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High Ladies Podcast is a Canadian, female led podcast for both the cannabis user and the curious. We aim to educate, have a laugh and end the stigma around cannabis use. Weekly episodes drop on Tuesdays! Hosted by Mom friends, Annie and Amanda who live in central Ontario. Find us on Instagram @highladiespodcast email us at and buy us a coffee at
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S8 E99 - 99ish

S8 E99 - 99ish


This week we reflect on the past season and share a ton of laughs. Find your local MP: the House of Commons petition: the show
This week, Annie and Amanda talk about the journey of creating a brand of cannabis and bringing it to market. Support the show
This week we are joined by Macky, host of High on HomeGrown Grown, the premier cannabis growing podcast.  He shares his insights on the state of cannabis in the UK and we learn a little history along the way. Watch High on Home Grown on YouTube on Spotify,  Apple Podcasts or where tou Listen to your favourite podcasts Support the show
This week we have our friend, Jess virtually in the hotbox to chat about what legalization looks like on the East Coast of Canada. We also chat about the role of "Influencer" in the cannabis space and her online magazine HIGH MOONConnect with Jess on IG @higherlivingjess and @highmoonmagazineSupport the show
This week, we recap our time in Ottawa with the Cannabis Council of Canada. We share what we learned  what we did and why this event is so important to us. Support the show
This week in the HotBox, we welcome a true High Lady, Anna Sophia Kouparanis, of the Bloomwell group. She joins us to discuss the medical cannabis space in Germany and what adult use/recreational cannabis legalization will look like for Germany. Support the show
This week in the hotbox, we welcome back George Smitherman, President of the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3). We will be joining George and the C3 this year as the official podcast of their annual event, Grass on the Hill (GOTH) in Ottawa.  We discuss the C3's involvement in tangible changes to the Cannabis Act in Canada and what changes need to be made to support and grow a thriving Cannabis industry. Support the show
This week in the hotbox, we are joined by Jen Meyers, producer of Manna. A quinisentially Canadian product, Infused Maple Sugar with a focus on minor cannabinoids.  Recently, this Alberta Micro Processor was in the crosshairs of the AGLC and Jen shares that journey with us.Support the show
This week, we welcome Ousman Nauffer, founder and Master Grower at CannJah Pharm. Ousman shares his incredible journey of navigating the medical cannabis space and how he turned his passion for helping people into Barrie's first licensed cannabis grow. Find all CannJah on the OCS Flow Through. Support the show
S8 E90 - Micro Macro

S8 E90 - Micro Macro


We are back for Season 8!This season we are exploring cannabis on a Micro and Macro level. Micro, by learning about the varying laws across Canada and Macro, by examining cannabis legalization across the globe (and what other nations are learning from Canada) This week we chat about our summer break, and announce our newest partnership with our neighbour CannJah! Look for their products on store shelves now!Support the show
S7 E89 - Glass Piñata

S7 E89 - Glass Piñata


This week in the HotBox, we recount our 2023 visit to @Liftandco Toronto where we made new friends and visited with old friends like George Smitherman  and Timmy and MaryJane  and Brenda , Wallace  and Spencer  and we  introduce  a few exciting things for next season and of course, we share a few laughs. @Cann.Canada@thenoobieandthedoobie@canadian_stonergirl@primeaucannabis@cratercraterSupport the show
S7 E88 Moose Mates

S7 E88 Moose Mates


This week, Annie and Amanda have Nikki Lawley in the Hotbox. We catch up on the amazing work Nikki is doing and get deeper into the conversation about terpenes Listen to our first Interview with Nikki   Season 4 ep. 43 to learn more about Nikki's Journey.@NikkiandtheplantSupport the show
This week in the Hot Box, we are joined by Collin Palmer, the  Master Formulator of PAX.From terpenes to cannabanoids, we learn how temperature influences the consumption experience and how #PAX harnesses the power of high quality inputs for the ultimate vaping experience. Do not forget to enter our giveaway to win you very own PAX Plus! Details in the episode If you would like to support High Ladies Podcast, consider buying us a coffee at the show
This week, we talk about the many places in the world where a person can lose their life over the possession, trafficking or even consumption of the cannabis plant. If you would like to learn more about cannabis incarceration in North America, follow @lastprisonerproject If you would like to support the podcast, consider buying us a coffee at the show
S7 E85 - Uncle Tommy

S7 E85 - Uncle Tommy


This week we have our old friend, Tommy Chong chat with us about his life legacy and 85th birthday Support the show
S7 E84- Morning High

S7 E84- Morning High


This week we reflect on goals and the growth of High Ladies Podcast. We disect our recent appearance on Canada's #1 Morning show Breakfast Television. What it means for our entire community and how we felt in the aftermath.Please like and leave a comment on YouTube so media everywhere begin to adopt the discussion as well.'s make positive media coverage around cannabis the norm!If you would like to support High Ladies Podcast please consider buying us a coffee at #highladies #highladiespodcast #breakfasttelevision #morningtv #spotify podcast #podcasting #media #goals #impostersyndromeSupport the show
S7 E83- Fight for Four

S7 E83- Fight for Four


This week in the Hot Box, Annie and Amanda catch up with Jessie Lavoie, cannabis activist and founder of TobaGrown. Jesse updates us on the fight to grow four cannabis plants in Manitoba and helps unpack the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the ban on homegrown cannabis in Quebec.If you would like to support High Ladies Podcast, consider buying us a coffee at Support the show
This week in the hotboxAnnie and Amanda are joined by Dr. Echo, one of the toxicologists at PAX. Pax is the leader in Vape technology,  both in flower vaporization and cartridges. We discuss why PAX is taking the extra steps to deliver the cleanest and safest vaporization experiences. *Giveaway* Connect with us on Instagram @hughaldiespodcast or send us an email at for your chance to win a PAX PLUS (value over $300)  courtesy of PAX. Connect with PAX on Instagram @PAX_officialBuy us a coffee the show
This week Annie and Amanda take you all the way to Australia to learn about their fight to legalize cannabis.  We are joined in the Hotbox by William Stolk @willysworld69 from the 'Who are We Hurting Army'. Cannabis is not legal in Australia, the medical market is difficult to access and there is no recreational market. William and his comrades have found some very creative ways to get their message out. Risking their freedom to free the plant they love!To follow along with the cannabis movement in Australia please follow @willysworld69 Follow Will's podcast @WillysWorldPodcast And connect with the team @byronbaycbdIf you would like to support High Ladies Podcast, consider buying us a coffee at the show
Welcome back for Season 7This week in the Hot Box Annie and Amanda catch up from the season break and discuss the Grandfathe of Cannabis Research, Professor Raphael Mechoulam. If you would like to learn more about Professor Mechoulam, please watch "The Scientist"  on YouTube at you would like to support High Ladies Podcast, consider buying us a coffee at Support the show
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