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The Curious Professor

Author: Karen M. Bryson (Dr. B.)

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Are you a curiosity seeker? Do you have a yearning to learn more about the wonderful world around us? Take a journey of discovery with THE CURIOUS PROFESSOR as she explores the intriguing people, places, artifacts, and natural wonders that spark her curiosity. A podcast for the curious at heart. Be curious with Dr. B.
26 Episodes
International lifestyle consultant Emily Bron discusses remote work, life as a digital nomad, and retiring abroad. 
Writer and historian Marci Lynn McGuinness, the world expert on the Uniontown Speedway Board Track, discusses the evolution of motorsports and the daredevils who made it possible for us to go from carriage to automobile as an everyday mode of transportation. 
Writers Jason Nave and Adrian Clark discuss the world of boxing and sports entertainment. 
Motorsport journalist and screenwriter Michael James discusses the world of dirt bike racing and his new screenplay, which he describes as a “two-wheeled version of The Fast and Furious.”
Author Charlie Sheldon has worked as a commercial fisherman, a fisheries consultant, and an executive for various seaports. After retirement, he went back to work for as a merchant sailor. He’s a water dowser and has dabbled in treasure hunting. Charlie discusses his tales and adventures in the Pacific Northwest on the latest episode of The Curious Professor.
Screenwriter Cathryn Atkinson discusses her life and work as well as the challenges middle-aged women face in Hollywood on this episode of The Curious Professor.
Nurse practitioner and critical care consultant, Kali Dayton, discusses the life and work of an ICU nurse. Kali is the host of her own podcast, Walking Home from the ICU. Her mission is to humanize the ICU through improved practices in critical care medicine and bring greater honesty and awareness of the reality of sedation and immobility in the ICU.
Film producer Katie Leimkuehler discusses her documentary, Fresh Tracks, the incredible true story of her grandfather, Paul Leimkuehler, a pioneer of the adaptive ski movement. 
Award-winning author Brian Finney discusses the intersection of culture, politics, and fiction. 
Filmmaker Jeremy Norrie discusses the documentaries he’s made about Bigfoot, aliens, professional wrestling, MMA Fighting, and mindfulness meditation. 
Author and film historian, Pam Munter, discusses misogyny in Hollywood and the cost of institutional social oppression on the careers of women in film. 
Author and community advocate, Dan Garodnick,  discusses his book, Saving Stuyvesant Town,  the incredible true story of how one middle class community defeated the largest residential real estate deal in American history, and delivered New York City’s biggest-ever affordable housing preservation win. 
Award-winning/optioned screenwriter Gabriell DeBear Paye discusses her screenplay, THE UNSELFISH GENE, based on the life and work of evolutionary biologist and scientific rebel Lynn Margulis.  
Writer Anne Katherine discusses the 1903 camping trip when environmentalist John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt spent three nights in the wilderness together and how it inspired the conservation movement in the United States.
Researcher Dr. Steven Shwartz discusses the robot apocalypse and other myths about artificial intelligence. 
Soul Sister Paranormal founder, Dr. Kristy Sumner, discusses the art and science of historical paranormal investigations.
Semi-truck driver and nomad/lifestyle coach Malinda Fox-Wellington discusses life on the road and how she assists road warriors to reclaim their health, vitality, and zest for life.   
International roller derby star, Cindy McCoy, and screenwriter, Tina Field Howe, discuss BEYOND ALL ODDS: THE CINDY MCCOY STORY, a screenplay based on the incredible life of the roller derby legend. 
Pizza blogger and entrepreneur Chef Napoleon discusses his passion about meat alternatives as well as sustainability and innovation in pizza making. He shares how pizza can change the world. 
Electrical engineers Candace and Ralph Segar discuss thorium as an energy source and how thorium reactors could transform our economy and increase job creation in our country.
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