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CHEcast is a program of the Center for Health Empowerment, a nonprofit sexual health clinic that provides HIV prevention services, including PrEP and PEP, HIV testing and care and STI testing and treatment to our community at little to no cost. We specialize in providing care to people of color and other marginalized communities. We have clinics in both Austin and Dallas and offer convenient telehealth services across Texas. Visit us online at to book an appointment today.
57 Episodes
World AIDS Day is an annual day of celebration, honored every December 1st. The CHEcast in cooperation with AVITA Pharmacy would like to thank all those working together in the fight to combat AIDS, especially stigma.Please join us on this World AIDS Day in Remembrance, and to honor and celebrate people as well as events, related to the struggle against the AIDs epidemic; with our special guest Team Avita's: Andy and Champion.Please Like and share this episode. Team Avita:Andy DoanChampion CooperWORLD AIDS DAYPEPFAR-World AIDS DayAvita Pharmacy You’re more than just a prescription. We’re more than just a pharmacy.
In this episode, please join Steve and Eddie for a conversation with Cristian Eduardo, who is an advocate, speaker and educator for anti-trafficking initiatives, as well as  immigrant and LGBTQ+ rights. Cristian is a survivor of international and domestic human trafficking, a Mexican immigrant, HIV+, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and someone who speaks openly about the mental health challenges he has faced that frequently result from trauma.Cristian Eduardo's:  InstagramLinkedin Center for Health EmpowermentPrEPPEPLatinx HIV/AIDS Awareness DayGay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness DayAvita Pharmacy You’re more than just a prescription. We’re more than just a pharmacy.
Today is October 15, 2022, Latinx HIV/AIDS Awareness day. Our special Guest is Founder and President Quinton Raspberry of Q-Care_Plus. Please enjoy the conversation, like and shareFounder & President Quinton RaspberryOpen Enrollment Nov 1- Jan 15Center for Health EmpowermentQ-Care_PlusPrEPLatinx HIV/AIDS Awareness dayBuzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
This episode is sponsored by AVITA Pharmacy.Steve and Eddie talk with Avita Team members Shayla and Lauren from the South Austin Avita Pharmacy on everything from working in a Pharmacy  to PrEP to the Texas  Anti PrEP ruling  case by Justice O’Connor and more.  Please join the conversation and let us know what you think.Avita PharmacyAvita Pharmacy Facebook Center for Health Empowerment PrEPPEPTeam Avita members: LaurenShayla
This week the CHEcast welcomes back Nurse Practitioner ERIC TAYLOR, CEO of Pryority Male LLC to discuss PrEP, Men's Health and his vacation. Please join us, like and share.Center for Health EmpowermentPrEPNurse Practitioner Eric Taylor's Social Media
Welcome back for Season 4. Introducing a new co-host Eddie. In this episode Michael Williams will discuss his trip to Zambia, Steve will talk about his trip to Ukraine and we learn a bit about the Monkey Pox vaccine.
Please join us Thursday September 1, 2022 for our season 4 opener of the CHECast with Steve and special guest Michael Williams to discuss their Trips to Ukraine and Africa. Also Introducing Eddie to our CHE Cast.Please like and Subcribe.Stay Awesome. 
In the last 50 years, we have experienced two big pandemics, the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s-1990s, and the current pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2. While these two viruses may be different in transmission mode and in the symptoms they generate, they do have important similarities: the fear instilled in the population, stigma, and politicization. In this week's episode of the CHECast, epidemiologist, Mireya Treviño, takes a deep dive into each of these pandemics, how they began, how society responded, and the disproportionate impact each crisis had on marginalized communities.  Featuring: Mireya Treviño*DISCLAIMER: Views are our own and do not reflect those of the Center for Health Empowerment*Want to get started on PrEP? Click the link below to schedule an appointment with the Center for Health Empowerment:www.checlinic.orgWant to get vaccinated? Click the link below to schedule an appointment: you have any questions about the vaccine, feel free to refer to the links below: Notes, Links, corrections and Context for this Episode--COVID-19 PandemicHIV/AIDS CrisisCenter for Health EmpowermentTeleCheCHE ReliefAvita PharmacyPurple Noodle MarketingDaBaby - CommentsAvita Pharmacy You’re more than just a prescription. We’re more than just a pharmacy.
In this week's episode, Tapakorn and Steve are joined by Marco Hernandez from the CHE Staff in Honduras to discuss Stonewall June 28 1969. Additionally Marco informs us about Pride in Honduras as well a some background on what CHE Relief was formed to address, the aftermath of the Hurricanes in Honduras. --Additional Notes, Links, corrections and Context for this Episode--Center for Health EmpowermentTeleCheCHE ReliefAvita Pharmacy
In this episode Marcus and Steve  have a candid conversation with Austin's own Rocky Lane.Rocky Lane is an Activist/Artist/2020 Census Advisor & Awesome Activity Administrator. Please  enjoy this episode; also virtually  join and support Rocky this Sunday for another Awesome Austin Black Pride event: Register for this virtual event at- Givens Park     3811 E 12th St      Austin, TX 78721 On Sunday, June 13th from 10:00 am to 12:00 am Austin Black Pride and SwirlBabyTV are bringing you a free outdoor healing session featuring yoga, sound meditation, and other healing practices.This class will focus on the framework of yoga postures/asanas, yogic philosophy, and breathing techniques.We know that starting a yoga practice can feel intimidating, however, there's nothing to worry about. This course will be friendly to all ages, body types, and levels.There is a suggested donation of $10, however, no one will be turned away!"This project is supported in part by Kind Clinic and the Cultural Arts Division of the City--Additional Notes, Links, and Context for this Episode--Center for Health EmpowermentTeleCheCHE ReliefAvita PharmacyAustin Black Pride
Tapakorn and Steve learn about health  'Man'-tenance from the newest member of the CHEcast The CEO Eric Taylor of Pryority Male.We packed a whole lot of information in the episode. Enjoy and share.-Additional Notes, Links,  and Context for this Episode--Center for Health Empowerment ClinicTeleCHECHE ReliefAvita PharmacyQCarePlusPryority  Male LLC
Tapakorn and Marcus inform Steve on the New Generic HIV Prevention Medication; while Steve sparks a conversation about crypto currency SHIBA INU  Coin (SHIB). Go SHIBArmy. --Additional Notes, Links, Corrections, and Context for this Episode--Center for Health Empowerment ClinicTeleCHECHE ReliefAvita PharmacyQCarePlusNews ArticleShiba Inu CoinShiba Inu TokenDogecoin CryptocurrencyVtalik ButerinElon MuskHODL
In this episode Tapakorn and Steve welcome Marcus Sanchez to the Center for Health Empowerment (CHE) team. --Additional Notes, Corrections, and Context for this Episode--'Ex-Gay' Milo Yiannopoulos Wants to 'Make America Hate Again' NFT some examples of NFT's: ReliefCenter for Health EmpowermentTeleCHEAvita PharmacyQcare+
In this episode our special guest is Activist / Comedian Steve Hill aka 'SATAN'. Mr. Hill  begins the episode with his origin story; after a few technical glitches, we delve into the recent video released by Lil Nas X entitled 'Montero (Call me by your name)'.This episode contains EXPLICIT language for flavoring and adult content for   ⚡ enlightening! ⚡ If you are faint of soul or doubting your true self, this episode may not be for you. Otherwise, please enjoy with shock and delight; remember to share this with your friends,  soulmates and Other, who are, wise.              --Additional Notes, Links and Context for this Episode--Montero (Call me by your name) Music Video by Tanu Muino and MathematicLil Nas X- Satan Shoe  -->  Luke 10:18Lil Nas discussing Lyrics & Meaning in Genius Interview  'SATAN' Twitter/ Facebook   Comedian    News Article: Time- Running for State SenateSatanic Temple  Contradiction (Movie Trailer) by Jeremiah Camara 'Call Me by Your Name' MovieGreek Quote on the Tree,  from Montero Video:“Now, since their natural form had been cut in two each one longed for its own other half”  Plato’s- Other HalfPlato’s  account of Love Plato- SoulmatePlato’s Symposium
Tapakorn and Steve discuss everything  Saint Patrick's day; while Jay is off getting his vaccine. Happy Saint Patrick's day to you all. Center for Health EmpowermentAvita PharmacyCHE ReliefQcare+
Evany Turk, National Field Organizer from Dallas Texas for the Positive Women's Network was our guest to discuss Texas Legislation during the 2021 session at the State Capitol, until we lost her signal. Here in Texas we are still working to reach 100% recovery in many ways after the Snowmageddon of February 2021.Without Evany, the conversation soon turns to a discussion about the legalization of Ganja in Austin, Texas and the current state of Cannabis in California. Center for Health EmpowermentCHE Relief Avita Pharmacy  Qcare+ Evany Turk Positive Women's Network _TX
Currently Texas is under a winter Freeze. Please be safe and stay warm.This episode is in honor of Black Women and HIV Awareness. In this episode Jonathan and Derick lead the conversation in discussing statistics about Black Women and the HIV Epidemic in the USA.Center for Health Empowerment (CHE)TeleCHECHE ReliefQCare+Avita Pharmacy
On today’s CHECast Steve, Taara, and Tapakorn discuss Serodiscordant (or magnetic) relationships! In these relationships where there are a mixture of HIV positive and negative statuses, you have many options to reduce the transmission of HIV! Happy Valentine's Day!Center for Health Empowerment (CHE)TeleCHECHE ReliefQCare+Avita
 February 7th is celebrated annually as National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. We want to celebrate this awareness day and its theme of "we're in this together!" Join Mario Harper from Avita Pharmacy, Steve, and Taara as they discuss what this day means and different ways to address stigma within ourselves and our communities. National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day #NBHAAD#NBHAADAvita PharmacyCenter for Health EmpowermentCHE ReliefTelecheQCare+
This episode is about at-home testing solutions and features Quinton Raspberry with QCare+ and Deanna Thedford talking about TeleCHE (and, of course, your two hosts Steve and Taara)! We discuss how both of those platforms work for you, as well as how they work together to create an easy, accessible, inclusive, and comfortable sexual health experience.Center for Health EmpowermentCHE ReliefAvita PharmacyTelecheQcare+some Music by-
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