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Author: Benjamin Young

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Pull up a chair in the Bible Teachers’ Lounge for weekly conversations about how Bible teachers in the church can benefit from the experiences and expertise of dedicated educators in their midst. Join host Benjamin Young as he interviews passionate teachers and brainstorms with them how to use what they’ve learned to improve Bible teaching in the church. For more Bible teaching resources visit
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On this episode of the Bible Teachers' Lounge, I'm joined by Guard the Gift cohort cohost Philip Russell. We discuss the differences between prioritizing the development of skills and prioritizing the covering of content, both in the school classroom and when studying the Bible.Website: guardthegift.comTwitter: @guard_the_giftInstagram: guard_the_gift



On this episode of the Bible Teachers' Lounge, I'm joined by Guard the Gift cohort cohosts Philip Russell, Jason Young, and Megan Ryan. We discuss why they decided to teach, how teaching has changed them for the better, and how their experiences as professional educators reveal fundamental flaws in the way we teach disciples in the church.Follow this link to purchase the book by Chris Emdin referenced in this episode.Website: guardthegift.comTwitter: @guard_the_giftInstagram: guard_the_gift



If church leaders want to see better quality Bible teaching in the churches they lead, it’s time to start listening to those among their number who know what effective and engaging education looks like. In the Bible Teachers' Lounge, we will listen, and hopefully, we will learn.
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