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In this short audio I talk about one of the strange neurological distortions that occurs in chronic #stress  states:.  Called 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome', it is a form of somatic dissociative response that occurs when the nervous system fails to relay the correct  proprioceptive (sometimes also called kinaesthetic -w here the body is in space) information back to the brain. It often occurs after trauma to that body part but may also be globalised as in chronic pain.I believe it relates to a memory of threat. Here how it shows up in some people and what you can do about it. For the medical view see the paper here
The lessons I learned in the self publishing process are HUGE. Here I distill them down into 5 essentials for any would-be self published authorIf you would like to review either book talked about here: The Dementia DiariesThe Scar that Won't Healplease do. They were and are a labour of love Next book mentioned here is provisionally titled "Life after Death: Messages from my Parents in the Afterlife and my aim is to publish this over the summer so it should be live within a few weeks.
in this short audio I talk about my latest book which is a big departure for me as it's a personal account of going through a dementia journey with my mum and the 9 lessons I learned. The emphasis  here is on it being a journey you can navigate without fear. The book is available on amazon uk here US here can be contacted on
In this podcast I talk about the second Emotional AUDIT programme which builds and adapts what i learned from running the first ever one last year. A chance to learn about and heal your attachment wounding and reverse longstanding issues of chronic symptoms like fatigue, pain and anxiety. Please note that you only now get 1 week between modules as from student feedback people didn't want to wait that long!
I n this 8 mins podcast I raise the important of a spiritual connection when healing. And I'm not talking about spirituality as religion or a belief system but the sense of connection to some purpose higher than your own physical self.
In this 30 min presentation I discuss the brain and physiologyThe binaural audio I mentioned can be found on the Youtube channel The Power of You.
A short audio on how and why I am developing a new approach to healing chronic states of fatigue, pain or anxiety and why I believe this has never been done in quite this way before.
Here I discuss Shame - a much misunderstood emotion -This is an example of the sort of interesting information I put out in our monthly sessionsJoin us on the Community Programme
In this short audio I talk about how the singer Will Young struggled with trauma from boarding school experiences and how mental health fails the vast majority of people who have similar experiences.
In this short audio I talk about some of my concerns of trust in the use of technology like cryptocurrency and social media that seem to elevate lies and dogma above authenticity. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) are rife and need to be understood as reactions to uncertainty. Human beings need to understand and feel some trust in something and anonymity allows us to hide our authentic selves. Without good communication, there is no ability to trust or grow a relationship - including that we have with money.Find me on, and
In this short audio talk about Finding your innate creativity as recommended in the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. in this review of I particularly focus on what she calls 'crazy makers' from Chapter 2 of the book. How some blocked creatives use their energy to keep you waylaid from uncovering yours.Find out how I use this idea in helping people in their recovery from chronic me on and
A quick guide to why emotions are important and why we often repress them creating illness.
In this episode I look at the brain basis of Emotional Decision Making. Why we have parts of our brain that deal with our emotions and in fact this is how we mostly make decisions..
In this short video we look at why maintaining professional ethics help us to keep  out of the rule of despots and tyrants. Civil servants(including police), doctors and lawyers are the mainstay of civil society and thus democracy.It's not surprise that in the situation we find ourselves in now, these natural tendencies to question government actions are being systematically dismantled. Find out how and what you can do about it.You can contact me on or
In this short video, part of my series of discussion of Chapters from the Book On Tyranny  by Tim Snyder. This chapter looks at the importance of symbols that seek to divide us by making allegiances to points of view that have no option to dissent from. This is dangerous territory - whether it's wearing a badge to declare your politics or religion, or labelling your facebook profile with your vaccination status, these things matter because they create division in society which is the perfect precursor to totalitarianism.You can contact me on or
in this short video we look at Chapter 3 of the book On Tyranny by Tim Snyder which is called Beware the One Party State - why democracy is important and  needs defending! Part of my daily recordings of a chapter a day where the lessons from the 20th Century need to be learnt in the 21st.You can contact me on or
In this short audio I talk about the lessons from Chapter 2 of 'On Tyranny' the fantastic book by Tim Snyder. In this Chapter 'Defend Institutions' I give my take on why this has been so difficult in recent years ..Contact me on (121 therapy) and (group work)
In this ultra short audio I talk about the lessons from Chapter 1 of the book On Tyranny by Timothy SnyderIt is about the psychology of mass compliance and the lessons from Nazi Germany. In this chapter we learn about the Milgram experiment from 1961 which found a surprising fact about ordinary people..
In this short 14 min audio I introduce the importance of the book 'On Tyranny' by Timothy Snyder. Why its lessons from the 20th century are important to consider now in the 21st.Part of a series - 1 recording per chapter to use bite-size quotes from the book to prompt discussion of why this particular period of history is so crucial and what we need to do to create a better future for our children.Here in the introduction, we look at why democracies can fail and simple solutions from demagogues or compliant governments, applied in the face of increasing inequalities, can introduce terrible tyrannies on their people by subtle means. It is always ordinary people who carry or deny their own oppression, so learning to understand the lessons of the past might help us in resisting what is being waged in our name now.Agree or disagree, you can contact me on (121 therapy) and (group therapy/learning)
In this 21 min audio I talk about how most decisions are made by us emotionally using circuits in the brain not available to conscious awareness. Sadly this has been known about and manipulated by governments to change our behaviour to make us more compliant.In the UK, the SAGE committee which advised the government throughout the pandemic, outlined ways in which social distancing and mask wearing could be encouraged using these tried and tested methods that are largely unconscious manipulations of these ancient emotional circuits in our limbic brains.Now we see the polarisation of those of us who fought the narrative vs. those of us who complied in the belief that we were doing our 'moral' duty, so that we can no longer have the much needed dialogue to move the world on to better ways of living and thriving.All of us want to avoid pain - but many of us move away from control or freedom restriction too. and those two polarities have been unnecessarily pitted against eachother. We can move together again towards a world which prioritises health vs. profit. Maybe by starting with what we agree on, we could have a genuine dialogue again.For the original talk by David Charalambous mentioned in this talk please see here to contact me please find me on and (121 and group emotional healing)
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