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The euro goes up, the dollar goes down, and China devalues the yuan. But what's behind these currency fluctuations? This forex podcast is all about the global currency market. Our three financial market analysts, who are also top Bloomberg forecasters, discuss macro-economic news and its effect on the global financial market - providing you with insights to make informed decisions. *The information contained in this podcast does not constitute a recommendation from any Ebury entity to the recipient.
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The main focus of this episode will be on the upcoming G3 central bank meetings. We’ll start by talking about Thursday’s ECB meeting. Then we'll move on to talk about next Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting, which promises to be an equally important one for markets.
In this episode we start by talking about the key theme in financial markets at the moment, and one of the main causes of concern for investors.  There is a recent increase in global inflation, which causes a change in the price of goods and services over time. We are seeing signs of a sharp uptrend in prices, as restrictions are eased and economies are reopened again. 
This time on FXTalk our market experts discuss the underwhelming US payroll report, and how the dollar has reacted. Prior to Friday's report investors were bracing for a massive increase of jobs. Growth economists were expecting a number close to 1 million jobs created, but the actual number was considerably lower.
In this episode, we begin by talking about the recent sell-off of the US dollar. In our second topic, we focus on a busy couple of days for the euro towards the end of this week. 
The vaccination race is still ongoing - which currencies are doing well and which are lagging behind? Listen to our analysts discuss it here on episode five. 
It was a busy week in terms of central bank meetings. Investors awaiting the bank's macroeconomic rejections and its view on the recent increase in European bond yields.  Listen to this week's 20 min. update here. 
On this episode of FX Talk our financial analysts discuss the recent sell-off in global bond markets and how they think the FX market is reacting, and the impact of various Covid vaccine programmes on currencies so far in 2021. 
On this episode, we welcomed our first special guest: Isebl Ye, Ebury's Director of China Initiatives. Our analysts and Isabel Ye discuss the CNY's increasing importance on the FX market, China's reaction to the pandemic, and how they expect CNY to perform in 2021.  
On this first episode of season 2 of FX Talk: Mass COVID-19 vaccinations and how currencies have reacted so far in 2021, and  Joe Biden's proposed plan for a massive fiscal stimulus package in the US and its potential impact on the financial markets and the US economy. 
In our final episode of FX Talk of 2020, our market analysts discuss what to expect from the FX market in 2021 and which currencies will under and overperform next year, and why. 
In Episode 15 of FX Talk our market analysts discuss the latest COVID-19 vaccine headlines and implications on the FX markets, and business activity PMIs out of the  US, the eurozone, and the UK.
In this episode, our financial market analysts discuss the US presidential election, the implications of a possible COVID-19 vaccine, and our spotlight currency of the week: the Turkish lira. 
In this episode of Tuesday the 27th of October, our analysts discuss their final thoughts ahead of the US presidential election - what the latest polls are saying, and how they expect the FX market to react on election night. And lastly, they thoughts ahead of Thursday's ECB meeting. 
In this week's episode (recorded on October 13th) our market analysts discuss their thoughts ahead of the US presidential election, why they think the US dollar has sold-off recently, and how the US dollar will perform in the immediate aftermath of the vote.
In this week's episode, recorded on Sept. 29th, our market analysts discuss the second wave of virus infections and its impact on the financial markets. They share their thoughts on the US presidential elections and its potential impact on the global financial market. And lastly this week's spotlight currency: Japanese yen (JPY). 
This week our market analysts discuss what they think the next monetary policy steps are for three of the world's major central banks: ECB, FED, and BoE. The spotlight currency of the week is the pound sterling: GBP.  
This week our market analysts discuss the historic monetary policy overhaul from the Federal Reserve and its implications for US interest rates. Furthermore, they discuss this week's dismal euro area and inflation data, and its ramifications for ECB policy. And lastly, this week's spotlight currency is the Norwegian krona (NOK). 
In this episode of FX Talk our analysts discuss the latest GDP numbers out of the US and the euro area, their thoughts ahead of Thursday's Bank of England meeting, and the spotlight currency of the week: the Russian Ruble (RUB).   
In episode 6 of FX Talk, our analysts discuss the recent sharp sell-off in the USD, the FOMC meeting of July 29th, and out spotlight currency of the week: Swedish Krona (SEK).  
On episode 5 of FX Talk our market analysts discuss the European policy announcements and Thursday's ECB meeting, the recent uptrend in EUR/USD, and our spotlight currency of the week: pound sterling.
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