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Dr. Max Lebow is Medical Director of Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group and the President of the Board of Directors of the Urgent Care Association. Trained and board certified in emergency medicine and occupational medicine, he shares how he got to where he is, and provides advice for those starting out in Urgent Care.
Variety in scopes of practice within your clinical team can throw a wrench in your workflows, and ultimately your culture.  In this episode we dig into this with guests Melissa Nottingham, Allison Kaplan and Barbra Carey from FastMed Urgent Care.  This Bonus Episode was specially created for the January UCBX - UCA's new Monthly Management Education "box" - which has additional resources on MA scope plus webinars and resources tailored to the beginning of the year in urgent care.  Check it out at
This episode continues our discussion from Part One, getting into variation in provider scope and suggestions for urgent care practices that are smaller than FastMed, where guests Melissa Nottingham, Allison Kaplan and Barbra Carey work.This Bonus Episode was specially created for UCA's January UCBX - our Monthly Management Education "box" - which contains more resources on scope and other timely topics.  Check it out at
Some of the innate characteristics of the people drawn to urgent care as a profession served us well through the pandemic so far.  Shaun and I take a look at the past year, which organizations excelled vs. just survived (or not), what made the difference, and what we can all learn from it.
What does someone like Patrice Pash, who is renowned in our industry for her incredible operations acumen and industry expertise, consider the key characteristic of a great leader?  The answer might surprise you.   And yes, getting to hang out with her for this was awesome.  If you've ever seen her speak, you'll know what I mean.  Enjoy!
If you want to know some of CityMD's original secrets to success, have a listen.  Warning: they aren't sexy, and they aren't easy - but they could be tremendously helpful to you.  
 Premier Health has quietly but most certainly become known as the reigning expert in urgent care/health system partnerships.  Listen in as Steve shares his insights from 15+ years of building and developing some of the most successful relationships in the country.
Lynne Rosen has grown and developed more successful companies than you - I almost guarantee it.  Hear how she earned her stripes, what she learned along the way, how she ended up in urgent care, and where she thinks it's going.  
Suzanne has gone from CEO roles in large health systems into the deep end of urgent care – after a hard sell.  Her high-level perspective on how to lead across diverse geographies, the importance of model standardization, attracting/retaining talent and emerging technologies has lessons for us all.  
Dr. Aaron Bright is one of the most humble people I know - but his pride in the outcome his team's  ironclad dedication to quality is inspiring.   UCA has partnered with Aaron's company - Hippo Education - to bring the best of urgent care learning to everyone we's that good.  Listen in to learn why as Dr. Joe Toscano and I interview Aaron together.
Catherine Matthews, owner and CEO of Lansing Urgent Care, came into urgent care from General Electric - and the background she brought with her strongly influenced how she runs her centers.   The way she rotates her team and "manages" each location really changed my mind about what models work well and are scaleable.   Hope you enjoy.
Stan Blaylock has been CEO of Physicians Immediate Care for the last decade, shepherding the organization through growth and change in multiple markets.  Listen in as he shares his unique perspective - informed by his prior experience in pharmacy networks and as head of Walgreens Health Services - on where urgent care is and can be going.
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