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A weekly must-listen podcast hosted by Nautilus Marketing founder, Tom Jauncey. A show full of marketing and business insights for the true nerd in you!

Tom shares stories on business, marketing and the life of being the Head Nerd at Nautilus Marketing along with useful actionable marketing tips each episode.
111 Episodes
Ever wondered how to make the most of your marketing budget without breaking the bank? That’s what we’re diving into on this week's episode, as we unpack the concept of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its application in marketing. Together, we delve into how the MVP approach can be a game-changer for your business and you'll discover how this method can test new markets and industries without a mammoth initial investment. We also share a fascinating real-life case study from our client's experience, where we created an MVP to explore different marketing strategies without splashing out on ads.
Are you looking to boost your productivity like never before? Do you desire a tool that's not just a project management system, but an all-encompassing platform for your business?This week, we share how we graduated from Trello and Slack and fully integrated into every facet of our business.From CRM to project management, billing, custom automations and integration with other platforms like Google Ads and Canva, has been a game changer for us and could be for your business too.
Have you ever wondered how a stack of data can be transformed into a powerful marketing tool? Or how an event like Pride can become a platform for your brand to shine?Spoiler alert: we're unraveling the power of direct marketing in this week's immersive discussion.Tom unpacks the art of sending out physical mail shots, leaflets with call-to-actions and the potential of partnering with other brands to mutually amplify your messages. We're also spilling the beans on how to utilise events and apps for your marketing - an often overlooked, but potent strategy.
We explore how CRM systems can revolutionise your business operations from forecasting to planning, lead tracking and even how to effectively use them for discount tracking. By sharing our personal journey using HubSpot, Tom reveals the value a CRM system can add to your business. We'll take you through the early stages of lead tracking for marketing success, exploring the critical role it plays and how you can streamline your business processes to boost lead generation strategies.
What if the secret to compelling content lies in your everyday conversations?Bold statement, sure, but in this episode, Tom explores the power of real-life stories and experiences in crafting engaging content for your social media and websites. Ditch those stock images; authenticity is the new currency!Tom breaks down practical strategies to transform your daily dialogues, business meetings and client calls into captivating narratives for your audience. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
In this week's episode Tom unlocks the secrets of SEO and discover the powerful impact of patience.Tom take us on a journey from Nautilus' humble beginnings to the present, illustrating how consistency and trust in SEO agencies can bring transformative success. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
Get ready to unlock the true potential of micro-influencers for your business!In this episode, Tom explores how these influencers, while smaller in size, can deliver a more engaged audience for your e-commerce brand or startup. By partnering with numerous micro-influencers, Tom explains the process of tapping into diverse markets and significantly boosting your brand awareness. Plus, we'll discuss the best ways to repurpose the content created by these influencers to enhance your social media presence and website. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
It's time to bust some myths! In this episode will bulletproof your understanding of SEO and set you straight on some of the biggest misconceptions out there. Tom exposes the misguided belief about keyword stuffing and its supposed effectiveness in ranking. Rather than an endless repetition of keywords, we'll explain how a balanced SEO strategy incorporating an optimal mix of keywords, backlinks and various other factors can truly make a difference.Tom also shatters the illusion that SEO is a one-off deal. Spoiler alert: it's not! Just like maintaining your fitness, SEO requires ongoing effort and agility to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
In this episode, Tom untangles the buzz about Threads, Instagram's latest platform.Tom shines a light on Threads' potential for organic engagement, why social media managers should keep their cool when a new platform emerges, and how influencers, brands, and everyday users can capitalise on the opportunities it presents. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
From SEO to Google Ads, digital PR to traditional marketing - multiple fingers in pies can bring a lot of success to your business.By not diversifying your marketing strategy, you risk missing out on potential opportunities. In this episode, Tom explores why diversification is the secret ingredient to business success. Tom discusses the dangers of relying solely on a single stream of marketing and why it's vital to explore all avenues available. No matter the size of your business, from small start-ups to big corporations, diversification can help you build your business and make the most of your marketing efforts. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
In this episode Tom delves into the indispensable value of authentic content for your social media strategy. From the dynamic realm of TikTok to the idyllic streets of Instagram, Tom explores the reasons why dedicating resources to genuine content is not just optional, but essential for brands.Tom breaks down how you can repurpose and maximise content across multiple platforms and why social media is more about community and brand awareness than lead generation. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
Think back to a time you had a misunderstanding due to poor communication. Maybe it was a misinterpreted email at work, or a heated argument with a loved one. It's astounding how a simple breakdown in communication can wreak havoc, isn't it? Those muddied waters can also seep into your business relationships, particularly when you're in collaboration with an agency.Tom has learnt that clear and open communication is the lifeline that sustains and nourishes these partnerships. In this episode, Tom shares his experiences, stressing the importance of expressing both successes and failures and how this honesty allows him to tailor his companies services to ensure the best experience for his clients.We dive into this often tricky terrain of handling criticism, sharing how open dialogue and feedback can turn potential disasters into opportunities for growth. The conversation then broadens into the role of communication in our personal lives, particularly in managing stress and maintaining connections.So, join Tom in this episode as he unpacks the complexities of communication in both business and life. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
Ever wondered if working with a UK marketing agency holds any benefits for your US-based business?In this episode, Tom dives into the unique perspective a UK agency can offer, along with the potential cost-effectiveness and the advantage of having a team that works on your projects while you sleep. However, it's not all smooth sailing, as we also discuss the challenges that can arise when working with agencies over seas. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
Tom vividly remembers the time when he was working in a theatre and experienced the negative impact of having a terrible boss. It made him wonder, can you be a boss and still maintain a friendly rapport with your team? In this controversial episode, Tom shares his personal insights on striking the right balance between being an effective leader and nurturing a great team culture.Tom discusses his journey as a business owner and the importance of respecting one another, having boundaries in place and being approachable. Building strong relationships with your team members leads to a more productive and harmonious work environment.So, join Tom in this fascinating conversation and discover how you can be a boss and still be nice, while creating a fantastic team culture. Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
It's often difficult to find the perfect balance between work and a well-deserved holiday. In this episode, Tom offers invaluable insights and personal tips on how to take a break while keeping your business running smoothly.Freelancers, you'll discover the importance of pre-warning clients, defining emergencies and setting boundaries for your time off. Business owners, prepare to learn how having the right resources and team in place can help you truly switch off and enjoy your holiday.Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
As a business owner and self-confessed people pleaser, Tom used to say yes to everything, thinking it would make people happy and improve relationships. However, through his own experiences and personal growth, Tom has learned that saying no is crucial for maintaining mental health, managing time and building better relationships in the long run.Join Tom on this journey of self-discovery as he shares how learning to say no has positively impacted his life and business. You'll find out how saying no can help you stay on track with your goals, reduce anxiety and ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life.Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
Ever been on a roller coaster ride of emotions as a business owner?Tom has experienced it all, from the highs of celebrating successes to the lows of dealing with stress, anxiety and worry.In this week's episode, Tom open up about his personal journey and shares the mindset shift he has had to make to stay motivated, all while navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.Nauti Nerds is proudly produced by Urban Podcasts.
Rewarding your team for bringing in new business is vital to business growth, team morale and overall, just a nice thing to do for your employees.In this episode, Tom shares his views on the importance of offering commission and explains why you should do the same too. Tom believes offering commission is one of Nautilus' reasons for success.The Nauti Nerds podcast is an Urban Podcasts production.
We all are guilty of overthinking and overcomplicating things.At Nautilus Marketing, we design a LOT of logos for our clients. A logo is something that is very significant to your business and something that most businesses invest a lot of time and money in.Over the years, Tom has noticed a trend while working with clients on logo design. And that trend is overthinking.The Nauti Nerds podcast is an Urban Podcasts production.
This week's episode is all about one-page websites and SEO.One-page websites are super effective for the user experience but when it comes to SEO and ranking, they can often create problems. So, in this episode, Tom shares his recent experience onboarding a client who wanted to increase his Google ranking but had a one-page website.Tom explores the best practices and answers whether it is possible to rank on Google with a one-page website.The Nauti Nerds podcast is an Urban Podcasts production.
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