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Art of the Possible

Author: Rob Page & Dan Morrison

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Art of the Possible (AotP) is a conversation, often animated, between Rob Page and Dan Morrison about customer experience, technology, culture, and ethics. Special guests join the fray to share new perspectives and explore the challenges of the day.
11 Episodes
Rob has been wanting to talk about APIs since we started the podcast. Dan has been saying it was a snoozer of a topic. Rob was right for once. Dan asks all the dumb questions about what is an API, why are they important, and why should non-developers care? Rob tries his best to answer and Dan translates for those of us that don't speak nerd. And for those of you who are not familiar with APIs, the title is an API signature. Enjoy!
Dan digs a little deeper into what makes Rob tick - don't worry, it is not as scary as it sounds. Rob is what is called a "software person." What's a software person? Are YOU a software person?! Give a listen.
Rob finally upholds his end of the partnership and invites a guest, the wonderful Jake Volcsko, Chief Digital Officer of Connecticut Public Broadcasting,  to continue our conversation about media and explore if local media is a potential solve for our fractured, entertainment-driven, mass media and can save the Republic. Spoiler, Rob isn't hopeful, but is that really a surprise?
Dan and Rob debrief from their conversation with Food Tank founder, Danielle Nierenberg about food and take a few left and right turns that lead to debates about regulation, the ability/inability of the market to solve the food crisis, and the tragedy of the commons, which causes Rob to abruptly end the podcast. Make sure you listen (or skip) to the end for an added section on audio quality and Sargent Slaughter.
Danielle Nierenberg, the founder and President of Food Tank, joins Rob and Dan to talk about the state of the food system, explore the human element and social justice issues related to food, debate if and how technology can be part of the solution, and share opportunities for developers to get involved in creating what's possible.Visit and the Refresh Working Group (RWG) to find ways to apply your developer skills to the food crisis.
Rob and Dan follow up on their conversation with author Michael Slaby and explore solutions for media and political polarization, discuss what it means to be an "American," and wonder if it is possible for hopeful visionaries like MLK, Gandhi, and JFK to exist in our current social media, 24/7 newstainment culture. Enjoy! (and if you do, subscribe and share, please.)
Rob and Dan have their first guest! Michael Slaby, author of the new book For All The People: Redeeming the Broken Promises of Modern Media and Reclaiming Our Civic Life, joins the fray and we discuss the state of media and social media, confirmation bias, personal responsibility, weapons of exclusion, how the pandemic is making us more susceptible to conspiracy theories, and what is possible as we try to come together as a nation. Enjoy and pick up Michael's book anywhere books are sold.
Rob and Dan conned Michael Slaby - former CTO/CIO for Obama of America, Head of Edelman's Digital Practice, Harvard Fellow, and too much other cool stuff to list - and now author of For All the People (releasing Feb 23) to join us in a conversation about media, society, politics and discuss what is possible as we try to come together as a people of America and the world. Here is a 5 min teaser. Full episode drops Wed Feb 24.If you want to pre-order Michael's book - here is the Amazon link:
Co-hosts Rob Page and Dan Morrison debate whether or not brands should build or buy software and explore what that means. Dan tries to use big words. Rob accuses Dan of continuously marketing. And then they dig into Jeff Lawson's new book Ask Your Developer, the deneuterization and emancipation of developers, and get the nuance of when and why to build, buy, or rent software. Enjoy!
The next episode of Art of the Possible drops Wednesday, February 10th - get a sneak peek!
Co-hosts Rob Page and Dan Morrison kick off Art of the Possible and layout what this podcast is all about, which is the customer understanding,  design thinking, and technology needed for creating and delivering winning customer experiences.
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