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What happens after becoming a mum?After becoming a mum, everything changes inside and outside, our mentality, body, priorities, etc. We have to start rediscovering who we are.We are so used to living our lives as single individuals that when our children come into the world, we begin to walk a totally new and unknown path, so it is normal for us to feel lost.In this episode, I want to help you find yourself again, find the new version of you that is even better than the old one, and help you polish it. Grab a piece of paper and take notes. Let's start this episode and self-discovery journey together.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:00] What happens after we become mums?When our children come into the world, they don't bring a manual on motherhood with them, so it's normal for us to feel lost during this new path since we've gone through so many changes that we feel like the world is upside down. We've all been through that, don't worry, you will figure it out.[8:14] The self-discovery stage begins.Your personality changes, your body, and your priorities. You have to discover who you are again and feel comfortable in this new life and skin.[13:14] We start to feel judged.Being a mother is one of the most judged roles. Everyone has an opinion or idea of ​​how a perfect mother should be. However, there is no perfect mother, and it is something we must understand.FIVE TIPS TO FIND AND  BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.[16:14] Accept the new you and leave behind the old one.The past won't come back. Focus on the future and on discovering all the wonderful new things about motherhood. Little by little, you will realize that this new version of you is really good.[19:22] Be proud of the new skills you have.One of the best things about being a mother is the skills we acquire. We learn to manage time better, we develop patience, etc.[21:20] Make a list of things you want to improve and start working on it.It doesn't matter if your list has a thousand things. The most important thing is to start taking action and working on it.[24:26] Fix the inside first.Sometimes we put all our attention on what others see on the outside, and we forget about the inside. I know it sounds cliche but when we feel good on the inside, it is reflected on the outside.[28:00] Be kind to yourself.You are already going through so many changes that can be very difficult, so be kind to yourself.QUOTESWhen you start repairing the inside, the outside magically looks better.Take it one thing at a time, there's no rush.ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
How many times did you not feel heard at work because you were a woman?The challenges faced by women in male-dominated industries range from not being heard to a low pay gap compared to their male counterparts.Throughout history, there have been women who have managed to excel in different industries but unfortunately, to date, the percentage of women working in male-dominated industries remains low.Our guest's name is Phillipa Rodney, she is a coach and a female leader in the technology industry. Today with Phillipa, we will be talking about how to thrive as women in male-dominated industries.Start excelling in your career, to be heard, and to bring out the leader in you. Press play.EPISODE HIGLIGHTS[3:04] Who's Phillipa Rodney?[11:17] Why is tech a male-dominated industry?Due to the lack of female representation in the industry, many women don't see that type of industry as something to pursue.[14:56] How the way children play affects their development.In today's society, the difference between toys for boys and girls is enormous. While in the boy's section we can see puzzles, girls are taught to develop care skills through dolls.[19:41] The biggest challenge for women in tech.1) Speak up.2) Understanding what we deserve and demanding more.3) Being judged for your leadership.[28:30] How is a true leader?In this segment, we will be quoting the book The 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell and discussing how having a high-ranking title doesn't make you a leader.[30:38] Five top tips to break into tech1) Be curious2) Find a mentor.3) Find a support group.4) Be authentic.5) Be resilient.[38:28] The stereotype of women in industries.There is no one way to dress, put on make-up, comb your hair or behave correctly. Be authentic in your work.QUOTESBring your own self to work — Phillipa.One speech, expression, or word can change someone’s life — Phillipa.ABOUT PHILLIPA RODNEYPhillipa Rodney is an accomplished Engineering Leader, Software Professional, Mentor, and Coach who serves as an embodiment of vitality to many. The award-winning Chartered Engineer is the recipient of the Women in Software Awards 2020. 🔥  Aside from her many accomplishments in engineering, Phillipa is also a Writer and competent Public Speaker. Her areas of keynote speaking include engineering, technology, career growth and self-confidence building. What makes Phillipa unique is her display of pleasant charm and demeanour while helping people access the truth and tools needed to achieve their goals and create a better atmosphere for themselves.Instagram: @thevibescoachLinkedIn: PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Nowadays, there is a movement of empowered women and men expanding around the world—and I couldn't be happier about it because that's what we as coaches are looking for, to see more empowered people living their best lives.Although the word empowerment is much associated with girl or boy bosses, this is just one of the positive consequences that self-empowerment brings because it is more than that.So, you are probably wondering: what is empowerment? To answer this question, Katharina Mueller, a woman who believes everyone can empower themselves with the right guidance, tools, and mentorship, will be joining us in this episode.If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, this episode is perfect for you. Press play and don't miss it!HIGHLIGHTS EPISODE[1:46] Who's Katharina Mueller?[13:34] What is empowerment?It is the process of becoming stronger, discovering your weaknesses, and working on them while polishing your strengths. Empowerment helps us feel confident to make decisions and take action to achieve them.[17:25] Empowerment depends on you.On social media, we see tons of empowered people who are an inspiration to us, and sometimes we desire to be a little bit like them, but we must always remember that in this life, we ​​all walk different paths. What may work for them may not work for you. [20:20] Share your empowerment.When you start living self-empowerment, you don't want others to miss out. In this segment, Katharina will be sharing tips to empower others.[29:29] Become a change maker.A change maker is someone who takes creative action to solve a social problem. Just like empowerment, all we have to do is take action, and the rest will follow.QUOTES"Live a life where you can empower others." —Katharina."Empowerment is an ongoing process. It is not an achievement." —Katharina.ABOUT KATHARINA MUELLERShe is on a mission to combine women's self-empowerment, entrepreneurship, and tech, helping women to empower themselves and live their dream lives.Katharina works in Marketing Strategy and start-ups. Additionally, she voluntarily engages as a mentor and Board Member in NGOs, all focusing on young women and changemakers. Website: @powerofworldwomenLinkedIn: PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
A community is a group of people with something in common, be it interests, values, language, religion, etc.Sometimes we belong to or are labeled as part of a community without realizing it. However, there are communities to which our knowledge, desires, and abilities make us want to belong by choice.Not all communities are sunshine and rainbows, some are toxic or fake, so if you want to be part of one, be careful. Belonging to a good community can change your life, so find one that makes a difference in you and the world.In this episode, we will be talking to Mariela Briceno from Venprendedoras, a community that helps Venezuelan and foreign women entrepreneurs around the world.Today you will learn what a community is, the benefits of belonging to one, and if you want to create one, Mariela will teach you what it takes to do it.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:27] Who's Mariela Briceno?[6:27] Why a community for Venezuelan women entrepreneurs?"Because Venezuelan women are all over the world and hundreds of them have to start from scratch in a different country,'' she said.For this reason, Mariela and her Claudia decided to create Venprendedoras, to help them start and provide them with resources.[10:04] Why is it important to find our community?Sometimes we belong to a community or are labeled as part of one without knowing it. Finding our community helps us grow and learn as a group while creating connections and interacting with others. Being part of a community can help us with our mental health too.[14:35] What it takes to create a community that makes a difference?The first step is to create a mission and vision. Ask yourself why you are creating it, who you want to help and how far you want to go with it.[21:47] How to create a strong community?Just create a community that is authentic and generous to people. Listen to your community and offer solutions.QUOTES"Find a community that resonates with you""Digital skills are key in entrepreneurship."ABOUT MARIELA BRICENOMariela is the co-founder of Venprendedoras, an organization founded in 2020, with the mission of giving visibility, generating community, offering training and promoting the growth of Venezuelan women entrepreneurs around the world.She has over twenty-five years of experience as a businesswoman, communications strategist, and analyst.For over ten years, she has been the director of her Communications and Digital Marketing Agency, Viva+. Mariela deeply believes in the power of GIVING and the power of women to come together to support each other and grow together.Website: PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
What are you afraid of?What are you hiding from?As adults and when we are afraid, we can no longer run and hide behind our parents. Therefore we hide behind our excuses, university degrees, etc.Sometimes we think that we need to have or do hundreds of things in order to achieve something when the reality is that we just have to take action and keep moving towards reaching our dreams and goals.In this solo episode I want to talk to you about hiding yourself. About those strategies and excuses we use to hide out of fear that prevent us from achieving something better for ourselves and our future. Find out what keeps you away from your dreams and how to stop it.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[3:20] This before that.A common mistake is believing that we need something first to achieve something else. Huge mistake! To achieve what you want, start with the minimum requirement and build the rest along the way.[6:32] Stop designing on the whiteboard.Second mistake. When we have an idea, we spend months developing it and fantasizing about the final result believing that we are working on it. In reality, what we do is get further away from its materialization.[8:56] Overcomplicating us.You must know that perfection does not exist, and when you look for it many times, what you do is waste your time. Perfection is not necessary for things to go well for us. Sometimes, the lack of it can bring pleasant surprises.[12:30] Collect others' ideas.I know that we believe that other people's opinions are important to improve what we want to offer our public, but not all ideas are good and can end up diluting yours. Think very well about which ones to take and which to discard.[14:24] Omitting your story.This strategy is the worst. When you hide your history, you hide who you are and how you got to where you are now. You put aside your achievements and forget how special you are. Embrace your story and share it with the world. People love it.[17:24] I need a degree.The lack of education did not stop anyone from achieving great things, just take a look at the history of the world's greatest millionaires. Stop making excuses, and go for it![27:16] 4 Questions that will help you achieve your goals.1) What has kept me detained?2) How is it showing in my life right now?3) How can I approach things differently?4) What actions should I take?QUOTES“Whatever happened in your personal life made you who you are.”“Improving each element of creation before putting it out there in the world is not going to help you.”ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Do you really love yourself?When you think of the first three people you love most in the world — where do you place yourself?I know we have wonderful people in our lives who are worthy of all our love, but the person we should love first is ourselves.Loving ourselves first is not selfishness or self-centeredness. It is knowing that if we achieve happiness and fulfillment in ourselves first, we can share it with others.In this episode, our guest, Lauren Elizabeth, and I will be talking about self-love. Also, Lauren will be sharing 5 habits that you must adopt in your life to cultivate self-love.Discover self-love and start to shine the way you always should.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:39] Who's Lauren Elizabeth?[3:11] What is self-loveIt is achieving a healthy relationship with yourself in mind, body, and soul. Believing that you as a person are enough and deserve everything you set out to do.[7:10] How do I start to love myself?Lauren tells us about her self-love process. After going through a divorce, she decided to write the words "I am worthy" on a piece of paper and read them every day; from there, she began her transformation and healing.[16:41] Why is inner child work related to self-love?Because most of our wounds come from our childhood. In this segment, Lauren will explain how the inner child works.FIVE SELF-LOVE HABITS YOU SHOULD ADOPT[25:13] Knowing whoever you are right now, you are perfect.[27:50] Sit in front of a mirror and just observe[30:49] Forgive yourself.[33:04] Do inner child work.[33:04] Celebrate yourself.QUOTES"You have the power to change how you feel about yourself." — Lauren."Love is a forever journey, but it is a fun ride." — Lauren.ABOUT LAUREN ELIZABETHSelf-love and empowerment coach.Lauren helps women learn how to love themselves, know their worth and create the life they dream of.Instagram: @iamlaurenelizabeth222ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Relationships are not easy. Two people have two different minds, but when the attitudes of one of those involved constantly affect the other, it can be considered a toxic relationship.Toxic relationships exist not only with couples but also in the family, at work, and even with friends.A toxic relationship makes you feel sick, empty, and depressed. Staying in one can seriously affect us psychologically. That's why it's so important to get away on time.In this episode with Lara D'Aurelio, we will be talking about the warning signs of a toxic relationship and how to have healthier relationships.If you know someone who is in a toxic relationship but can't see the signs, share this episode with them.Identify the signs and make the decision to leave if necessary. I know it's not easy, but you're strong. You can do it!EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:58] Who's Lara.[6:39] Warning signs of a toxic relationshipYou feel that your boundaries are disrespected, feel empty, get sick, and stressed, among others. All these are some of the signs that your relationship is toxic and is affecting your life.[16:40] What types of toxic relationships exist?Toxic relationships do not only exist in couples. We can also find them in our work, friends, and family. The last one hurt us the most.[22:48] How to have a healthier relationship.The first thing you should do is ask yourself if you stay in that relationship for love or attachment. Second, make sure the other person is open to conversation. Third, start working together to improve.[28:38] Fix the relationship you have with yourself.To have a healthy relationship with others, we must have a healthy relationship with ourselves first. We cannot give what we do not have.QUOTES"We can’t change others.""People in a toxic relationship mostly know they are in a bad relationship but can't accept the fact they need to leave it."ABOUT LARA D'AURELIOHolistic health coach, emotional health coach, and yoga teacher. Lara helps women master their minds so they can build inner strength and experience emotional freedom.Instagram: @laradaurelioABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Free yourself from criticism and praise.Criticism is everywhere. You can receive it from anyone, even yourself. However, the opposite happens with praise. Sometimes they are so scarce that there are people who do whatever it takes to receive one.What is true is that each one has an effect on us. If we can't understand criticism, it can destroy our self-esteem in seconds. On the other hand, with praise, we can depend on it and seek acceptance in everything we do, to the point that if we do not receive it, we get depressed.In this solo episode, I will guide you on how to free yourself from criticism and praise and start being yourself.Press play!EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[2:30] Ask yourself how many times you have felt criticized by your inner circle.The first critics we receive in our life are from our family and friends. Although they say it from a place of love, it can hurt. Here's when a negative relationship with criticism begins.[4:50] Why do we care so much about other people's opinions?Well, one of the problems that most people have, including me, is that we want to be likable to others, so we prioritize their opinions over ours to establish a better relationship with them.[6:17] Can our country of birth influence our way of thinking?Yes. For example, in Venezuela, I grew up in a society that is too critical about how we look, behave, etc. So this led me to always worry about others' opinions and even, at one point, seek praise from others.HOW TO BREAK FREE FROM CRITICISM AND PRAISE[9:38] Understand what feedback is about.First, you should know that feedback does not talk about you but about the person giving it; only take it if it comes from people who have some knowledge of the subject.[12:34] Turn criticism into useful information.The only thing we can take from critics is information. So listen to what they have to say, take the good, and toss the bad.[15:50] Ask yourself what your inner wisdom would do.Do not rush to follow the advice of others. Take some time to analyze your decisions, not because others say it suits you.[17:06] Understand that criticism works as a mirrorWhen a critic hurts more than it should, it's because the person who said it exposed something we believe about ourselves. If it is true, take that criticism and use it to improve.[23:03] Train yourself to dismiss harmful feedback.How? Well, ask yourself if what they say about you is important or if it can positively change your life. Otherwise, get rid of it.[24:41] Advantages and disadvantages of praise.Receiving praise is a sign that we are doing great. However, being driven by it is not okay. [26:11] Keep it away from affecting you.Criticisms are just words, what matters is what you believe about yourself.QUOTES"Criticism is a mirror of what we believe about ourselves.""Feedback does not talk about you but about the person who is giving it."ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and music composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Hey, if you're listening to this episode, congratulations on landing that job interview! If you haven't yet, congratulations on preparing ahead of time!After sending your CV, now comes the hardest part: the job interview. However, the reality is that in a job interview, recruiters are not looking for perfection but rather uniqueness. Of course, we must make a good impression and demonstrate professionalism, but what will make us stand out during a job interview is our essence. For immigrants, it may be more laborious to get an interview since we must face a series of challenges where, in some cases, the language barrier is the greatest of them. Even the lack of self-esteem can take us away from submitting our resumes cause we think we are not good enough to be accepted. You're good enough! Leave your fears behind because companies are looking for you.For today's episode, we will be talking with Tiina Pereira, a Head Hunter who has found dozens of talents worldwide. With over 20 years of experience today, Tiina will share tips to make our interviews memorable and get the job we want, so take notes!I hope you find this episode helpful. Wishing you the best in that job interview,La Mantuana.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[2:50] Who's Tiina Pereira.[5:43] How to stand out in job interviews.It's all about confidence and knowing your worth. During the interview, your first task is to create a connection with the recruiter and turn the interview into a conversation.[10:00] Why is being different our best skill?There are millions of people, but you are unique. We all have a combination of skills that make us stand out from the rest; we just need to know how to sell them to the recruiter.[14:00] How to use inclusion and diversity in our favor?We have seen how companies have leaned towards the inclusion and diversification of their employees since they contribute different opinions, experiences, and points of view that are of great help in their growth. Point out these benefits during your job interview.[19:00] The best tool to be found is LinkedIn.LinkedIn is one of the most popular and useful platforms to get hired or hire someone else. In this segment, Tiina will share tips and tricks to make our profile stand out from the rest.[23:55] What to do in a virtual interview.Since Covid, face-to-face interviews have evolved into what we now call virtual interviews. In this segment, we leave you some tips so you can shine in your virtual interview.[31:38] Follow up.One of the biggest mistakes we make after an interview is not following up. If we do not follow up, they can assume that it was not a position of great interest to us.[38:02] Don't burn the bridges.If you're looking for a new job, don't quit the current one. This is due to many factors such as being rejected, a long-time hiring process, or maybe you don't like the new job.QUOTES"Your accent is not something that disturbs others; it shows that you speak several languages." —Tiina."See your own uniqueness because nobody else brings the same experience and mindset that you bring." —Tiina.ABOUT TIINA PEREIRATiina Pereira is a Career Strategy Consultant, Headhunter, and Sourcing talent for multinationals. She guides 40+ women from feeling stuck and unappreciated to being able to pick amazing opportunities.LinkedIn: @tiinapereiraCONNECT WITH MEWebsite: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuana
Don't let the diagnosis scare you—being parents of children within the autism spectrum can teach you many things and value others. Notwithstanding the diagnosis, our children are still those little ones we love so much since day one. Nothing has changed about them, only the perception of others towards them.Being a neurodiverse family is just handling a family dynamic different from others. Children with autism are still human beings and can live their lives normally; they just see the world from a different perspective.In this episode, we will be talking about autism without fear with our guest, Federika Tovar. A topic that I think is necessary to be spoken about to spread knowledge about it since its ignorance can lead to multiple misconceptions.Today you will hear Federika's story and how her life changed positively after receiving the autism diagnosis of her two children. In addition, Federika will be talking about the different stages of grief that people experience after receiving an autism diagnosis and how to overcome them. Also, she will be giving a piece of advice to those parents starting this path.Enjoy the episode!EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[2:50] A Venezuelan nomad.Getting to know Federika Tovar.[9:41] From New York to Miami.Our guest tells us her story of what it was like to have her children in the Big Apple city. Federika shares what it was like for her to "go with the flow" and end up in Miami, the beginning of new goals and successes.[13:51] The first signs of autism.Something that we must always keep in mind is that each autistic person is different. We should never compare our children with others. In this segment, Federika tells us how her speech delay led her to make the decision to take her daughter to a professional to be evaluated.[27:27] Where did fearless Federika come from?Our guest tells us how covid helped her leave her fears behind, change her life and move forward with her projects.[37:35] Top tips for parents of autistic children.1) Find family support.2) Find therapeutic support.3) Work on your patience.4) Have a space for yourself.[53:50] What lesson did you learn about being a mum of neurodiversity kids?Federika tells us that being a mother of two children on the autism spectrum has taught her patience, empathy, inclusion, and the ability to adapt.QUOTES"Find the beauty and fun in the little things." —Federika"We need to be a bridge and fight for inclusion." —Patricia.ABOUT FEDERIKA TOVARFederika Tovar mourned the expectation of idealized motherhood after the arrival of the Autism diagnosis for both of her children. For many years, she felt isolated and misunderstood. Only with the radical acceptance of her new reality did she decide to launch her podcast "Autism Without Fear," a space to demystify this condition, break taboos, and face all the fears.The most important thing in this turbulent world of Autism is NOT to suffer in silence. Fears must be appreciated as allies and thus try to get society to respect and accept Neurodiversity with a bit of humor, an enthusiastic approach, and the occasional tear.Website: @fdktovar | @autismosinmiedo
We all have an inner voice that expresses criticism, frustration, or disapproval of our actions. However, despite living with us throughout our lives and being our ally, it can become our worst enemy.When we talk about self-sabotage, our inner voice is the cause of this tendency, where we sabotage ourselves and hinder our achievements or goals; all this comes unconsciously. Therefore, our job to overcome it is to be aware of it.Welcome to the third season of I Am Mantuana, the podcast. This episode's topic is self-sabotage—I'll be explaining and teaching you how to get rid of it. Also, I will share tips that were very useful to me in my struggle with self-sabotage so you can apply them in your life too.Stopping the self-sabotage cycle is not easy. It requires commitment and perseverance, but you are not alone; you can do it. If this is your struggle, I hope you find this episode helpful.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[5:13] What is the critical inner voice?It is the culprit of our negative and harmful thoughts. Although sometimes it seems that it tries to protect us, in most cases, it is just sabotaging us in different aspects of our lives. You have to learn how to deal with it.[13:43] Can I get rid of my inner critic?You will find different opinions on this topic. However, I think we can't. We should learn how to live with it because it will remain with us forever.[16:50] Be aware of your inner voice.From here, we start with the tips and advice segment, and this one is the most important. We must learn to be aware of that voice inside us to prevent it from filling our minds with negative thoughts that may end up sabotaging us.[18:43] Put a name and a body to your inner critic. Call me crazy, but this is an important step. This exercise will help us free ourselves from an identity that does not reflect who we really are.[23:27] Ask yourself, are these thoughts true?One of the biggest mistakes we make, is believing that everything our inner voice says is true. It is necessary to ask ourselves this question as part of the process to stop the self-sabotage cycle in our lives.[25:14] Find out what triggers your inner critic.In this process, we must be aware of those circumstances that trigger our inner critic so that when we go through it again, we are prepared and can take action at the time.[25:57] Turn those thoughts into something positive.I know it is hard to articulate positive words to ourselves, but we must give to us the affection and love we give others. As people say, we cannot love others without loving ourselves. Every time a negative thought comes, turn it into something positive and make this a daily practice for at least a month.QUOTES●     "Dance around your inner critic."●     "Consistency is the key."ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and Music Composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.●       Website:●       Instagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuana●       Facebook:
Being a mother of a neurodiverse child teaches you a lot. It opens your eyes to problems and circumstances that we did not know or did not understand.During Autism Awareness Month, I want to share the teaching and the experiences that have left me being a mother of an incredible child who is on the autism spectrum.As a mother, we always know when something is wrong with our children, and finally, after six years, I got the answers to my concerns. My son Ethan was diagnosed with autism, and although he suffers from a developmental disorder, that doesn't change my love for him.In this episode, I will share how a balanced diet has made an unimaginable change in my son's life, leading him to have his best school year yet.Let's use this month to create awareness of the invisible disabilities that surround us. Let's educate, support, and be an example that autism is not the end of the world but a way of seeing it through other lenses.With this episode, we close season two of I Am Mantuana but don't be sad because I'll be back soon with new topics and amazing guests.See you soon,La Mantuana.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[0:57] Food for the brainI am a believer that the way we eat also influences our health. My husband and I decided to change our diet as a family. We eliminate flour, processed food, sugar, etc. We lived difficult months since the change was radical and the children's rejection of the new way of feeding us was a challenge, but it was 100% worth it now that we see results.[7:10] Perceiving the benefits of the new diet.Although it started as a kind of test, I witnessed the power of food in my son's life. He improved his grades, relates better with others, and even the doctors saw an improvement in his health. People cannot believe that he is an autistic child.[11:40] Autism awareness month.This month is to realize the invisible struggle that thousands of people suffer and affect their lives. Today we must celebrate that what we ignored for several years today has a treatment and can be detected from an early age. In this month, I celebrate how we have successfully managed as a family to support each other and how we have been able to give a better quality of life to one of the puzzle pieces that make up my family, my oldest son, Ethan. QUOTES"Their way of seeing the world is different but not wrong.""Our children are the reflection of us."ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and Music Composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Fashion is constantly evolving. Thin eyebrows, blue shadows, big dresses, big hair, you mention it. It marks an era. With a single garment, we can remember generations.Fashion is the art of telling a story through garments and clothing. It gives a voice to those who do not have one.The most incredible thing is that fashion allows you to create an identity for yourself. To express your intentions, emotions, and be remembered.In today's episode, we will have as our guest the incredible fashion designer Jennifer Droguett from the Anciela womenswear label. She will join us in this episode to tell us how to start a brand from scratch and what it takes to achieve success in the fashion industry. We will listen to her beginning in the world of fashion, the challenges faced in this industry, and what it takes to be successful in it.Learn to create a brand with identity. Press play and find out how.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[6:14] Making your dreams come true.In Latin America, fashion is seen as a hobby. Many people do not even know that it is a career. In this segment, Jennifer tells us what it was like for her to leave her country to study fashion design abroad.[13:34] The hardest part of building a brand.In the fashion industry,  not everything is sunshine and rainbows. It requires a physical and monetary effort to be able to get your brand off the ground. Money can be the main challenge.[16:08] How to keep your roots.What made me fall in love with Jennifer's brand the most was the ability to convey his Latin identity in each design. She tells us that her secret is to think about who her clients are and what story she wants to tell before making her garment.[23:02] Three tips to be successful in the fashion industry.Our guest has been to large-scale events such as London Fashion Week. Today she tells us what it takes to be successful in this industry. Also, she will talk about the different areas besides fashion design in which we can participate. Here are some of the tips:1) Be clear of your purpose.2) Be realistic.3) Manage your expectations.QUOTES"There's no instant success." —Jennifer."Fashion is not just about clothes. It is more about what is happening in society." —Jennifer.ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYWebsite: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook: JENNIFER DROGUETTJennifer Droguett was born and raised in the colorful and fun city of Medellin, Colombia. She grew up being surrounded by Latin art, dance and music. Jennifer graduated from AMFI in Holland and has been working in London and Amsterdam as a Fashion Designer and Pattern cutter for 4 years for brands including Viktor & Rolf, House of Holland, Sadie Williams, Richard Malone and Art School.Website: www.anciela.comInstagram: @anciela_londonLondon Fashion Week:
Talking about mental health 20, 30 years ago is very different from today. The information was scarce, and no one talked about this before—a person dealing with depression was considered lazy, and a person with anxiety was weird, not realizing that behind the physical, there was a mental issue going on.In Latin countries, talking about mental health is taboo—there is no such conversation between families or the workplace. Latinos are taught to be strong from an early age, and having a mental illness is a sign of weakness. For this reason, many parents ignore how their children feel, and it can be a mistake that can end up causing terrible consequences.For this episode, I'll be joining two beautiful women, Silenia Anselmo and Elisa Costa, to talk about mental health. How to take care of our mental health in time, mental health on a personal and professional level, and we will be debunking the myths about therapy. These are some of the topics of today's episode, press play, and don't miss it.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[8:42] A mix between the corporate world and the health world.Anselmo Consulting was created to offer a service to large companies to support their employees differently, providing them a healthier environment where their mental health is a priority.[10:16] Why is mental health still taboo these days?There are many factors. It may be fear of being judged, feeling vulnerable, etc. Many times it is because people do not give it importance.[14:53] When should we seek help?Not all mental health illnesses are the same, and some symptoms are more evident than others. If we notice a sudden change in our mood or energy, we must be alert. Some people sleep a lot, and others sleep less than 4 hours.[20:59] Mental health and work.Large corporations are looking for star employees, and many times, we try to be that star. Unfortunately, these companies do not care about the employee but about the money that they generate for them. So take it easy, you and your health are the most important thing.[23:10] Mental health and new generations.As you may have read in one of my posts on @iammantuana, I told you that the new generations are changing the game and putting the conversation about mental health on the table. Companies could be affected when recruiting new employees since millennials are more interested in their peace of mind over stability.[30:40] The benefits of going to therapy.In this segment, we will debunk all the myths about therapy. We will talk about confidentiality, feeling judged, and feeling our emotions.QUOTES"Motivated and healthier employees will perform better" —Silenia Anselmo."Mental health still does not share the same status as physical health." —Elisa CostaABOUT OUR GUESTSSILENIA: Silenia is an organisational and Clinical Psychologist, member of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia, with postgraduate studies in Clinical  Psychopathology and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy , at the Universities of Barcelona and Ramón Llull. Certified in Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins University, and in two different Harvard ProgramsELISA: Elisa is an Organisational Psychologist and Certified Ontological Coach with 18 years of international experience in Retail, Telecom and Financial Services industries.  She had led various HR teams making significant impacts on Engagement and Diversity & Inclusion. She has always been driven by the passion to help others develop their full potential and enjoys developing internal well-being campaigns.Website:
One of my favourite cartoons since childhood has been Wonder Woman. She is strong, intelligent, flies, fights crime, and seems almost indestructible. My admiration was so great that, in my childhood, I dressed up as her at Carnivals.When we talk about what it means to be a woman, it depends on the meaning that each of us, as women, gives to it because we are talking about millions of human beings who have had different experiences in life. We have grown up hearing that women have to be strong, that we have to take care of our house, our children, etc. But in the 21st century, those labels have to change.Scrolling through social media, we see hundreds of influencers who seem to have their lives together. We make the mistake of trying to imitate their lives because we want to achieve that perfection we see in social media. We are not all the same. Don't try to imitate anyone's life, don't rush your walk. Learn to live life at our own pace.In my case, I always put pressure on myself because I wanted to be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, a girl boss who knows and can do everything. But I had to stop and think, how much pressure do I put on my shoulders? I am not a Superwoman—I am a woman who is a wife, a mother of two, a worker, an entrepreneur, and who gives her all in her day-to-day life. However, there are also days when I want to rest, when I don't feel okay to clean my house or wash the pile of clothes, and that's fine.Today, I'll share five things you can do during the day to help you feel fulfilled and unstoppable. Enjoy!EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[6:50] Have your priorities done.There are 24 hours in a day, and we want to do hundreds of tasks and finish them the same day; that's impossible. We have to learn to prioritise our tasks and responsibilities. We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to have everything done on the same day. It's okay if we leave some things for tomorrow.[7:58] Do a morning ritual.This changed my life. After reading the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I decided to change my mornings. Meditation, affirmations, and gratitude are part of my morning ritual and make me wake up the day on the right foot.[9:12] Follow a routine.Following a routine is essential to creating structure in your life. They keep you focused on what you need to do for the day.[10:28] Be okay.When I talk about this, I mean being okay with the things you could or couldn't do during the day. Go ahead and tell yourself: I tried, I did my best. Don't hit yourself for the things you couldn't do.[12:50] Have fun.Have fun with the things you do. Even if your responsibilities aren't fun, make them something you enjoy. Add music, sing, dance. Not everything has to be serious.QUOTES"You don't need to be perfect.""Don't compare yourself with others."RESOURCESThe Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: 7 - Changing your morning, Changing your life:
Have you ever heard of the Pandemials? It is a term that refers to the babies born during the 2020 pandemic—a new generation where children and parents were affected by the changing factors produced by covid-19.In today's episode, I want to talk to you about the challenges faced by women who gave birth amid this worldwide tragedy. For that reason, today we will be joined by Maria Scheibenfal. An incredible working woman who received the news of her pregnancy with great happiness and normalcy before finding out that a global pandemic would change her pregnancy and her child's upbringing.Today we will hear her story of hard work, dedication, and effort to face the motherhood challenges of a first-time mum during a pandemic.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[7:09] Becoming a mum in pandemic times.Maria tells us what she had to go through during the last days of her pregnancy until the first weeks of her baby's birth. We will hear how the news of the coronavirus changed her plans and her parents' flight from the UK to Argentina.[11:37] How were the support services for new mums during the pandemic?The support service for new mothers was also affected during 2020. A few weeks after her child's birth, Maria felt she needed help that she couldn't find in these services.[14:29] Finding support in the family circle.After thinking about it many times, our guest and her partner decided to live with her in-laws, lightening up the responsibilities of this first-time mum. Work, a newborn baby, and many personal problems were physically and mentally exhausting to Maria.[19:08] Struggling with postpartum depression.One in seven women experiences postpartum depression due to the immense biological, emotional, financial, and social changes during this time. Maria tells us how being born in Argentina led her to see a psychotherapist, because, in her country of origin, it is usual to take care of mental health and resort to these experts. [26:44] Five tips for new mums to overcome the motherhood challenges.1) Work on the feeling of guilt.2) Take care of yourself too.3) Build a community.4) Speak up.5) Daily meditation.QUOTES“You cannot pour from an empty cup. I can't be the best mum my child needs if I'm not okay with myself first.” —Maria.“Nobody prepares you for motherhood” —Patricia.ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYWebsite: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook: MARIA SCHEIBENGRAFMaría Scheibengraf is an award-winning Spanish translator, marketing, transcreation, UX/UI & SEO Expert, copywriter, and author of The SEO Translation
Find your life purpose with three simple questions.One of the most amazing things in life is that after all the good and bad things we go through, they lead us to live experiences and leave us with learnings that we will never forget. Why do I talk about this? Because to know what our purpose is, we must know ourselves better.Our purpose as a meaning of life is related to our dreams, to what we like, to what we can say "I would do this for free all my life." Unfortunately, many people remain in jobs where they do not feel comfortable. If you are one of them, this is a sign for you to start asking yourself what your purpose in life is and to go after it. Many successful people took risks in their life, leaving behind stable jobs to pursue their dreams, and they achieved it. You can be one of them too.Do you know what your purpose is? Press play and find it.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[1:00] The first moment I thought about my purpose.Finding mine was not something that happened overnight. It all started with the birth of my daughter, Grace. I felt like I missed so many things from my son's early years because I was working a lot that I didn't want the same thing to happen with her. That's when I began the process of searching for my purpose.[10:28] The purpose comes from the things you love.I grew up with a great interest in computers. I felt that it was magical, that just by adding some code, a lot of amazing things could be done. For this reason, in my college career, I decided to study system engineering. Although my love for technology was undoubted, I have also always been a people person. Knowing this helped me in discovering my purpose[15:27] Three things to keep you focused at work.1) Feel connected to something bigger than yourself.2) Know your work matters.3) Understand how your work affects others.[21:52] The I Am Mantuana Podcast was born to complement my purpose.Today I can understand that my purpose is to help others. That I love to talk, help, communicate and teach and it is something that has always been in me. I love the interaction and the human warmth. I love knowing that through words, I can change someone's life, and that is so rewarding. This podcast allows me to do all of that. Also, my new venture as a coach, and I'm excited about that.[38:57] Three questions to help you find your purpose.1) If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend your time on?2) How would your perfect day be?3) What activities set your soul on fire?QUOTES"If you're in a job where you don't feel good, you need to find your purpose." —Patricia."Be responsible for every decision you make without blaming others." —Patricia.ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYWebsite: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
How I went from working in a pub serving beers to the corporate world.My journey was not easy. My motivation to immigrate was to learn English in the UK but, there was a plot twist—I fell in love with this country and ended up staying and raising a family here.My first job wasn't the best. However, I was so excited to have the opportunity to work that despite the discrimination I suffered for being Latina (funny story), I kept my head held high.In this episode, I want to share all the challenges I went through in my first year of immigration. From sleeping in hostels to spending weeks unemployed in Spain.The important takeaway message of this episode is: do not lose sight of your goals. Persevere until you reach them.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[2:00] Why did I move to the UK?I always knew that I wanted to emigrate from my country of origin but, I didn't know where. The opportunity to complement my studies in the United Kingdom arose, and I took it.[4:20] My first job as an immigrant.My first job was in a pub (bar). Although the owners had problems with immigrant workers before, they gave me the opportunity to work with them. It had its negative aspects but, its positive ones, cause I was able to improve my pronunciation and learn about the culture.[17:10] How did I get my work permit?It's a long story, but you're going to enjoy this segment, so make yourself comfortable. My job search took me to Spain, where I worked for a company where it was impossible to get my work permit—due to the different reasons you will hear when you press the play button. However, when I felt that I might reach the point of becoming undocumented, I received a call that put me on a flight back to the UK and changed my life forever.[29:29] Five things I learned from my first year of immigration.1) Consistency. 2) Hope. 3) Resilience. 4) Relentless. 5) Perseverance.QUOTES"Believe in yourself." —Patricia M."Yes, you can. Yes, it is possible." —Patricia MABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brain and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and Music Composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
Are you looking for a job? Then this episode is for you.Getting to a job interview is hard. We get nervous, don't know what to say, or forget who we are. The best thing you can do is be yourself cause the employers already have your resume and know your talents and skill; they just want to know you on a personal level.To be different is to be memorable, and companies hire the people they remember the most. Now relax because if you are different and have something to offer, you are already one step closer to being hired.Our guest Michelle Sohl knows very well what employers are looking for in 2022, and she is here to spill the tea.Press play, take notes, and enjoy!EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[11:08] What are companies looking for in 2022.With all the changes in the business world after the pandemic, large companies realized that they had to reinvent themselves. One of the points they brought to the table was to include diversity in the company. Therefore, being different could be your best asset to stand out in job interviews this year.[16:12] How do immigrant women position themselves in corporate America?Michelle tells us that the number one skill a leader should have is empathy, and women are naturally empathetic, so we have an advantage. We must raise our voice, present opinions, and show leadership in order to reach those positions.[18:24] Use social networks.Social networks gave minorities a voice. Websites such as LinkedIn allows us to build a professional network but, it is necessary to use it wisely and position ourselves as someone they want to hire. [21:50] Key elements of a good recruiter.1) Do background research.2) Know when to back off.3) Manage the market information.4) Humanity.[30:48] Tips to get promoted or get a job.1) Demonstrate your knowledge.2) Grow your network.3) Keep learning.4) Build relationships.QUOTES"The best talents are everywhere." -Patricia"Even if you see a job that you feel you don't have everything, apply anyway." -MichelleABOUT MICHELLE SOHLMichelle Sohl is based out of the New York City Metropolitan Area and works at Yoh, A Day & Zimmermann Company as Senior Business Development Manager. Currently, she uses her experience in makeup, skincare sales, and her passion for helping people in the Staffing and Recruiting field. She is always ready to take on new challenges and take them to the next level.LinkedIn: RESOURCESEpisode 10 - The Power of Online Networking with LinkedIn expert Ilia Francis
We all know the importance of history through time, but we never give enough matter to ours. Our past helped us build our present, so be proud of yours, especially one of the most meaningful events of it; immigrating.   Despite the stigmas that all immigrants suffer, we can use this difference to stand out in different aspects of our lives.In this episode, I want to share three things you should do to become a proud immigrant and turn it into an asset for your life.Enjoy!EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS[6:50] You are the best storyteller.Whatever you're doing right now is because you deserve it. Share your story with pride, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Storytelling is extraordinary for your professional and personal life; it helps you connect with people and never forget you. [16:05] Make fun of the stereotypes.One of the things I learned in my country is knowing how to laugh at bad things. Stereotypes don't define who you are. Laughter is one of the best ways to cope with these types of uncomfortable or negative moments, especially because you know you are not like that. Just laugh![21:19] Connect with what you know.As immigrants from less developed countries, we are used to working hard or simply having less modern tools, unlike developed ones. You already know how to work hard, now, the next part is learning how to use those tools.QUOTES"Your immigration story is the most fascinating story you can tell anybody." -Patricia M."Whatever you're doing right now is because you deserve it." -Patricia M.ABOUT PATRICIA MANLEYPatricia Manley is the brains and heart behind the LA MANTUANA brand and was lucky enough to be born in the same city as women like fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Latin-American heroine Luisa Caceres de Arismendi, and Music Composer Teresa Carreno. Over the years, she has always been true to her roots, taken risks, and grasped any opportunity to establish herself as a real modern-day Mantuana.Website: la-mantuana.comInstagram: @lamantuanauk  | @iammantuanaFacebook:
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