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Author: Audrey Agidius, John Patty

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In peculiar times like these, Somewhat Adult is here to give you questionable advice on how not to live your life. Join two friends as they dive deep into raw unflitered topics, in hopes that they will save you from making their same mistakes.
Are you ready to learn how to win while you're failing?
8 Episodes
This ones about how beautiful you are and there's nothing you can say about it.
This episode, John and Audrey are here to solve all your work woes. Well, not all of them. But they will attempt to give you the tools to balance your life scales, debunk the glorified hustle culture, and be a happier you.
6 - "We were on a break!"

6 - "We were on a break!"


This week your favorite friends divulge the details on all things cheating. Prepare to take their unsolicited advice on what to do in the messiest of situations and debate who was truly in the right, Ross or Rachel?!?
5 -"1-800-GHOSTED"

5 -"1-800-GHOSTED"


This week, John and Audrey let the past come back to haunt them. Prepare yourselves for guilty epiphanies and cringeworthy moments, as the duo attempts to answer your messiest break up questions. This one's not for the faint of heart.
This weeks episode is about not knowing what the heck it is you're doing in life, and 100% embracing it! John and Audrey discuss the ups and downs of finding your own way in a world full of unrealistic expectations.
A special Valentine's Day gift from John and Audrey to you. Tune in to hear John shoot his shot with Gal Gadot, a catfish story is revealed, and all while breaking down the dating questions you're dying to have answered.
Its time to take out the trash people! This week John and Audrey break down "self-awareness," get real about our dirty little secrets, and debate why cancel culture should be canceled.
Hey! Meet John and Audrey. Let's talk about how much 2020 sucked (personally) and how we are going to make 2021 better.
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