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I Know Strange People

Author: Jeffrey Morabito

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Explore the unconventional in the creative process through interviews with artists, filmmakers and other creative types with host and artist Jeffrey Morabito. Ever see someone who has paint on their pants, tattoo sleeves, an asymmetrical haircut, and someone exclaims that guy/girl must be an artist? There’s a romantic notion that artists need to be eccentric, but the real oddities usually happen behind closed doors.
2 Episodes
Painter Clintel Steed talks about his latest exhibition, "Behind the Hood". In this interview, the hood is not just the last stop on the subway, but it also refers to hood worn by the Ku Klux Klan. It was a popular trope for Philip Guston to paint as a challenge to white supremacy. When it was recently announced that Guston's retrospective at the National Gallery was postponed due to the political climate, Clintel had to respond. Other topics in this interview range from his upbringing, misogyny, favorite movies, and surviving the pandemic as artist.See for images and comments.
Why Have You Forsaken Me

Why Have You Forsaken Me


Painter Martin Dull updates us with his situation during the pandemic and discusses how his faith has effected the way he see's the world and finds a way into his painting. 
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