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Join us as lawyers share the stories of the cases that influenced their careers. Each week we bring you first-hand accounts from attorneys at the top of their game of some of the most challenging, educational and exciting cases of their careers.

So whether you’re looking for insights on how to become a better practitioner, or if you want to hear about some real-life courtroom dramas, we’ve got the stories for you. From tales of triumph over governments to legal life-lessons, lawyers tell us their candid tales of That One Case.

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In this episode of That One Case, we speak with Jon Hyman, employment and labor lawyer at Wickens Herzer Panzer in Avon, Ohio. Jon focuses on the management side of labor and employment law, providing counsel and representation for businesses on matters regarding employees. Today, Jon tells us the story of a case that was near indefensible, with the facts heavily weighted against his client. He recounts how, even though the case resulted in a defeat, he managed to greatly reduce his client's penalty, and he explains how this case taught him that, in the courts, sometimes defeat is just a matter of perspective.
On today's episode of That One Case, we speak with Omid Zareh, partner at Weinberg Zareh Malkin Price, New York. Omid's speciality is representing businesses and executives in commercial arbitration and litigation. He is also the former Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association and is a member of its Ethics Committee and Commercial Litigation Committee. Omid shares with us how a decision to join the ethics committee, initially for networking purposes, would end up drastically influencing his career, prompting him to tackle some of the biggest ethics questions posed to lawyers and revealing the unseen challenges attorneys face on a day-to-day basis.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Ziyad Naccasha, attorney and partner at Carmel and Naccasha LLP, San Luis Obispo, California. Ziyad has over 30 years of experience in business and corporate law, litigation, insurance and reinsurance coverage, and defense, and he provides legal counsel for numerous domestic and international companies. Today, Ziyad tells us about some of the challenges he's faced throughout his career and how they've shaped his approach to being a leader and a member of the wider community. He shares with us how the smallest gestures can make the biggest impacts and why it's important to trace problems all the way back to the source.
On today's episode of That One Case, we talk with Paul Campson, partner at Campson and Campson, New York. Paul is a trial lawyer with over 20-years of experience, specializing in personal injury litigation. He represents clients in the supreme courts, federal courts, and court of claims, and he was one of the youngest directors ever elected to the Board of Directors of The New York State Trial Lawyers Association. Join us as Paul tells us about a case that taught him the importance of being clear with the messages you put out - whether it's communicating key facts to jurors or even marketing yourself to potential clients. He also reveals a common trap young lawyers can fall into and a way to avoid it to elevate your cross-examination skills.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Robert Brown, founder of the Law Offices of Robert E. Brown. Before becoming a lawyer, Robert started out in the New York Police Department where he was Captain of the 5th Precinct, home to Manhattan's Chinatown. Now, Robert dedicates his time to foreclosure defense, personal injury cases, criminal cases, and civil litigation. Join us as Robert tells us about one of the most famous cases to hit New York in decades and how he went above and beyond in order to advocate for his client. Robert also tells us how such a high-profile case affected his firm and career, and he shares a word of warning for any lawyers out there in the process of selecting jurors.
On today's episode of That One Case, we talk with Andrew Cooper, founding member of Mohen Cooper LLC in Jericho, New York. Working primarily as general counsel, Andrew has over 30 years of experience in representing clients in matters of risk management, consulting, litigation and corporate transactions, patent, trademark, construction and bankruptcy. Join us as Andrew tells us the story of a doctor who was, in essence, forced to plead guilty to fraudulent activity. Andrew shares with us how he fought the case to secure a downward departure, and he reveals why guilty verdicts aren't always a complete loss. Andrew also tells us his advice for young lawyers deciding on which area of law to practice.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Joshua Baron, criminal defense lawyer and founder of SB Legal in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joshua has been practicing law since 2007, and, after working as a prosecutor, started his own firm to pursue the more personally fulfilling work of criminal defense. On today's show, Joshua tells us what drove him to switch disciplines and go from a prosecutor to a criminal defense lawyer. He shares with us what it is that attracts him to criminal defense and he recounts the key cases that marked the turning points in his career. Joshua also tells us what he thinks are the key characteristics of prosecution and defense lawyers, the realities of the early days of a new law firm, and why your calling might not necessarily be something you're good at straight away.
On today's show, we talk with Ron Coleman, partner at Dhillon Law Group in New York. Ron is a commercial litigator working primarily in trademark infringement, unfair competition, and consumer law. He is a champion of free speech and is known throughout the legal profession for his First Amendment advocacy. Join us as Ron tells us the story of a case that would help to define his career. He shares with the events leading up to the landmark Matal v. Tam decision in which Ron represented the band "The Slants" in order to fight the Lanham Act and defend the band's First Amendment rights.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Joanne Ericksen, founder of, and attorney at, Ericksen Law Firm in Houston, Texas. After spending years working for big firms that were more concerned with the bottom line than helping their clients, Joanne created the Ericksen Law firm, which focuses on "advocating fiercely" for clients over billable hours. On today’s show, Joanne shares with us why she loves tackling cases as a small law firm. She also tells us why her years of work as a legal secretary and intellectual property paralegal were so valuable to her career as an attorney, and how trying to reach a settlement can provide the best financial and emotional resolutions for clients.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Juliet Huck, persuasion strategist, author, and founder of the Academy of Persuasion. Juliet has been paving the way in the science of persuasive communications for almost 25 years and has advised numerous clients on how to win others over. As well as her academy, Juliet has also shared her knowledge in two books, "50 Ways to Get Your Way" and "The Equation of Persuasion" On today’s show, Juliet shares with us the story of a case whose international nature was proving to be too complex for jurors to comprehend. And she explains how with the help of some clever communication techniques and reducing the intricacies of the case down to its core issues, she was able to make the facts more palatable and help secure her client a favorable multimillion-dollar settlement.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Bob Genis, senior and founding partner of Sonin and Genis, The Bronx, New York. Bob is both a Super Lawyer and Top 100 Trial lawyer with over thirty-five years' experience. As well as representing clients in negligence, medical malpractice and product liability cases, Bob also lectures online and at the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. On today’s show, Bob shares with us an account of two cases involving police misconduct. He tells us about his ongoing efforts to bring justice to those who have suffered at the hands of the police, and he explains what it's like going from a courtroom-lawyer to a virtual-lawyer during the pandemic.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Michelle Daneshrad, collaborative attorney, mediator, and founder at Completion Law firm, California. Michelle's practice focuses on delivering amicable and mutual outcomes to pre and post-marital legal issues by keeping her clients' best interests at the heart of her work. On today’s show, Michelle tells us all about a case that had a total breakdown in communication and was going nowhere. We discuss how Michelle reopened a dialogue between the clients and opposing counsel, and she shares with us why in divorce proceedings it's better to make collaborative decisions rather than letting the law have the first and final say.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Duane Mathiowetz, Partner at Practus LLP, Los Angeles, CA. Duane initially started out as a mechanical engineer, but after discovering law he combined these two skillsets to become a patent attorney and now represents clients in a range of intellectual property cases. On today’s show, Duane tells us all about a case that would occupy him for well over a decade. He shares with us why it's important to never rush the job and reveals why cordiality among colleagues (even with the opposition) goes a long way.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Kay Van Wey, board-certified personal injury lawyer and founder of Van Wey, Presby and Williams PLLC. Kay has thirty years' experience representing clients who have been injured in an accident or during medical treatment and operates throughout Texas and Oklahoma. On today’s show, Kay tells us the incredible story of how she brought Christopher Duntsch, also known as "Dr. Death", to justice. She shares with us how one case turned into almost ten and how the series of events revealed even more troubling problems with the healthcare system and the medical board.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Ruby Powers of Powers Law Group, P.C. Ruby is a board-certified immigration attorney based in Houston, Texas, with a focus on immigration and nationality law. Ruby is an advocate for the rights of immigrants and helped organize a group of lawyers to fight for those affected by "family separation" policies in a Texas detention center. Today, Ruby provides a case study in perseverance and going the extra mile for your clients. She tells us the stories of two extraordinary cases about reuniting families separated on arrival in the U.S and shares with us why preparation is key in any case.
In this episode of That One Case, we talk with Knicole C. Emanuel, partner at PractUS, LLP. Knicole is a health care litigator with a focus on healthcare regulatory compliance, administrative law and regulatory law. Knicole has a particular interest in Medicare and Medicaid litigation, which she has channelled into her blog, offering advice to providers and attorneys alike. On today's show, Knicole tells us about how her blog went from a side project to her main source of business and how her posts lead to her representing nearly all of the behavioral healthcare providers for Medicaid in New Mexico.
On today's show, we talk with Roger E. Barton, managing partner of Barton LLP. Roger is a litigator with a wealth of experience and he and his firm have developed a strong reputation both domestically and internationally. Roger is a Super Lawyer and is rated as one of the top 5% of Lawyers in the New York Metro Area. His areas of practice include failed financial transactions, breach of contract, fraud, shareholder and partner disputes, and senior executive compensation. On today's show, Roger tells us the story of a client who came to him with a shattered business relationship and a $5 million judgment against them, and how, with the help of his extensive contract law knowledge, he was able to cancel their debt and secure them their own compensation.
On today's show, we talk with Richard Fields. Richard is partner at Fields PLLC, a firm specializing in complex litigation. Richard's career path has taken him down many avenues and he has spent time as a lawyer, entrepreneur and fund manager. On today's show, Richard tells us about his varied career journey and how following his passions led him to helping assemble a $1 billion dollar case against Arab Bank.
On today's show, we talk with Thomas Lebens, intellectual property lawyer and registered patent attorney at Fitch, Even, Tabin and Flannery in California. Thomas' focus within intellectual property includes licensing, infringement & validity analysis, patentability, and copyright for artistic works and computer software. Join us as Thomas tells us about a case that challenged him to go beyond conventional book-study to find his answer, and resulted in him "redefining the problem" to come up with a creative solution.
On today's show, we talk with Brian Gibbons. Brian is partner at Wade Clark Mulcahy, a corporate and insurance client-focused firm, operating throughout New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Long Island. At WCM, Brian tries cases at both state and federal courts, advises clients on risk assessments, investigates and litigates jeweler’s block policy disputes, litigates complex professional liability, and more. Join us as Brian tells us the story of his very first victory in court. He explains what the result meant to him as a young attorney and shares a valuable lesson about being honest to yourself and the jurors.
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