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When Alejandro was a musician in his hometown, he played everywhere live music was allowed, and after deciding to get out of his city and play everywhere he could in his country, he decided to write everyone from Argentina to California, and go on tour!

On the way, he met Lenny, an Event Promotor, that has worked with a large variety of entertainers including musicians, comedians, writers, actors and many others.

Together they decided to talk about different bands and places they have visited.

Usually at the end of the show you will find a cover version of the artist on the podcast. In the Podcast you can also learn about the artists, as well on how to make cover versions.

If you’re a music lover, love to hear about traveling and exciting adventures, subscribe now.
16 Episodes
Phil Mathews a.k.a. The Village is a veteran musician who's described as a cross between Paul McCartney and Paul Simon, with one foot still in the magical sounds of the sixties. In this interview he brings us his latest hit, called "Isolation Blues". He was very honest describing how he was influenced since he was 14 years old by the Beatles to this day.Find out by clicking on the link.
Singer-songwriter Matheo plays with his band as he sings his own compositions. While we interviewed him and asked him about her career, we found out how creative this Artist is.He started writing in English and then switched to German, and along the way he started working as a film maker.But… How could he handle both careers?Find out by clicking on our Link, and subscribe!!
Triggah RS is a band located near Frankfurt, that released a new song called “Town Down Here”. Rolf and Sonja tell us how they wrote the song, about being in a town that they don’t feel comfortable anymore, because of the situation they are living in write now, because of the lockdown and other circumstances. Join Lenny and Alejandro in this episode and find out, why musicians want to leave their hometown.
Mother of Pearl is German band from Göppingen, that decided to cover the song "Colors" from the Black Pumas. Together Manu, Peter and Alejandro made an acoustic version taking the Bluesy sound of Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada, and giving it another perspective. Lenny, notices immediately the Americana resemblance and tells us about where in the USA, has a stronger presence.
Nadine Makalew tells us her story, how at the beginning she didn’t want to work with music but after arriving to Germany, she decided to become a singer songwriter, and it worked out pretty good, because now she has her new single called “Paradise”. A song about life experiences! Go ahead and listen to this episode where we tell you about awesome places to visit in Indonesia.
Ballads will forever remain in our memories as footprint in our lives. This episode discusses about how it can influence different generations from their teenage years until they reach adulthood, and with no doubt are very important for every music lover. We also talk about the covers made from Wicked Games by Chris Isaak, in this occasion we feature the singer Nadine Malakew, that sang with us this acoustic version.
Today 38 years ago died the most influential blues player of all time: Muddy Waters, and even after his death he got inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame, and got the lifetime achievement award. Would you believe that if it wasn’t for his Uncle we wouldn’t have the modern day sound of Blues Rock?
While in Germany and many other places in the world are still in lockdown, there are other places in the world, that have restarted to boost culture and concerts during pandemic times. We interviewed singer-songwriter Gwencobain, and she told us how the corona restrictions damaged not only her career plans, but other musicians in Stuttgart as well as the rest of the world. Meanwhile... Lenny is right in front of a Venue in Oklahoma getting ready for a Wynona Judd concert, that he had organized and sold over a 1,000 tickets. He was very excited about the fact Oklahoma is a Maskless State and they can have open events where people can have fun and sing. Find out what they had to say about the Lockdown in Germany where you can't have any concerts at all.
Singer-songwriter Kelsey plays the acoustic guitar as she sings her own compositions. While we interviewed her and asked her about her career, we found out how creative this Artist is.She specializes in the Folk/songwriter genre while continuing to prove her versatility in other sounds, but her latest work it’s influenced by rap music.Not only she writes her own songs, but she learned how to produce herself. As a new comer artist, Lenny and Alejandro really think she will make it in the music industry.2020 was the closing chapter of one era with the RESILIENT ep, including songs such as ‘COLLATERAL DAMAGE” and “OUT TO SEA”. Her newest single, ‘DEJA VU’ has an exclusive version at the end of the podcast.Not only she writes her own songs, but she learned how to produce herself. As a new comer artist, Lenny and Alejandro really think she will make it in the music industry.But… Will she able to?Find out by clicking on our Link, and subscribe!!
Some time ago Lenny asked me to do a cover song from the band Midnight Oil, I told him I heard the name, but never really paid attention to their music. I’m glad he asked me to listen to it, as I was researching the band and heard their work, I loved their lyrics and their rhythm. Adriana Olivera, Rhoda Gonzalez and I decided to do a cover from the song “Beds are Burning”.Midnight Oil started in 1978, and amazingly they recorded their last album in 2020 during the pandemic, but sadly their bass player died of cancer one week after they released the album.Go ahead and listen to the podcast and find out what happened. We referred to wikipedia for the information.
This is the story of the Australian singer Toni Watson, better known as Tones and I. She is originally from Melbourne, and she began her career singing in Youtube, after a while her life took a turn and started competing in busking competitions in Byron Bay, from there many interesting things happened to her until she wrote "Dance Monkey" and broke the record as number one song in more than 30 countries.Go ahead and listen to the podcast and find out what happened.
Dealing with Guns and Roses. How to get along in a band.Have you ever asked yourself how is it like to work with Axl Rose? There are so many rumors of how it was super hard to work with him, on one side Lenny says he had fun the whole time working with the crew, that they had lots of fun, while Alejandro wonders why they didn’t publish any albums in such a long time, what could have happen with the relationship within the band members.Go ahead and listen in the Podcast what they think about that.
Taylor Momsen from the Gossip Girls, is the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless, and together with guitar Player Ben Philipps, they recorded an acoustic version of their song “Take me down”. To my surprise this song is about “The legend of Robert Johnson”. According to a contemporary blues player Son House, he said that Robert Johnson must’ve had made a pact with the Devil in the Mississippi crossroads of 61 and 49, because according to him and his other peers, he disappeared for one year and when he came back he played better than everybody there, and before that when he played in between other musician’s breaks, people would boo him out of the stage. So they started saying the devil must’ve had taught him the chords and tunes he played.Go ahead and listen in our podcast to what we really think happened in those days. Click the link in Bio.
We made a brand new version of an old classic rock song called “I was made for loving you”, from the legendary band KISS for our “From the Sofa Podcast”. Lenny has a friend that Promotes Kiss in Dubai, and he tells us all about his experience working with them, and as usual you will find out about Kiss’ history: how they were banned in the beginning here in Germany, how they were labeled as a demonic band in many countries, how they overcame all those obstacles and judgements, and how they continued touring in Dubai through Pandemic times in 2020.
This Episode is about the Grammy winner "Gnars Barkley", over how Cee-Lo started his career in Atlanta until he became a solo Artist. At the end of the episode you will find a cover version from their original song Crazy, performed by Alejandro Hilton and Hannah Bartels, and this is how the talk starts about how Lenny worked in Atlanta, although he lives Nashville and Alejandro in Stuttgart, they will tell you about how the music industry was at the time Lenny worked with different bands like Usher, U2 and many others. GO ahead and watch our podcast or listen to it in Spotify or Apple podcasts. Don't forget to subscribe and leave your comments below.
Corona virus hit us the entertainment industry Hard, but Lenny it's still very optimistic that things will get better as the new year arrives. Planning shows in Nashville, USA television and going on tour in Asia seems like pretty good options tight now. At the end of this episode you will find a cover version of the song "I put a spell on you", written by Screaming' Jay Hawkins, and was later covered 12 times by many artists including Marilyn Manson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Annie Lennox, Nina Simone, among others. If you play the guitar or just like listening to music, here you will find a new cover version performed by Gwen Cobain and Alejandro Hilton.Learn about the band, traveling and how to make a cover by subscribing now to our podcast!!
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