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There were once four sisters who got along very well - until Winter decided she wasn't going to let Spring have her turn on the Earth.Poor Spring! She tried to wake the sleeping bears, but when they peeked out and felt the icy wind – when they saw how much snow still covered the ground – they just shivered, and went back to sleep.
Teeny Tiny Timbo

Teeny Tiny Timbo


Teeny, tiny Timbo was so tiny, that he spent the first year of his life in an empty goldfish bowl. It wasn’t so bad. He had a teeny, tiny crib from his sister’s dollhouse, and a teeny, tiny rug to go on the floor, and he even had his own teeny, tiny teddy bear.
Every summer, teams of brave marmoteers go up into the mountains to help the endangered marmots of Vancouver Island: watching them, counting them, rescuing them, releasing captive-bred marmots, even bringing them extra food when they need it. Special thanks go to Kevin Gourlay and the Marmot Recovery Foundation for their contributions to this episode. To learn more about Canada's most endangered mammal or to join the Adopt-A- Marmot Club, visit 
Conor held on tight as the ship with the silver lantern rose through the night sky, higher than the tallest trees, higher than the highest mountains. The Earth got smaller and smaller beneath them, until it was no bigger than a blue-green marble. Past the moon they went, past Mars, and Jupiter, and Saturn, too, with the solar wind in their sails. Check out our new website:
Poor little bird. Everyone else in the forest had a much prettier song – the other birds, the wind, the stream. And so as the sun was rising, she stayed silent. She stayed in her nest all that morning and all that afternoon, with her head tucked under her wing.Sticks and Stones and Stories has a new website - with audio and the full text of each story.  There's lots to see and read and hear!
One by one, the children of Juniper Lane found their way into the secret garden. They had picnics on the grass, and played games, and made flower crowns for the stone lion’s head. And though the stone lion’s expression never changed, somehow it seemed pleased to have the children’s company. 
Every night when Theo went to bed, he opened his window just a crack, and fell asleep listening to seagulls calling overhead, and waves lapping against the shore; even the occasional foghorn.And this was all very strange, because Theo didn’t live anywhere near the sea!
Aislinn and Keegan felt themselves being transformed. Instead of clothes, they had blubber and fur. Instead of hands and feet, they had flippers. Their ears got smaller, their eyes got bigger, and whiskers sprouted on either side of their new, flat noses.
The Snow Pony

The Snow Pony


Anika can't have a real pony - so she makes one out of snow. But when she wakes up the next morning, the pony isn't there. Where did Tundra go? 
The Magic Pencil

The Magic Pencil


Princess Gillian is bored - until she gets hold of a magic pencil!
Ari's older siblings each have a special gift to offer the newborn king. But what will Ari bring? 
Every Christmas Eve, Amada helps her grandmother make gingerbread men for everyone in the village. And every year, Amada chooses her own special cookie. But what happens when there aren't enough to go around?
If you saw a piece of red yarn leading across the snow and into the forest, would you follow it? Bailey did!Sound effects for this episode from
The Runaway Kite

The Runaway Kite


Keiko's new kite is so big, and the wind is so strong, that soon Keiko and his grandfather are flying through the air!
The little house in the hollow was a lovely little house - snug, and warm, and dry.  But it was also a lonely little house, for no one had lived under its roof for many years. No one even knew the house was there - except the wind, and the birds and the mice. 
Little Bear woke up with a grumble in his tummy -  and an appetite for adventure!
Every fall, my children and I like to watch the salmon spawning in the rivers near our home on Vancouver Island. And we always keep an eye out for bears!
Jonathan's Tree

Jonathan's Tree


The day Jonathan was born, his grandfather planted a tree - a very special tree.
The Cereal Box Dragon

The Cereal Box Dragon


Is the offer on Tisha's cereal box too good to be true?
Oliver's Secret Garden

Oliver's Secret Garden


When Oliver finds an abandoned garden, he makes it his own. But everything changes when someone else finds it too.This is the LAST story of Season 1. But don't worry! I'll be back on September 3 to start a whole new season.
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