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Brought to you by the Association of Colleges. Our 2021 series bring together guests from across the Further Education sector with our passionate AoC staff to talk all things #AndColleges.
2 Episodes
Life #AndColleges

Life #AndColleges


On this episode of #AndColleges, our series host Christopher is joined by co-host Marguerite Hogg from AoC and special guest Fiona Aldridge from the Learning & Work Institute to speak about all things adult education, lifelong learning, reskilling, the impact of Brexit and the pandemic on adults…. #AndCollegesCLA The new Education Platform from the CLA which makes copying simpler, quicker and greener.
Hope #AndColleges

Hope #AndColleges


In this episode of #AndColleges, our series host Christopher chats to Cath Sezen from AoC and Zac Aldridge from NCFE about all things hope, how colleges provide essential wellbeing support to all students but taking an in-depth look at the hundreds of thousands of younger students which colleges train every year.GCSEPod Award-winning content and assessment for 28 subjects
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