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A weekly discussion of all things dogs, hosted by The Dogist Team.
23 Episodes
We sat down with Rebekah Cross and Dan Weesner to discuss Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit that provides guide dogs to people with vision loss completely free of charge. Rebekah is both a graduate and an employee of Guiding Eyes, and joined the organization as the Special Gifts Officer in 2019 with her guide dog Regal. Dan is a qualified Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and has trained over 75 dogs. 
TALKING DOGS IS BACK! We're kicking off our second season by catching up about our summers and reading assumptions submitted by all of YOU (we're only a little insulted, but that's okay). Listen now to get your Talking Dogs fix!
We recorded our 20TH EPISODE – aka our last episode of season 1! We talk future plans, suggestions from our followers, must-have dog products, and much more! Join us for the final episode of our first season, and thank you so much for listening along these past few months. We love you guys!
Westminster is fast approaching, so we sat down with Gail Miller Bisher to discuss all things BEST IN SHOW – Gail is the Fox Sports Dog Show Analyst for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show telecast and a dog show expert. We talk about the history of Westminster, ethical dog breeding, how a dog can qualify to compete, and where 3,000 dogs stay in New York City during Westminster weekend. 
This week, we have a throwback episode where we just kick back and catch up on all things DOGS! Kate got a new puppy, Simon got a new kitten roommate, and Elias went beach-camping with Elsa. We also discuss our feelings about the new Cruella Deville movie!
MEET JACQUIE! Jacquie is the newest team member of Team Dogist, and arguably the biggest animal lover of us all. In this episode Jacquie tells us about her horseback riding career, a traumatic accident which led to a complete lifestyle change, and tricking her fiancé into fostering a litter of puppies.
In this episode we sit down with psychologist Dr. Katie Lawlor and veterinarian Dr. Alett Mekler to discuss the mental health crisis within the veterinary field in 2020 that resulted in a surge of deaths by suicide. If you're a vet interested in Dr. Lawlor's support group, please contact to sign-up for a 6-week group or an individual session. Shanti’s Veterinary Mental Health Initiative provides an empathetic and confidential space for vets to discuss how they are persisting through career-related challenges.
In part 2 of Kates story, we dive into her journey with exposure therapy, meeting her now-husband, how Waffle became a service dog and a VERY exciting announcement at the end of the episode! 
We are kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month with Kate and her story with a decade-long, psychosis-inducing misdiagnosis and how dogs saved her life.
What's Elias' relationship status? Why aren't Henry and Finn on Team Dogist anymore? What is the hardest part of our job? When will we all see each other next? We answer ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS and more during this juicy q&a!
We are joined by Leigh D'Angelo, who is the CEO and co-founder of Dig Dates – a dating app for dog lovers. Leigh talks with us about all things love + dogs, and gives us tips on how to find your fellow dog person.
We sit down with our friend Andrea Arden, who is widely regarded as the best dog trainer in New York City. We talk about forging a relationship with your dog, the most popular dog breeds, and the difficulties of dog training. Listen now for some tips from an expert!
Isabel, Kate and Elias play a dog-themed game of your favorite teenage pastime, What Would You Rather? For example, would you rather your dog always smell bad or always be making loud noises? Would you rather your dog be able to live forever or be able to speak? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS WE MUST ASK!
We sit down with our friend Henry from @keepingfinn and his brand new girlfriend Sydney from @divineontheroad to hear the story of how two best friends fell in love, all because of their dogs.
We got to interview (and fan girl) over our favorite TikTok account, @whataboutbunny. If you’ve seen her videos, you know that Bunny has learned how to communicate with over 70 buttons. Bunny is currently participating in a larger study with the Comparative Cognition Lab of UCSD, and Alexis documents her progress for all the world to see.
We discuss our biggest dog park pet peeves and go over some basic do's and don'ts when it comes to etiquette around other dogs and dog owners.
Last week we sourced questions from all of YOU, and this week we answered them! We talk about what we did BD (before Dogist), what it's like being a dog influencer, and all the other juicy info you've been dying to know.
In this episode we talk about SH*T. Literally. Join us for the dog poop diaries, a pop quiz on what your dog should/shouldn't ingest, and  reading through your submissions of the worst thing your dogs have eaten.
Our first guest! We talk with Ashley and Phil from Canine Companions for Independence and learn all about puppy raising and what it takes to become a service dog. 
Isabel, Kate, and Elias discuss what it's like dating as a dog parent. The first episode about love, but certainly not the last!
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