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Author: Bernadette Boas

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Shedding the Corporate Bitch® is a place for female corporate executives to hear what it really takes to be a powerhouse leader and shed the bitches of fear, insecurity, and negativity holding you back from creating riches in your work and life. Bernadette Boas, author of Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich, knows what she is talking about as her own bitches of fear, insecurity, and not feeling good enough, caused her to lose everything... until she found the formula for achieving everything she wanted. Bernadette and her guests share their personal journeys, experiences and expertise, so you can reap the rewards of their mistakes, successes, and missteps in becoming leaders others want to follow, and gaining the fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness, and success you deserve. Be sure to follow the show, leave a rating, and give us a shout out with a review! We would be totally honored.
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After last week’s interview with Barbara Teicher of PropelHer® Influence, I spent a lot of time thinking about the three imperatives she says leaders need: insight, influence and impact. These are important skills to have, of course, but moving forward is fruitless without self-awareness and accountability.During today’s episode, I’m sharing 5 key steps you can take RIGHT NOW to become an empowered powerhouse leader. You’ll walk away understanding what self-awareness and accountability means, and how to achieve it. Plus, discover the power you’ll feel in taking responsibility for your success and failures, and how that can aid in your continual growth.If you want to be an empowered leader but don’t know how to get there, this episode is for you!Topics discussed in this episode:Defining self-awareness and accountabilityBernadette’s story of self-discoveryWhy it’s important to know who you areMaking changes within yourself and your surroundingsThe final steps to becoming an empowered leaderAre you struggling to understanding the impact you are making in your leadership role? What questions Book a call with me at, and let's talk!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.This episode was produced by Podcast Boutique
On today’s episode, I am welcoming a very special guest!Barbara Teicher, from PropelHer® Influence helps women in business focus on three pivotal priorities that can propel both their careers and the bottom line, leading to: Emotional intelligence, more profitable and engaged teams, supportive corporate cultures and influence with impact. We will be discussing why some women just aren’t getting promoted, gaining influence, and achieving their career ambitions. We are taking the time to dig deep into why it is that women aren’t, as Barbara says, propelling, in their career.So, join us as Barbara teaches us about the dangers of assuming, what is causing your career to be stagnant and how you can propel! Here are the highlights (01:42) Propelling - what do we mean by that?(07:07) A French bike accident(09:46) Getting that influence(14:30) Knowledge is power(17:23) The view from the top of the ladder(21:19) Personalities and CommunicationFind out more You can find Barbara’s book here: Book a call with me here and let’s talk!Download my eBook, The 3 ‘Must-Have’ Myths for Success, here!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagram
If you knew how to achieve 80% of your results from just 20% of effort, would you want to know?This episode is all about just that: tips, techniques and strategies to help you get focused, clear, organized, and empowered to generate more while doing less.Highlights of the episode include:Using the Pareto Rule to gain sanity in your lifeHow to say No, even to the boss, client or peerHow to become a Time Manager that will set you up for massive resultsToday we are going to get focused, clear, and organized so you can move from chaos to clarity as you pursue your daily tasks and your overall goals.So, join me to find out how you can accomplish far more than you are right now, by actually doing less.Connect with Bernadette Do you need tips or advice on how to be a powerhouse leader, book a call – Download my E-book – 3 Must-Have Myths for Success – Facebook – Instagram – Linkedin – Twitter –   
Let's connect and get to know each other better so we can support each other through this crazy journey called life.So, I'm sharing a bit about me answering a variety of questions touching on both my personal and professional life, and inviting you to do the same on our Shedding the Corporate Bitch Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.Join in and let's build a community together of powerhouse leaders working to create riches in our work and life.A few questions answered:- What pisses you off or stresses you out?- What is the biggest challenge you have overcome?- What are you passionate about?- Who is your greatest influence?and more.Learn more about me and our mission at Ball of Fire Coaching at www.balloffirecoaching.comCheck out all of episodes at Shedding the Corporate
What are you goals for the new year?Have you documented them yet or do you simply keep them in your head and not on paper?What if you could achieve 30X greater results by simply having SMARTY goals?Highlights of this episode includes:- The benefits of goal setting to your career and life- A simple method for turning your dreams into powerful, results-focused goals- Steps you can take to stay focused, clear, persistent, determined, and passionate about your goalsMake 2023 your best year yet with Bernadette and her Goals to Riches SMARTY method. Learn it right here.Need to discuss your goals?SCHEDULE some complimentary time to discuss, strategize and lay out your top priority goals.  Go to
I am so excited to be talking today to Kristine Conway, all about how many of us, well-meaning leaders, parents and partners are fixated on solving the problems of others.Are you the type of person who swoops in to save the day, or have you considered that you could be doing more harm than good by doing so?Kristine is going to help you find out if your so-called fixing is the real problem to solve.We will also be tackling the question many of you ask her, which is, “Why aren't I getting the results I expect?”Highlights From This Episode:(01:33) Kristine Introduction(03:00) When nobody questions(05:37) Avoiding questions and whispers(11:43)  The way we present(14:03) Not an overnight phenomenon(18:22) Emotional Intelligence is keyFind out more about Kristine here her on Linked in here questions came up for you during this discussion?Book a call with me here and let’s talk!Download my eBook, The 3 ‘Must-Have’ Myths for Success, here!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
In today’s episode  we are diving deep into understanding how leaders are the hub for setting up trust and changing habits in an environment that then allows their folks to tap into their intuitive side.This ultimately leads to less stressed out, burned out, and unproductive employees.That’s got to be a win, right?Our guest today is Terry Wildemann, founder of Intuitive Leadership, and she's going to help us look at which habits are creating distrust, stress, and burnout for both leaders and their teams.Highlights From This Episode (01:33) Terry’s background(03:24) Confidence and Credibility(05:07) They’re not robots(07:04)  Intuitive Hits(09:09) Quickshift(14:36) Shifting to the positiveTerry’s links:http://www.QuickShiftZone.comhttp://www.intuitiveleadership.com questions came up for you during this discussion?Book a call with me here and let’s talk!Download my eBook, The 3 ‘Must-Have’ Myths for Success, here!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter
Organizations need leaders who know how to GET LIT and build vibrant cultures.Leaders must LEAD with clarity. Leaders must INTEGRATE integrity and Transcend the ordinary.Our guest, Nicole Greer, of Build a Vibrant Culture, will answer a key question many leaders have;HOW DO I MOTIVATE MY TEAM?In this episode, Nicole Greer shares Strategies, Systems, and Smarts to help everyone SHINE. Learn the IRP method. Meet your leader self and take away applicable tools to enlighten your teams!Other topics we discuss are:Learn more about Nicole and her passion in this subjectHow to lead with clarity by giving 'amazing' feedbackHow HALT can transform you as a leaderHer SHINE process for creating a vibrant cultureand more...Learn more at www.vibrantcoaching.comFollow her on LI: - @thevibrantcoachWhat questions came up for you during this discussion? Book a call with me at, and let’s talk!Download my eBook, The 3 ‘Must-Have’ Myths for Success, here!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
Whether you have 4 weeks or 4 days left of the year, it is not time to stop pushing and acting on your goals.In this episode of Ask Me Bernadette, I am asking a question I get a lot this time of year - What can I still be doing to close the year out with a bang, when everyone else is winding down?First off, that's a myth. December is an awesome month to close business, find a job, secure a raise or promotion and much more.In this episode we discuss:- What both corporate and entrepreneur professionals should focus on as they close out the year- The opportunities that still are out there to bring in new business, get a job, and much more- The activities leaders, HR managers, and customers are doing themselves this time of year- How the 'potential' for a recession is not an excuse to stop pushing- Steps you can take beyond work to close the year out with a bangWhat questions came up for you during this discussion? Book a call with me at, and let’s talk!Download my eBook, The 3 ‘Must-Have’ Myths for Success, here!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
Oftentimes when we talk about more women becoming leaders in business, we measure their new roles to the standard of the “old boys club.” What if instead of expecting women to lead the same way, we let them take their seat at the table and do things their own way?Women exhibit certain soft skills that are crucial to the success of a company, and research shows that their high level of collaboration and empowerment can be more beneficial than the old-school authoritative style. Discussing just some of the benefits of women-led companies on the podcast today is Dawn Andrews, founder of business strategy consulting company, Free Range Thinking, and the Female Leadership Accelerator.Dawn and Bernadette also talk about the many critical skills that every leader needs and how leadership training can help develop them, as well as why “fake it ‘til you make it” may be an outdated philosophy.Get inspired to find your voice in business or join the conversation as an ally by tuning in to this episode!Topics discussed in this episode:Dawn on her background and journey to starting Free Range ThinkingDefining “hard one knowledge”The rise of vulnerability and empathy in leadershipWhat does “Free Range Thinking” mean?Ways to create your own tableHow should men be included in the conversation?Benefits of women being in key leadership rolesWomen who don’t support other women in businessShifting attitudes in the field of HRChanges Dawn has seen in female leadership and leadership trainingTeams, tools, and opportunityDawn’s advice for becoming a leader or reaching their goalsTopic of Dawn’s book, Brave Conversations WorkbookLearn more about Dawn Andrews’ company, Free Range Thinking, and her Female Leadership Accelerator program here!Download Dawn’s eBook, Brave Conversations Workbook, here!Find Dawn on:InstagramLinkedInResources mentioned in this episode:The Power by Naomi Alderman - ----------------------------------------What questions came up for you during this discussion? Book a call with me at, and let’s talk!Download my eBook, The 3 ‘Must-Have’ Myths for Success, here!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
I'm a diamond. You can't beat me up. I'm rock solid… A diamond has facets and it can lean and glimmer, move backwards and forwards and side to side in order to feel heard.”Carrie Arnold says this in today’s episode, where she talks to Bernadette about the empowerment women will find when they rediscover their voice in the workplace. You’ll hear words/phrases like “interrogation of work,” “kitchen table,” and “disinvite” — all crucial elements to understanding why women feel silenced and how to manage the symptoms that follow.Carrie answers the questions - How do women recover from, and manage feeling silenced or sidelined at work? What is the impact of silencing women?If this phenomenon is new to you, Carrie is explaining some of the ways women are made to feel silenced in the workplace, including microaggressions that are so subtle you may miss them. She’s also sharing how she helps coach women to find their purposeful voice, and important findings when doing research for her book, Silenced and Sidelined.The world needs more self-aware, evolved leaders, so take a step toward making that change by tuning in and sharing this interview!Carrie Arnold, author of Silenced and Sidelined: How women leaders find their voices and break barriers is the Principal for The Willow Group. She is a Master Certified Coach and has a PhD in Human Development.She also serves as the program director for the evidence based coaching program at Fielding Graduate UniversityTopics discussed in this episode:How Carrie became passionate about women’s issues in the workplaceWhat does it mean to be silenced, and what is its impact?Examples of what it means to be “disinvited”Are people the problem, or is it the system?The biggest hurdle in progress according to CarrieSurprise findings in Carrie’s researchPhysical and mental effects of being silenced4 types of women and how they recoverHow Carrie helps women move forward in the recovery processFirst steps to take if you’re feeling silencedCarrie on her book and voice currencyWhat is a purposeful voice for women in business?Carrie’s message to those struggling in corporate AmericaLearn more about Carrie’s coaching business, The Willow Group, here!Don’t forget to check out her book, Silenced and Sidelined: How Women Leaders Find Their Voices and Break Barriers!--------------------------------------------------------What questions came up for you during this discussion that goes beyond finding your voice, but becoming a powerhouse leader.  Book a call with me at, and let's talk!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
Do you know that conscious leadership, a human-first approach to leading, is more than just supporting employees and fostering growth? Self-awareness is a major component of conscious leadership, you can’t lead and be collaborative with a team if you’re not in touch with your own self.Today’s guest is Ryann Dowdy, founder of Be in the Room, a conscious leadership collective for women in business. She’s helping women have a voice in the workplace and become self-aware using various tools, including her 6 Self Leadership Principles.She and Bernadette talk about the shifting leadership landscape, the lack of exemplary leaders in business, and what challenges women face in their careers. Ryann’s also sharing what she’s passionate about in business and life, and what to do when you feel “stuck” in your body and in life.One of the first steps of having the job you want, or being the kind of leader other women can look up to, is defining your idea of success. Tune in for actionable ways to get started!Topics discussed in this episode:Ryann introduces herself and details her careerWhat is conscious leadership and why should we care?Defining self-concept and why it’s importantA pivotal moment in Ryann’s professional lifeWorking with women who don’t know how to achieve their ambitionsThe biggest challenge facing women in leadershipHow Be in the Room is helping women address issuesSelf-awareness is key to conscious leadership6 self leadership principlesExplaining self trust and why some women lack itDiscovering what you want is the first stepRyann’s view on quiet quittingAdvice to women on finding their inner self to start progressingLearn more about Be in the Room and download the FREE Self Leadership Principles eBook by Ryann Dowdy: Ryann on:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYouTubeTikTokDid our conversation bring up additional questions or challenges you may be having in becoming a powerhouse leader in your work or life?If so, book a call with me at and let's talk!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
If years of a pandemic have changed anything in our world, it’s that more people are craving and prioritizing a life-work blend vs a work-life balance.Whether you’re working remotely or not, finding this blend is important for both personal and professional growth. But what if your boss is not compassionate? Or, your values don’t align with the company culture?Tanya Bugbee of Tanya Bugbee Coaching and Consulting is today’s guest, and she’s talking to host Bernadette about the struggles leaders are facing, including a workforce that craves this life-work blend, even during a tough economy. She shares stories of her clients to explain the fear, lack of trust and compassion.It’s not all bad news, though! Tanya discusses the progress many organizations are making to move the needle towards better leadership. She also talks about the power of mindset, and helping her clients nurture their superpowers to reach their goals.You’ll want to tune in if you're interested in the coaching business, or a professional wanting to excel in their career or learn how to be a better leader and inspire loyalty!Topics discussed in this episode:Tanya’s life and careerWhat Tanya hopes to accomplishStruggles many people faced through the pandemicThe importance of having a positive mindsetCompassion as a critical leadership skillHelping clients who have a boss lacking compassionThe #1 challenge leaders are having right nowBernadette’s experience with survivor’s guiltTanya shares examples of layoffs and how supportive leaders wereHow fear shows up in leadership and its effectThe story of when Tanya quit her job during the pandemicTapping into your superpowersWhat Tanya is excited about for her and her client’s futuresCoaching vs. therapyAdvice to professionalsLearn more about Tanya and her coaching business on her website: Tanya:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYouTubeWhat questions came up for you during this discussion that caused you to question if you are a powerhouse leader in your work and life?  Book a call with Bernadette at, and let's talk!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
I lived with the secret for close to 25 years, and many leaders do as well, doing everything in their power to never reveal what it is.Today, we are revealing that secret and discussing the impact it has on their people, business, and lives, and what one can do about it should they be holding onto this secret as well.Topics discussed in this episode:- The many challenges leaders are dealing with in the workplace- The big secret many of them are working hard to never reveal- The impact of holding onto the secret on their employees, business, and self- Solutions for revealing the secret while continuing to perform and produce.What questions came up for you during this discussion? Book a call with me at, and let's talk!Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Google Podcasts!
Today, we address a question that many professionals have when they take on a new job, a new position, or even a new employer: how can I excel in a new role while also meeting my personal needs?Kim Van Lue is the CEO, Talent Development Consultant, and Executive Coach of North Spring Leadership Consulting, where she works with leaders in large and small organizations to make their teams more effective.In this episode of Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Kim shares her advice for getting clear about what it is that you want from your job, how to find alignment between an organization's values and your own, and prevent dissonance when it comes to expectations.There is a world in which you can take both business needs and your personal needs into consideration without sacrificing one for the other. Remember, no one has a bigger impact on your experience of a new role than you do!By doing the self-discovery work to find out what you actually want and how you can best tend to your own needs, you can avoid the cycle of self-doubt and overwhelm that many high achievers fall into and turn your job into everything you want it to be (and more)!Topics discussed in this episode: ●      How Kim’s personal experience informs her coaching strategy●      Emphasizing relationship building and culture over action●      The value of a trusted partner to guide you through work transitions●      Why authenticity and vulnerability are easier said than done●      Tips for overcoming self-doubt●      Why imposter syndrome is more prevalent in women●      What failure looks like for high achievers●      Advice for aligning organizational values with your own●      Getting clear about what you actually want from your job●      How expectations can influence your experience●      The importance of trust, connection, and self-discovery work●      Why leaders sometimes struggle to care for themselves●      A case for empathetic leadership●      Tips for maintaining business needs and your personal needs●      Why high achievers are often overwhelmed in new roles●      Kim shares her take on “quiet quitting” Learn more about Kim at Follow her on Linkedin @kim-van-lue What questions came up for you during this discussion? Book a call with me at, and let's talk! Connect with Bernadette: FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts.
What makes the difference between an effective leader and an average leader? According to Croft Edwards of CROFT + Company, the answer is flow. True leaders need to embody what they want from their employees, so they can bring the best out of their organization.Croft Edwards helps leaders and organizations grow and produce high-performing team members with his unique methodology, called LeadershipFlow. He’s joining host Bernadette to discuss more ways that leaders fail to create a culture of effective communication, the biggest roadblock being leaders themselves.With a background as an ontological coach, he focuses on language, active listening and the body to start facilitating growth. In his book, LeadershipFlow Perfectly Square: Story About Learning to Lead and Transforming a Company, Croft details more of his methodology, plus how to let go of your ego and find vulnerability in order to be a great leader.In this episode, he also gives insight on the importance of connecting with the body, and why practicing new skills in the body is the only way to build a better future for your company and train the next generation.Tune in to hear all this and more, including how you can tap into your LeadershipFlow!Topics discussed in this episode:What is LeadershipFlow?Common mistakes of leadersWhat emotions tell you about how a team functionsHow technology like Zoom is affecting LeadershipFlowThe biggest challenges facing Croft’s clientsWays Croft gets leaders to be vulnerableThe body is the holy grail of leadershipCordial hypocrisyLeadershipFlow as a methodologyHow Croft is practicing self-mastery and being in his bodyUsing the Army to explain an organization that creates high performing leadersWhy training and development is essentialCroft on his book, LeadershipFlow Perfectly Square: Story About Learning to Lead and Transforming a CompanyLearn more about Croft Edwards at www.croftandcompany.comYou can also follow him on Linkedin and Twitter!Have questions after this discussion? Book a call with Bernadette to talk about next steps in helping you to be a stronger, more confident you! with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts or Spotify  
How can I elevate not only being technology savvy and creative, but sincere, authentic, empathetic and honest when building relationship capital… so I stand out and make a difference in my work and life?Our guest, Judy Herbst help you know your unique value, and your point of difference that sets you apart and build from there.Judy is the Executive Director of Savvy Ladies. She comes to Savvy Ladies with vast knowledge & experience working with women throughout her career. With over 20+ years of relationship-building experience working for the iconic brands’ Tiffany & Co, American Girl, and, Judy creates programs and campaigns that educate and speak to critical issues targeting women, parents, and families. In March 2021, Savvy Ladies welcomed Judy to spearhead initiates designed to expand Savvy Ladies reach focusing on technology & scalability to serve more women, championing women’s empowerment through financial knowledge. Judy brings her business acumen and creative, marketing & client relationship savviness along with her proven success record in developing, driving and executing scalable business growth initiatives. She is innovative and a passionate thought leader with success in sales, project and event management, managing teams, hiring, start-ups, coaching, writing, and community building.Visit Savvy Ladies, learn how you can contribute - as a volunteer or support financially at
Are you or someone you know going through a career or life transition and they're wondering what they need to do or how best is it to navigate the journey?TAMA KIEVES, career coach and author answers the question: How you can I tap into unstoppable inner strength, and break through fears and obstacles so I can experience complete fulfillment in my work and life?She has found that the reason most people don’t experience the life of their dreams is because they don’t know how to handle uncertainty. It can be overwhelming not to know which path to take.Tama is a former Harvard-trained lawyer turned bestselling author and leading career and success coach, who has helped thousands of people make the most inspired decisions of their lives, often when they felt most insecure.Whether you’re in a career transition, divorce, or just seeking your next step in life---this is your turning point.Will you choose from strength or weakness?Tama Kieves, is the bestselling author of Thriving Through Uncertainty!!!   Check her out at www.tamakieves.comHave questions after this discussion? Book a call with Bernadette to talk about next steps in helping you to be a stronger, more confident you! Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
Spending too much time looking for the perfect candidate for your company, just to end up hiring the wrong person again?Effective recruitment is key to your success, but recruitment is more than just posting on job boards and asking general interview questions. No one knows this better than Andrea Hoffer, CEO and Owner of AHA! Recruiting.It’s important to discover what skills and traits the specific role within your company requires, as well as the company’s needs and values. Other key factors like employer branding and learning from past hiring mistakes will also give you a better chance for success in the hiring process.Andrea and Bernadette discuss how to locate the right candidate, the biggest issues faced by hiring managers, and how to make your company more appealing to candidates.Say goodbye to bad hires and learn how to find the right applicant for your organization!Topics discussed in this episode:How Andrea founded AHA! Recruiting after hiring for her first businessFinding out what you truly need from a candidate through the discovery processBuilding a candidate persona to create effective recruitment marketing campaignsChallenges hiring managers and employers are facing during the hiring processThe shift in candidates valuing remote/flexible work and how businesses are respondingCreating your ideal company culture in a virtual or in-person work environmentBe proactive marketing your company culture and learn from Glassdoor reviewsEcho the candidate persona and company culture in the job posting and interviewCreating productive interview questions that ask for specific examplesThe importance of comparing candidates to a candidate profile and not other candidatesWhen to stop searching for “someone better” and fill the positionBuild an online presence and utilize employee testimonials to attract candidatesCandidates should keep a journal of their work and life experiences to make a portfolio of their career for future job interviewsAndrea’s book, Hire Higher, is a practical step-by-step guide through the discovery process, recruitment marketing campaigns, interviewing, and onboardingDownload for FREE the first chapter of Andrea’s book, Hire Higher, here: In this free chapter, you’ll find six questions to ask yourself to uncover the perfect fit for your company and how to attract them!Learn more about Andrea at questions after this discussion? Book a call with Bernadette to talk about next steps in helping you to be a stronger, more confident you! Connect with Bernadette:FacebookInstagramLinkedInYou can hear more episodes like this on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
What is keeping you stuck, feeling unfulfilled, and blocking you from taking the risks needed to be successful?Our guest, Sohee Jun, shares her powerful + simple strategies to get unstuck and succeed at work.ABOUT OUR GUEST:Dr. Sohee Jun is a Amazon bestselling author of “Mommytracked: How to Take Authentic Risks & Find Success on Your Terms” and an expert on the challenges that face working women in today’s complex world, as well as a sought-after executive coach, keynote speaker, and leadership development facilitator.FOLLOW the show for updates on this and all of our expert guest interviews!!
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