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Join Ryan, Mike, and Ryan as they explore what makes the gospel “good news” in various books and topics of the Bible. Mike Sullivan is a (semi-retired) landscape architect, an evangelist, and a wanna-be regenerative farmer. Mike lives west of Indianapolis with his wife Chelsea and three kids, Elijah, Evy, and Mercy. Ryan Cummings has a Ph.D. in Communication from Purdue University, where he, Mike, and Ryan first became friends. Ryan serves as an evangelist formally and wanna-be Imagineer informally; he lives in Louisville, KY with his wife Jessica, daughter Brooklyn, and twin boys Camden and Adam. Ryan Walker is a marketing professional in real life and an innovative pit-master with a show on Netflix in not so real life. He lives on the northside of Indy with his wife Lydia and their two ducks, Harry and Hetti. Ryan, Mike, and Ryan share a deep love for the gospel, their families, and cooking delicious food. Send your questions in a voice memo to us at, we will answer those in future episodes. The gospel is the royal proclamation that Jesus is the promised King who is bringing the kingdom of God—in his life, death, resurrection, reign, and return. Until next time and for all time, YOUR GOD REIGNS! Original Music by Smirktown (
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How do Christians practice righteousness in our communities?
Judgment should unite, not divide!
Who are the weak in Romans 14? Paul's exhortation charges us to live in love.
Who are the weak, and who are the strong? How should we live together?
We're skipping from chapter 3 to 13 because the praxis of the theology is found here! What does it mean to do the Law? Who is righteous? How shall we live?
The gospel in a paragraph! Yet interpreting this section requires careful attention to the words and the larger story of God. Let's listen to the good news of the righteousness of God.
None is righteous, no not one! The apostle Paul puts all under sin in this section. What is his rhetorical aim?
Circumcision, faith, and the Scriptures. What advantage does Israel have toward the righteousness of God?
If all are unrighteous, what about the Law?
Ep 4.8 | Romans 2:1-11

Ep 4.8 | Romans 2:1-11


The nations are unrighteous. What about God's covenant people?
The gospel is the revelation of God's righteousness to rectify human unrighteousness.
Ep 4.6 | Romans 1:1-17

Ep 4.6 | Romans 1:1-17


With the aim of Romans in mind from our first five conversations, we now begin discussing the text of Romans.
Paul's doxology at the end of Romans summarizes the aim of not only the letter but the whole gospel -- the obedience of all nations to the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. We also discuss different approaches to reading Romans.
The apostle Paul was not only a writer and teacher but also a minister. How does Romans fit within Paul's ministry?
As we continue considering the context of Romans, we discuss how Romans continues the story of the New Testament focus of Jew and Gentile. Must Gentiles become Jews? Must Jews become Gentiles? The apostle Paul offers another way.
Reading Romans wisely requires understanding not only the aim but also the backstory of the epistle. We consider the promises from the Old Testament that are confirmed and extended in Romans. Key Text: Romans 15:8-9
The book of Romans is Paul's most magisterial epistle, yet it's also a daunting climb. By beginning at the end of Romans (thanks, Scot McKnight!), we can more clearly understand Paul's purpose in Romans. Text comes from Romans 15:5-13
Isaiah has called to God's people of all ages. What witness have we heard in Isaiah 40-55?
Isaiah ends this great section with an invitation and a promise. Let us listen!
Isaiah 55, from the CJB.
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