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Spaced Out Radio is your premiere source for news and views regarding the Paranormal, Supernatural, Cryptozoological, Extraterrestrial, Ufological, Conspiratorial and more.

Host Dave Scott talks to you LIVE, every Monday through Friday, starting at 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern.

We are always live, and always interactive. And every week we guarantee we are going to bring you the top guests in their fields.

Our website is
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Former 20-year police officer, David Paulides joins us to talk about two special topics: 1) His latest documentary, Missing 411: The Hunted. 2) His latest book, where he heads north of the border, with Missing 411: Canada. Dave's website is
Jeremy Puma and Garrett Kelly from Liminal.Earth, which is also their website, have started collecting experiences and mapping the happenings from around the world on a map on their website. The paranormal instances are strange, odd, and an intriguing to see what people are experiencing,
Geraldine Orozco, from Bay Area Meditation is back with the Spiritual You, the first Tuesday of every month. A pranic healer, Geraldine answers your questions from daily healings to ET contact and DNA.
Author RJ Von Bruening is a 'new' author and amateur astronomer with an extensive technical background in the electrical industry. The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch is the product of almost 25-years of historical research into the occult. Leading to his latest book, Unlocking the Dream Vision: The Secret History of Creation.
Tonight we talk to "Ghosts of Morgan City"s KD Stafford about paranormal equipment and experimentation, paranormal media and more.
We are going to SAVE UFOLOGY 2NITE!!!
The final Friday of the month, host Dave Scott brings in some friends to discuss and debate the month that was on the Paranormal Round Table. We are joined by SOR Saturday host, Rich Giordano, Jim Malliard from the Malliard Report, UFO Historian William Pullin, and the Paranormal Lawyer, Michael W. Hall.
Canadian researcher and investigator Jonny Enoch from joins us to talk about how the occult shapes our daily lives. And the fifth year anniversary of Spaced Out Radio.
Tyler Strand is a paranormal investigator out of western Pennsylvania. Along with Greg and Dana Newkirk, Connor Randall and Karl Pfeiffer, Tyler Strand joins the team on an elusive search for goblins in Hellier, Kentucky's caves.
Paranormal author, historian, tour guide and investigator, Nicole Strickland is with us to discuss the sometimes chaotic paranormal scene. What are we trying to prove or solve? Is it even possible? Her website is
From, based out of the great state of Pennsylvania, Butch Witkowski is back with Strange Days. We take a look at all things paranormal, strange, and weird, as Butch joins us the final Monday of every month!
Nov 24/19

Nov 24/19


ESP, Ghost and Psychic Abilities with Loyd Auerbach
Anything seems possible the more I stay in this game. Maybe Disclosure is closing in? Maybe aliens are killing aliens above or in the earth.Why Not?
There's a lot of evil on this planet for various reasons, likereligion and greed. Does the devil walk among us with his minions looking for souls to steal? Bishop Plato Angelakis is fighting the good fight, looking to ward the darkness away. Tonight we get into demons, ghosts, exorcisms in the paranormal realm.
Investigative writer Peter Robbins takes a deep, inside look at one of the biggest conspiracies in the United States, the death of former Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal. Peter's website is
Tonight, Mike Morin from Haunted Crew of Canada joins Dave Scott for Ghosts of the Great White North, where they get all WOO talking about the paranormal. Tonight, we bring in special guest, creator of the Tara Normal comic series, Howie Noeldechen.
VICE and Popular Mechanics authors Tim McMillan and MJ Banias are two of the premiere writers and researchers in the world right now, when it comes to the UFO Phenomenon. Following everything from a government and Disclosure perspective.
A last minute substitution, Kelly Eyer comes in to talk all things paranormal, plus some Florida Man!!!
Pressuring Washington D.C., politicians and government officials has been a full time job for Steven Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, who is filling in for original guest, PRG member Teresa Tindal who is ill.
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Meaghan Pavljuk

BUTCH ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— You have been missed immensely !!!! So happy that you are on the mend....... HEALTHY = WEALTHY PRICELESS ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

Oct 29th
Reply (1)

Just a fan

I'm 14 minutes into this and already laughing my butt off. How can anyone take this bulls**t seriously? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Aug 28th
Reply (1)

Just a fan "animal" that escapes capture 100% of the time ๐Ÿ˜‚

Jul 30th
Reply (1)

Just a fan

Has it ever occurred to the true believers that the reason paranormal sightings are declining is because everyone now has cellphones? If UFOs, Bigfoot, lake monsters, dogmen, etc. exist then we should have tons of evidence now. But we don't, do we? Maybe it's because it's bullshit, and it's always been bullshit.

Jun 14th

Just a fan

the audio sucks

Jun 13th

Just a fan

I don't believe a word of it. Just trying to sell books. Elvis was a dying man who was better protected than the President.

Dec 4th

thaumaturge ungulate

Tessa really needs to polish her interview skills. in the coral castle episode she ignores her guests comments , laughs unconvincingly and reads alot from the internet. be prepared before hand and do the research before you have guests on. i want to hear from the guest. also i believe she is clicking a pen rapidly a few times during the show. in fairness it could be the guest but somehow i doubt it. a bit more effort would go a long way.

Nov 19th


Show seems like one big commercial promoting people and or interests. My biggest gripe is, if you talk about evp โ€œhow about playing some clipsโ€??? I loved the art bell way. This shows format is not scratching the paranormal itch. You need to provide examples and have polarizing dialogue with your guests also at time thereโ€™s weird noises in the microphone, kids crying, dogs barking, car alarms, guests carrying dual conversations with people not on the show, and random distractions throughout the broadcasts. Please iron this out as Iโ€™m sure your all aware itโ€™s annoying to the listener when you wonโ€™t even play an evp.... when your talking about them for three hours...

Sep 12th

Aut Qast

The whole #stairs in the forest , was all started on reddit and the author, just took the whole mystique and lore surrounding the strange evidences and circumstances surrounding missing persons cases and expanded upon them in very convincing but entirely fictional fashion. I cannot remember the womans name , but she did do her due diligence to make this known and that her accounts were functionally based and even were specifically on the heels of the large interest surrounding certain oddities and high strangeness, like some found in the 411 series. She ( the author) made it known a while ago that the stairs mythos is just a part of that, as are the many other different aspects to her letters she wrote on Reddit . This seems to come up ever couple months again here and there but I heard the actual interview with her as she explained it all and was the one who wrote the many letters , from a first person perspective and confidential account, as a fictional Search & Rescue member, who has chosen to blow the whistle on Reddit. and this went viral and caught fire from reposts and shares quickly, which in turn fooled alot of people. This kind of took on a life of it's own and unfortunately I think, has only become some fear porn and disinformation now, although I never think it was intentional or malicious in the beginning and took on many copycats and grapevine strength in numbers. I would even postulate that this may have some of the same thought form or tulpa type energy carried over like what has happened with other seemingly fictional tales, that seem to have so much focus or energy surrounding them, that somehow or another they begin to manifest in our physical plane of existence and dimensional reality. I have no idea how or what is involved with that all, but we have seen some evidence of that with the whole Slender Man mythos that began as a photoshop exercise/ contest on Creepy Pasta and yet, people swear to have had encounters, in many ways and forms to many levels of varying degrees. Just a rehash on some old news and felt the air should be cleared again for those who never had heard the truth about the # stair cases in the woods. Blessings, #SOR !

May 8th
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