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Spaced Out Radio is your premiere source for news and views regarding the Paranormal, Supernatural, Cryptozoological, Extraterrestrial, Ufological, Conspiratorial and more.

Host Dave Scott talks to you LIVE, every Monday through Friday, starting at 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern.

We are always live, and always interactive. And every week we guarantee we are going to bring you the top guests in their fields.

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It's a combination of science and estoterics that has led researcher Jaap Van Etten down the path of learning about the ever mysterious crystal skulls. Jaap has done many experiments with crystal skulls including a very activated skull that is his centerpiece of research. His website is
The final Monday of every month, we get into monsters and cryptids with Butch Witkowski, owner and lead investigator for A former police officer, Butch takes his no-nonsense research to find out what's happening in this strange world of ours. Usually leading to more questions than answers.
The stories are out there and they just keep coming. Some people dismiss them, others accept them, neither group looking much beyond face value. Are we missing somethig? Are we accepting too much? William Pullin & Kelly Eyer chime in on this eposode of "Just Another Pun-day"
Doug Ward ai an adventurer, crypto-zoologist and treasure hunter. Drawn to the mysterious from a young age, he has chosen to travel paths that most won't go down. Whether it's Civil War gold, shape-shifting monsters or an unexplained bump in the night, Doug has chased it and tonight he is taking us with hiim.
Dr. McGwier is the Chief Scientist at the Hume Center for National Security and Technology and the president of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Tracking Network as well as a professor at Virginia Tech. University. His goal is to create simple and affordable software and hardware to the public, allowing the average person to assist in providing critical data that can be used for global scientific and academic analysis of the phenomenon.
Is it fate or free will? Do Tarot Decks have a power to themselves? Can Tarot Decks guide us as the world begins to experience a global awakening? Lifelong empath and intuitive Sarah Peters helps us explore the world of Tarot and how an ancient craft may help interpret a modern world.
Mike Ricksecker is a researcher and author who has written about a variety of topics within the paranormal. Tonight we dig deep into Shadow People, the topic of his latest book "A Walk in the Shadows" as we discuss their origins, their roles in the paranormal and what they might really be!
Legend tracker Lyle Blackburn is here to talk about his quests for proving monsters are real. His heavily acclaimed books, 'The Beast of Boggy Creek' and 'Lizard Man' are found at major book stores and Amazon. We're getting into the cryptid creatures that haunt the forests, lagoons and swamps around North America. Lyle's website is
In the woods of Washington and Oregon, a group of researchers have been on a serious search for the legendary creature they call 'Bigfoot'. From the Olympic Bigfoot Research Project, we are joined by Dave Ellis, Shane Corson, and Derek Randles, to talk about their findings on the reigning hide and seek champion.
Just because it's news doesn't mean we shouldn't question it and if we are going to ask questions, let's have a little fun. Tonight William Pullin & Kelly Eyer join us to break down some topics with slightly skewed perspectives and some much deserved snark. We can't tell you the topics because even we don't completely know but we are sure there will be some laughs along the way.
The Nimitz Encounter is more than short video clips captured on one day.It was a series of events lasting almost a week. From multiple days of strange radar returns, unknown craft caught on video to the confiscation of radar and communications data, the days are still shrouded with mystery.Omar Lara and P.J. Hughes were both stationed on the Nimitz at the time and join us to share their experiences during the Nimitz encounter.
Tom Andritsos is a Sasquatch researcher from Scarborough, Ontario. The province of Ontario is filled with lush forest and thousands of lakes surrounded by cottages. Much of the provincial territory is also uninhabited. Recently there's been videos of strange sounds coming from the forest. Are they Sasquatch roars or screams? We'll find out.
Michael Feeley, author of the book, 'The Ancient Code: A Serpent Fire', is a former police officer in the United Kingdom and expert witness who uses 17-years of gathering evidence and investigative experience to decipher a secret and complex world of coded messages, and languages used by the chosen initiates who hold the key that unlocks the door of knowledge.
The second Wednesday of the month we get to the real side of the strange and weird, with Reality Paranormal. We bring in Dr. Chris Cogswell from the Mad Scientist Podcast and UFO historian, William Pullin, where tonight we get into everything from shadow people to plagiarism and theft.
One of the top true crime writers and authors in North America, Alan R. Warren comes in to discuss the minds of serial killers. What makes them tick? What brings them into a lust for killing? Alan has nine books out on horrid murder cases and the killers behind the crimes. All his books can be found on Amazon. Alan's website is
Brian Antonson is one of a trio of writers who's delved deeply into one of British Columbia's deepest and treasured secrets. Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend, is a story of mystery in the mountains behind Maple Ridge, B.C., along Pitt Lake. Does the gold exist? Is there a curse?
Zelia Edgar and Steve Ward are researchers looking beyond the standard answers. Influenced by people such as Jaques Vallee and John Keel, they know that past what we accept as truths are more, maybe stranger, truths. From Faries and Mothman to airships and biological UFOs, Zelia and Steve work tirelessly to bring the weird beyond the weird to light.
UFO Historian Michael Schratt
The first Friday of every month we get all WOO for you, with the ET Connection and our guest, R Keith Andrews. Keith is a life long experiencer, author and psychic intuitive who helps counsel people who've had their own ET contact stories.
Tom Whitmore is a longtimer serving member on MUFON's Board of Directors. A former CEO and company executive, Tom has been instrumental in helping lead MUFON into the the 21st century as premiere research gatherers for the UFO phenomenon. Personally, now retired, Tom spends most of his time at his home in Washington, D.C., researching and writing about the controvsial MJ-12 Documents.
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