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Author: Joanne Bolt and Tina Beliveau

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Join top eXp Realty agents Joanne Bolt and Tina Beliveau weekly as they candidly share how they created and maintain their real estate empires. They open up about running big businesses as woman, running their households, and everything in between.
6 Episodes
Let's be honest.  Most rainmakers start a team, and they hire the cheapest admin they can find.  Then they are SHOCKED that the admin isn't willing to stay in the role, work overtime, or help grow the business. Why is that?  It's because they view the admin as an expense to the team, not a partner to help grow it.  So how do you develop that relationship with your admin or operations manager?  How do you go from "boss" to having an admin who meets your vision, wants to grow your business for and with you, and is bought in to all the ideas you have and is ready willing and able to implement them?Today we checked in with a true unicorn in the field of admins, Olivia O'Toole from the Jim Black Group in central Massachusetts to hear from her how she went from admin, to being the director of operations and the key points she feels is necessary in order to develop the right relationship between rainmaker and operations guru.Now, Olivia and Jim have opened a coaching group to help other teams develop this same relationship, build the strategies necessary to grow their business, and to support them as they do.  Want to learn more?  Head on over to their facebook page to check it out.  Interested in learning how you can partner with Joanne or Tina at eXp in order to have access to industry leaders like Jim and Olivia on a regular basis?  DM us in our social media or check out partnering here!Tina's social media:'s media:
Grab a glass of wine and make sure you're not driving in traffic when you download this episode.  Tina and I decided to have some fun and tell war stories of the funniest and weirdest things we've seen over the years.  We really can't make this ish up. From naked teenagers, to poop houses it's real and it's out there.  If you think being a real estate agent is all about looking at Joanna Gaines type homes you're very wrong.   Be warned!  We want to hear your stories!  DM us and let us know!Tina can be found on Facebook at Joanne loves the Instagram!
Welcome to episode 3 of the Tina and Jo Show.  In this episode Tina and I chat about why we decided to start real estate teams and what it's like to run a team.  Running teams is near and dear to our hearts so we will visit this topic OFTEN on the podcast.  So consider this one a first in the team building series!Both of us ran our teams using models set before us from a male dominated perspective on running a team, and had to put our twist on the ins and outs of the business.   Both of us have scaled large teams whose primary base of business is referral and sphere.  What's the danger of only reading one book on how to build a team?  Should you really build one or should you join one to run?  Would you even enjoy running a team?  we unpack it all!Did you know that 80% of real estate agents are women, yet the top 10% of all teams are run by men?  It's time to change that and step up and take charge!  Contact me TODAY to learn how to elevate YOUR team to be in the top 10%.  Or are you an agent looking to join a team?  I can help with that too.  Want to watch the live interaction of the podcast?  Check us out on You Tube!  Just search for Joanne Bolt and subscribe to get notifications of the latest vids when they drop!
In an ever evolving real estate world, how do you separate yourself from thousands of other agents in your area to dominate your local market?  Antiquated methods may still be viable, as long as you update them for today's era.  Tina found her voice on Facebook, and  took her team from closing 50 transactions a year to over 175 annually.  Joanne shifted her hyper local agent strategy to be the agent of choice in her area for her traditional team, to being relevant on Instagram to her new audience of #realtors as she grows her nationwide network.  Interested in talking with Tina or Joanne about their respective teams at eXp Realty?  Drop into their instagram profiles @tinabelvieau and @itsjoannebolt and schedule time with them via their links in profiles!Or click here if you don't have instagram!
Welcome to the TIna & Jo Show!  Meet Tina Beliveau and Joanne Bolt.  2 Mega Agents from eXp Realty juggling the balance of running successful careers and households.  In today's episode, we unpack how our spouses handle our working lives, the challenges we've faced and what we've learned in the process.  From convincing our husbands that our career isn't a hobby, to working so much we had to learn how to balance and leverage in order to get to where we are today.  It's been a journey and we are happy to share it with you!To learn more about us, or to chat about joining our tribes at eXp just follow us on instagram.  @itsjoannebolt and @tinabeliveauIf you like this episode, please hit the subscribe button so that you don't miss out on any others!
Have you used client events in the past to say "Thank You" to your past clients for their referrals or business?  Did you discover that in 2020 those events aren't nearly as effective?Your database wants you to be genuine and authentic.  Not to do a generic pie drop by where they receive a contactless, token gift while they cruise through the parking lot of your office.  Listen to find out a few tips on why to drop the infamous pie day, and how to replace it and increase your referrals by 22%!Follow me on instagram @itsjoannebolt for live training, tips and more or go to my website to sign up for classes designed to grow your business.
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