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What is IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT? It's the sitcom that changed everything. The sitcom with more conspiracies surrounding it than two presidential assassinations combined. The sitcom that brought a nation together, and then tore it apart again. Join the three of us—Rory, Max, and our guest host Martin—as we explore the surreal and sinister world of IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT. We'll take you through episode by episode, with behind-the-scenes insights, trivia, interviews with cast and crew - and more...
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You are in for a treat. We do our very first deep dive into the life of one of the key actors in IF YOU ARE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT the consummate enigma: Lilith Squibb. We tell you all about her life after the show, interview a special guest who knew her during her infamous 'party years' and finish off her befuddling three-episode story arch that sees her character in seriously hot water for the first time. As a bonus we also have rare archival audio of a late naughties interview Lilith did post-IF YOU ARE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT discussing her unusual art career and we reveal our improbable stories of how we met Martin for the first time.See you on the other side.  We now have a Patreon: find these artists on YouTube: CO.AG and KL Productions as well as songs Covert Affair, Bass Walker, Dances and Dames, Walking Along by Kevin MacLeod: Thank you so much to our talented friends Sydney Radcliffe and Bill Urquhart for voicing Lilith Squibb and Paul Lanyard respectively.  
We are back in Volgaville to peel back the skin of Episode 5. Strange things happen when a traveling casino rolls into town: Lee finally puts his croupier skills to use, Darcy risks it all on the slot machines and Simon goes all-in when he can't afford to lose. We'll be exploring duplicitous alter-egos, following government money wherever it takes us and trying to get to grips with the show's most malevolent character, the frightening and fascinating MC. Join us as we discuss the potential religious subtext of your favourite characters, Abraham's disconcerting home footage, and whether music really can tell a story. This is the darkest episode yet... We now have a Patreon: find these artists on YouTube and subscribe: CO.AG, KL Productions, Robert Austin Music, Stream of Melodies, SoundCrowd, VIVEK ABHISHEK
Join us as we yet again follow the Squibbs through the trials and tribulations of life in Volgaville. Darcy might have bitten off more than she can chew after getting involved in a  sinister multi-level marketing scheme, Simon goes hunting for something a little too human in the woods outside of town, and Lilith discovers her school principal is playing puppet-master in more ways than one.We'll be discussing whether art can imitate life,  the finer points of Zoomusicology and giving you a whistlestop tour of Italo Calvino's metafictional masterpiece 'If on a Winter's Night a Traveller.'This time there's no going back...We now have a Patreon: credits: CO.AG, KL Productions 
A classic misunderstanding means that one of our beloved characters is thrown in at the deep end of the piranha pool that is politics. Join us as we watch and dissect their bitter and hard-fought rise to the top, and try and figure out what role PanAm had in this bizarre sequence of events.We’ll be taking a look at the world’s largest dollhouse, diving a little deeper into the mysteries and monuments of Tunnel Theory, and keeping our eye on Lilith as she unleashes a new revolutionary side to herself.Join us as we take you through Episode 3 of IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT. We’ve got shadowy special interest groups, dewey decimal extremists, and a turbulent campaign that may end in disaster. We hope you’re ready.It’s our most explosive episode yet.We now have a Patreon: credits: CO.AG, KL Productions 
Join us for Episode 2 where we meet a fan favourite character, the shabby secretary herself: Chanelle Mince. We’ll be taking a look at Simon’s new job at The Factory, the sinister fake houses of Gettier Street, and we have an exclusive look at an excerpt from this episode’s script.We'll also be exploring Tunnel Theory—an influential and disturbing hypothesis amongst fans of the show—and joining Darcy Squibb as she gets up close and personal with her green thumb. Stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the podcast!We now have a Patreon: credits: CO.AG, KL Productions 



A once prolific show abandoned to the dumpster of time by a callous and overstimulated public: IF YOU'RE HAPPY & YOU KNOW IT is a show that has no match.It's a show that has its greasy fingerprints smeared over pop culture. It’s the show that defined the dark underbelly of the nineties. It’s the show that garnered praise and criticism alike from governments, alphabet agencies and dollar-store preachers.Join us—Max, Rory and our guest host Martin—as we dive headlong into the first episode of this nearly forgotten show, bringing you never before heard behind-the-scenes insights, interviews with the cast and crew, and exclusive trivia.Join us as we take a deep-dive into the world of the most subversive, most heartfelt, and most bizarre sitcom of all time. We now have a Patreon: credits: CO.AG, KL Productions 
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