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You Are A Philanthropist

Author: Jennifer Klein

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Philanthropist. If we do hear this word, it is usually associated with Bill and Melinda Gates or Warren Buffet. The description in the dictionary says nothing about millions of dollars. It begs the question: shouldn’t anyone who gives to charity in some way be described as a philanthropist? It’s a commitment to humanity. It’s altruistic—going above and beyond ourselves. THIS is what the world needs.

Jenn Klein is starting a global conversation about how every-day pleasantries, eco-friendly decisions, and any type of giving to others is not only what's best for the recipient, but also for you!
15 Episodes
Jay Foss is radio and podcast host of Raising Your Inner Voice. His show highlights people doing exceptional work in the world through work, volunteerism, activism, and even simple self-reflection. Jay is passionate about having better conversations, seeing the good in others, and actively listening to those with different opinions. His career in radio has positioned him to grow where he is planted and sow seeds of good in the best way he knows how. He is a self-proclaimed cheerleader and typically his work as a wedding DJ and radio show producer puts him in support roles; however his new show brings him into the spotlight where he gets to facilitate conversations that cut through the noise of the negative news cycle.
Jason Dobbs-Hyer shares his joy of finding Christ many years go, enduring trials, and continuing to look for the good in all things. He has a passion for lifting others up through servant leadership. His source of joy and strength come from Jesus and he is intentional with the words he uses to lift others up, especially on social media. He practices being nonjudgmental, taking care of himself through proper nutrition and exercise, and sharing his love of Jesus with everyone he meets. Jason is filled with positive energy, which he undeniably explains is a result of the power of God through communion in prayer, worship, and reading the Bible. He talks about how power, control, and money are leading the world but servant leadership, like what Jesus did, is a way to “park the ego” and you indescribably benefit from seeing others shine and putting others first. He explains that it’s an act of power to be humble, which is not easy, but it allows God to transform your own heart. As he says, "You become who you are in servant leadership, and you become more comfortable and at peace with who you are, and that allows you to lift others up.”
Noah Chesnin shares a breadth of knowledge on ocean conservation. He’s spent time volunteering or working in several aquariums throughout the country since as a teenager in the ‘90s. He talks about his passion for ocean issues, including making individual changes, group efforts, and policies. Listeners can learn about why we all need to be supporting the ocean ranging from aesthetic purposes to public health reasons. Noah, an appropriate name for someone passionate about ocean issues, will spend a lifetime to help us all breathe easier, enjoy a dip in the ocean, and help us consume healthy protein from the ocean.
Ron Dudley is a man of faith who has learned great lessons throughout life from losing his mother and a young age to living his entire life in “the ghetto.” He has been selling the Street Sense Media Newspaper on the streets of Washington D.C. for 7 years and even published a book of his poetic rap lyrics. Ron is a man with little financial means, but because of his generous heart is a man rich in wisdom and goodwill. He shares his passion for sharing a smile, being non-judgmental, and building community wherever you are planted.
Audrey Blankenship is a normal 9 year old girl who loves dance, science, and art. She creates art that she sells annually to raise money for her local food pantry. When she goes to the grocery store, she asks her mom to buy some for the people who need it. She even has made reindeer ornaments for 300 grocery store employees. Her advice is, “Follow your heart. Your heart tells you it’s the right thing; make sure it’s the right thing, and go with it.”
Paul shares his values of smiling at everyone he meets and telling a good joke to break the ice. Paul doesn't have a mean bone in his body, is quick to lighten the mood, and never met a stranger. He cares deeply about community, bringing his neighbors to his home to enjoy, Jane, his wife of 37 years, fine home-cooked meals, or stopping at their elderly neighbor's homes to bring in their mail, start a fire, or put away groceries. He even once saved one of their lives. His favorite daily conversations are with his post office mailman and package delivery men. Paul is someone we can all learn from about mastering everyday pleasantries.
Melissa Prendergast describes herself as a “professional volunteer.” She has coached soccer, served on committees in the local public schools for her four children, lead a special-needs Boy Scouts troop as a high schooler, and this year has been the “Cookie Mom” for her daughter’s Girl Scout’s troop. She believes philanthropy starts at home. She will continue volunteering for the rest of her life because it has “been a passion inside her belly.”
Jenn Klein reflects on what she’s learned about philanthropy in her fundraising career over the last 15 years and in 2020, as well as her new appreciation and insights from her first six guests. She believes there’s so much to learn by listening to the stories of others. Please share what you’ve learned so far by reaching out on
Sheri Schoch serves on three committees for Young Life Tristates, a Young Life chapter created by her father. Young Life reaches teenagers all over the world the message that they are loved, valuable, and their life matters to God. She, along with other Young Life staff and volunteers, share the love of Jesus to teens right where they are.
Amy Tarlow-Lewis founded Littleton Community Farm, which provides hunger relief, farm-based education, and community connection. She credits creating the farm with dozens of individuals, multiple nonprofits and entities, as well as local businesses. One of the keys to her success was respecting and listening to others who are experts in their fields, since many of aspects of creating a nonprofit were not in her wheelhouse. She encourages listeners to evaluate what their values are, align it with your dreams for a better world, and just get started with any amount of donation or time you can. To support Littleton Community Farm, go to
John R. Fisher serves his community through public education and inspires us today to “just get started.” Utilizing his talent as a financial services professional, John improves the lives of others through balancing budgets, creating dialogue between people with different opinions, and listening to all members of his community. Learning to “love his neighbor” started with the lessons he learned as a child. John wants you to know you can make a difference, too. To support one of his favorite charities, go to
MaryJudith Tierney has spent her career serving our world as a teacher, both in the classroom and at home. She is a firm believer in teaching the values of service, which she incorporating into the mission statement for the catholic school she helped create. As a stay-at-home mom for many years, and now as a grandmother, she draws on the foundation of her own childhood to teach her family the importance of giving. MJ wants you to see the value of touching just one person’s life. To support her housing-insecure friend, Ron Dudley, email her at
Jessica Brand is a serial entrepreneur always make sure she is creating more love in the world with her passions. From launching a cookbook club, to creating a skincare line, and owning a graphic design company, she has always incorporated respecting and valuing the planet and making the world a better place through more human connection. Jessica wants you to not be afraid to reach out to others, especially during this isolating time in our society. To support her mission-oriented businesses, go to and
Tanya Gauthier started a nonprofit from scratch called TBIncredible, which serves the traumatic brain injury community through creating therapeutic photography workshops—both online and in person. When she was fighting for her life after a severe accident, she vowed to never give up and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Tanya wants you to know that traumatic brain injury survivors, many of whom are veterans, are under-supported and hurting from invisible wounds. To support her nonprofit, go to
Jenn Klein is on a global mission to redefine what a philanthropist is. Join her for conversations about how every-day pleasantries, eco-friendly decisions, and any type of giving to others is not only what's best for the recipient, but also for you! She is a philanthropist...and you are too!
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