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Author: Abby Rose Morris

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Body size diversity in entertainment is an issue that often goes unspoken or ignored by the artistic community, but is deeply felt by those who (literally) don't fit into the ideal. On this podcast, Abby Rose Morris interviews fat people in all areas of entertainment about where fatphobia shows up in their artistic lives, the fat characters that have impacted them, and the changes they would like to see regarding the treatment of body size in the arts. Join us as we challenge stereotypes of fat bodies, honor the power of representation, and dream of how entertainment can evolve to become more inclusive.
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This week, Abby breaks down the shady origins of the BMI, which enabled her to get the COVID-19 vaccine this week. Then she is joined by Spencer Frankeberger to discuss size and disability, male fat representation, glorifying animal obesity, hot Seymours, casting breakdowns that say "fit," Charlie Brown, and more. Abby is also guesting on the podcast Depp Impact this week, so check that out if you want to hear two theatre kids roast Johnny Depp and the Into the Woods movie!Further reading on the BMI:'s web site: http://www.spencerfrankeberger.comSpencer's Instagram: Thrills Podcast: https://www.theoreticalthrills.comListen to Abby's episode of Depp Impact here!Abby's web site: Abby's Instagram: Follow @morethantracyt on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!Produced by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell Kagan Logo design by Abby Martino
This week, Abby shares her take on the changes in cultural attitudes toward fatness in the last 2 decades and their impact on Millennials and Zoomers (0:44). Then she is joined by Mallory Kidd (08:02), a wardrobe, hair, and make-up technician and podcaster who has worked on and off Broadway as well as regionally. Mallory shares her best tips for how actors can effectively communicate with costumers, and how costumers can be more accommodating of actors in larger bodies. They also discuss shopping with your straight size friends, Gilmore Girls, lifts (the dance kind, not British elevators), and the lack of fat representation in Disney movies.Mallory's Instagram: Working in the Wings podcast: Listen on Apple Podcasts: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Abby's web site: Abby's Instagram: Produced by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell Kagan Logo design by Abby Martino
In this episode, we break down stereotypes and (in an ironic twist) an actual chair. Abby declares her deep love for Shrek (00:22), then interviews Tiffany T. Taylor, a Chicago-based actor, singer, and dancer (05:24). They chat about all-white productions of Hairspray, being a fat soprano, eating onstage, Tiffany's viral TikTok, and why she hates being compared to Lizzo. And seriously, Abby breaks a chair in real time (42:16). You have to hear it to believe it. Tiffany's web site: https://tiffanyttaylor.comTiffany's Instagram:'s TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Abby's web site: Abby's Instagram: Produced by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell Kagan Logo design by Abby Martino 
Abby writes a 2015 -The-Odyssey-Online-style verbal open letter to the "I'm-So-Fat Friend," aka that friend who calls themselves fat in front of their larger bodied friends (00:32). Then she is joined by Kimie Muroya, a Philadelphia-based theatre artist (07:56). They discuss the lack of fat Asian representation, being rewarded for disordered eating patterns, asexuality, conscious casting, and getting called "brave" for doing a sex scene. Also, Kimie does a killer Scottish accent!Kimie's new feature film Antarctica is available to stream now on all the platforms linked here:'s web site: https://www.kimiemuroya.comKimie's Instagram:'s web site: http://abbyrosemorris.comAbby's Instagram: by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell KaganLogo design by Abby Martino
It's a crossover episode, just like your favorite middle school fan fiction and That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana! Abby declares her deep love for fat icon Winnie The Pooh (00:31) before chatting with Freia Titland of the Body Positive Podcast (04:26). They interview each other, because this episode isn't like the other episodes, it's a crossover episode. You'll hear about Abby's audition horror story that led to the creation of More Than Tracy Turnblad, Freia's experiences with nudity and being a plus size model, their journeys toward body acceptance, why the term "straight" acting doesn't make sense, and much more.Freia's website: https://www.freiatitland.comFreia's Instagram: web site: http://morethantracyturnblad.comInstagram:'s web site: http://www.abbyrosemorris.comProduced by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell KaganLogo design by Abby Martino
FIRST INTERVIEW EPISODE WOOHOO!!! Abby rants about Tracy Turnblad, namesake of the podcast (00:32), then chats with Shara Ashley Zeiger (09:56) about the fatphobia she's experienced in the industry and her journey towards creating her own work. They discuss the differences in opportunities for plus size performers in theatre and film, problematic fat representation in Hollywood, and making your own space in a narrow-minded industry.Shara's web site: https://www.sharaashleyzeiger.comYou can find links to all the projects she talks about in the episode here!Shara's Instagram: web site: http://morethantracyturnblad.comAbby's web site: http://abbyrosemorris.comProduced by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell KaganLogo design by Abby Martino



In this short intro episode, Abby introduces More Than Tracy Turnblad, explains why "fat" isn't a bad word, and shares some of her background and reasons for creating this podcast!More about Abby: http://abbyrosemorris.comWeb site: http://morethantracyturnblad.comFollow on Instagram: on Twitter: on Tiktok:'s web site: http://abbyrosemorris.comInstagram: by Abby Rose Morris and Maxwell KaganLogo design by Abby Martino



Welcome to More Than Tracy Turnblad, the podcast about fat representation in entertainment and media!Follow the podcast:morethantracyturnblad.com Abby:abbyrosemorris.com
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