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The Lomeli Brothers, speak on the new A24 film "Talk to me" . Decompressing and how do you process that initial thought when anger creeps in. Fantasy Football update.
In this 141 episode, The Lomeli Brothers talk opening week for football. The Izzy fight encompassing Renato's Pulp Fiction week. Raul's upcoming far east trip.
On 140 it's an E - asy conversation on a Labor Day afternoon. The boys record early in the week because Renato is off to a vacation with his tribe. He opines on a recent series of negative events occuring. The, "Henny Given Sunday" season is up and running. Join the conversation. 
On 139, Renato brings his energy and positive influence to the episode. He adds how he stays focused and sets his standards on a daily basis. Raul gives a recap on, "Oldboy" 20th year anniversary. They wrap it up with the upcoming, Henny Given Sunday Fantasy Football League. 
On 138, the Lomeli brothers talk about the latest UFC fights, fantasy football and Inter Miami's rise with Messi. Renato has some current life changes. They both recap what they've been reading. 
Raul is back, fresh from San Francisco. He talks about catching, Father John Misty and Lana Del Rey at Outside Lands Festival. Renato talks about his past weekend, his upcoming Fantasy Football draft and Halloween costume shopping with the kids. They discuss, "The Four Agreements and "Power vs Force."
The Lomeli brothers talk Oppenheimer on 70mm and IMAX. Renato and Raul have  Christopher Nolan's latest in very different rankings on each of their lists. Renato describes his love inception for Fyodor Dostoevsky. Raul talks about his upcoming trip. 
On 135 The Lomeli brothers talk about the recent deaths of Paul Reuben and Angus Cloud. They talk about drug testing in professional sports. And Raul goes into a message his Mom sent him on his birthday. 
On 134, Raul kicks in the door waving the 4 4, years he holds. The Lomeli brothers talk, "Oppenheimer", "Sound of Freedom", the Oscar De La Hoya documentary. Renato touches on a new book he's reading, "Power vs Force". Raul talks about the inception of experience as children. Rest in Peace, Sinead O' Connor. 
The Lomeli Brothers meet the Hypnotherapist Grant Offenberger. Grant shares the origins of hypnosis.  Sheds light on the positive impact it can do for a person.  We talk pokemon, infomercials, manipulated languages. Catch him at room 11 this Friday the 21st 6pm PST @ Comic Con San Diego. But first lend that ear on Undeneyeable Perception.
On 132 the Lomeli brothers talk how there were 3 Mexican UFC champions and 2 lost over the weekend, now only 1 remains. They applaud Dana White shutting down the bait question during the post conference. They discuss what they define as emotional abuse and talk Cormac McCarthy. 
Ep 1+3+1 on the 5th of July, the Lomeli brothers talk 4th of July celebrations. Renato's children experiencing fireworks on the same block Renato did as a kid. Renato talks, "Stealing Fire". Raul has a bone to pic and they both share the same sentiment about "The Idol".
Renato and Raul share their mid year most played Apple Music. Amy's Farm is closing their doors forever. Renato expresses his feelings on the importance of one's message through a platform. 
The Lomeli brothers talk about in the flesh human influences. Black Mirrors Season 6 comes back with a fury. Renato's new task to get a complete panel of bloodwork done. Shout out to all the Fit For Mom's community. 
On 128, Raul talks about his journey with obsessive compulsive disorder. Renato continues with continual mental, physical and spiritual growth. Josep Guardiola, the greatest Manager of all time by winning the Champions League with Manchester City. Across the Spider-Verse is the best animation film that Raul has ever seen.  
On the 127 hour the Lomeli brothers discuss, what are the conversations that matter, the hatching of praying mantis' and the attention to detail that is put on raising children. Renato and Raul discuss intrusive thoughts and what you feed your mind. Raul recommends the film, "499."
The Lomeli brothers recap the Memorial Day weekend. Renato playing video games of his youth with his son. Raul hails, "Barry" and "Succession" series finales. They praise, "Chimp Empire." Renato discusses a new book he picked up, "The Master Key System."
Addition by subtraction, in this case, 82 is greater than 125. Happy Birthday Bob Dylan. Renato had a transcendental experience and an emotional purge with his reading completion of,  "12 Rules for Life." Raul had a similar response with his experience of the 4K restoration of, "Raging Bull" on the big screen. Ezekiel cuts his own hair and for the love of God, please bag anything over four items. 
The Lomeli brothers dive into more generational topics, albums, film and family. Radiohead's, "Ok Computer" is Raul's generational album. The impact it had on the culture and influence. Renato's generational album is Ye's, "Graduation". Both albums are timeless. Renato experienced one of his most beautiful moments to date. Lend that Van Gogh.
The Lomeli brothers on episode 123, wrestle with some conversations about truth telling and the difficulties of not lying to yourself. Renato talks about the eye of Horus and his progress with, "12 Rules for Life." Mercie's appreciation for her birthday celebration.
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