited Kristin Cavallari interview is here! Listen as she discusses recent dramas, her business, and the new friendship she has created with Craig and Austen. In this episode, Austen and Craig also breakdown the big game and, as always, will give you their DMs of the week!
Austen and Craig explore some segments for the podcast as they return back to the DMs. Later in the episode, they discuss a memorable trip to Mexico from this time last year and breakdown the 9 ways to approach celebrities. Lastly, do not forget to use code PILLOWSANDBEER10 to get 10 free meals when you signup at
Craig Conover and Austen Kroll use this first episode to introduce themselves as they break down why they are doing this podcast and discuss things you may not see on TV. They then give an insight into Austen's entrance back into single life.
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Courtney Webster

I love y'all! I think your banter is hilarious. Thank you for my new fave podcast❤️👍

Mar 9th

Lori Layne

i am so excited you have a podcast! yassss

Feb 5th
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