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There is much in store for you on this journey. Keep. Going.
Episode 9| Shifts

Episode 9| Shifts


Shifts are part of life's journey. Regardless of the size or circumstance, inner-peace is available and possible through every and any shift we experience.
Episode 8| Connection

Episode 8| Connection


You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The connection we have with others is paramount to our journey. How you love and care for yourself, is an extension of how you love and care for others.
Episode 7| Self-Full

Episode 7| Self-Full


One of the most important relationships you have is the relationship with yourself. Cultivating your inner life is the gateway to how you connect, experience, and impact the world around you.
How do you determine your value? Your value isn't predicated on exterior features or external approval. Your worth is already cemented as invaluable and starts from the inside out.
What's your mental fitness routine? Strength training your mind has added benefits for your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. Everything you need for developing mental fortitude is already on you and around you.
What does it mean to receive? Our ability to receive allows us to more deeply love God, ourselves, and others. It is a true gift that keeps on giving.
You're sitting on a goldmine. Fear is one of the greatest saboteurs to loving yourself and living a life you love. Our ability to step out despite fear moves us closer to the life we were destined to experience.
What are you consuming? The things we feed ourselves manifest into our psychological, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth or withering. Monitoring our intake has a direct impact on our destiny and relationship with ourselves.
Is your heart congested? Self-Love flows from a heart, mind, and spirit that has room to receive. Let's examine what clogs our ability to receive and flow in self-love and unearth the treasures within.
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