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Hear stories of how ancestral healing changed participants lives.
Gogo Griot shares her transformative ancestral healing experience and how it helped her attain greater confidence and sense of freedom.
Just Be

Just Be


Skywalker reads her poem, "That We May Be," and talks about what it means to be.
What Is Wisdom?

What Is Wisdom?


Skywalker Payne is a Top Mentor on the new audio app, Wisdom. Here she talks about exactly what is wisdom.
Have you considered the relationship of generational trauma to racism and how ancestral healing may relieve that trauma? Learn a little about that intersection in this episode.
Learn why this "m" word is worse than the "n" word.
Listen and learn how lies and laughter impact Black and People of Color.
Skywalker Payne explains how kindness and killing are 2 sides of the same coin in the experience of Black people in the USA.
ABCs - Justice

ABCs - Justice


What is Justice in the USA? Skywalker Payne discusses justice and its relation to antiracism.
Contradictory Congress

Contradictory Congress


Examine the contradiction of passing a Black holiday but not supporting voting rights. And learn about an effort to protect water as beings.
Without the deep inner work of ancestral healing, it is easy to fall sway to inherited, familial, or social patterns of bias, prejudice, racist and other classist ideas and behaviors.
To bring about lasting racial healing requires ancestral healing. Learn what it is in this episode.
Let's look at the meaning of justice from an antiracist perspective.
Today's abc of antiracism is inheritance or the lack of inheritance.
A look at the role of health, happiness, and holiness in antiracism.
A look at the meaning of good in antiracist work. And a remembrance of Malcolm X.
Understand the true strength of the Black family.
#7 - Exclusion

#7 - Exclusion


Consider how the act of exclusion can be a double-edged sword.
Get a preview of Black history stories, Skywalker Payne tells in Mothers of Blacks History. If you register you may see these hour long storytellings at -
#5 - Dare to Debate

#5 - Dare to Debate


Skywalker Payne dares to debate a response she received defending the use of "minority" for academic reasons.
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