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Join our Host Amanda as she goes through 8 simple techniques on how to truly believe that anything is possible.   Believing it is possible is the biggest step toward a goal and one that is not easy to master, but once you do... the possibilities of life, relationships, career, family and so much more are endless! 
Join Amanda as she discusses the number one thing that will get you ahead in both your business and personal life, communication.  Learn from Communications Coach, Jamie Miller on tools and techniques that will have you being a better communicator and increase your business, your quality of relationships and even your ability to parent! 
Join Amanda as she discusses the Power of Saying NO!  Boundaries are so very important in everything that we do to prevent burnout, overwhelm and ultimately lead to a better more balanced life.   Saying No doesn't come easily, but listen in on ways to do it and fight those patterns of being a people pleaser.  You deserve a life you choose, one that you design, and it starts with boundaries. 
Join Amanda as she walks through the Six Basic Human Needs that we all share in common and understand how each of us has a different priority on these each needs at any point in our lives.  Understanding these needs will not only help you connect better in personal relationships but will also help you see business relationships with your clients from different perspectives too.  The ultimate goal is to have a healthy balance between all the needs to achieve true fulfillment in life that we all deserve! 
Achieving financial freedom and abundance is something that many of us desire. So what if I told you this was possible through the Law of Attraction? All you have to do is address any blocks you have to becoming a money magnet and use the powers of the universe to achieve it!  Join Amanda as she explores 10 simple ways that you can become more of a money magnet and attract that financial freedom you have always dreamed of! 
Join me in this episode as I interview the powerful Manifester herself, Lorena Ramos, attorney, mother, wife and author of her beautiful life.   Lorena gives us some tools, techniques and guidance for those of you looking to start learning how to manifest and some do's and don'ts of the who, what, where and how to get yourself into a manifestation state.   As creator of her own manifestation book, Lorena leads a Girls with Goals group on empowering women to create the life they desire through manifestation.  We are so excited to have you listen in and learn with us today! 
Join us as Amanda goes through her strategies she has learned through the years from her very own mentors how to go farther than goal setting, embarking! Embarking is focused on the journey not just the destination (the goal!).  She gives you several questions to ponder as we enter the new year and embark on this beautiful journey of another year together! Let's make 2022 the best one yet! 
Join Amanda as she speaks on what Surrender actually is, the importance of it for joy and peace in our lives and how it serves as  the foundation of clarity in ones purpose! Listen to learn how to live out the mantra Live to Celebrate everyday! 
Join Amanda as she interviews Rob Cressy,  Founder of  Rob is a self taught sports blog writer who added his love of comedy to an aging industry.  This soon exploded and Rob found himself quickly emerging from just a blog to a full sports content studio.  He now coaches other business owners on how to grow their brand and all things mindset.  Listen in as Rob shares his story and how he lives out his legacy every day! 
Tune in as Amanda interviews one of her very own team members, Kat D'Acunto.  Kat has an incredibly inspiring story, one full of heartbreak, mom guilt, fear and vulnerability but what is the most beautiful part is the moment of breakthrough she had raising a son with special needs and a young daughter where she picked up and moved to Florida with no job and no expectations.. just seeking the life she knew her family deserved.  True every day courage in action! 
Join Amanda as she talks through the idea of Freedom and how it can have many different meanings and can truly only be defined when you have a clear purpose in life.   She will walk through the 11 simple life lessons the Daily Stoic suggests around defining Freedom, defining your purpose and living out life on your own terms.  
Join Amanda as she interviews one of her favorite people and a man of great words of wisdom, her son Bobby.  Bobby, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 9, shares with us how to deal with change from his perspective and what he does to move past changes out of our control and see them as just life experiences we are born to handle.   
Tune in as Amanda interviews Diante Lawrence, a local Real Estate Agent who continues to peak her interest on his ability to ask amazing questions, be present and naturally curious with everyone he meets.    Hear how he truly leans in to this curiosity as a super power to continue to grow both personally and professionally! 
There is one thing in life that is inevitable, CHANGE! Do you want to let change happen to you or do you want to be ahead of it, BE THE CHANGE?  Tune in as Amanda takes a deep dive into 10 easy fundamentals to live by that can truly change your world inspired by teachings of Gandhi.  From persistence to remembering everyone is human,  listen to ways that you can take action, change your mindset and create the momentum for positive change that you want to see in this world! 
In this episode, Amanda interviews Pranic Healer, Caroline Noone to dive deep into the topic of ACCEPTANCE, and what it means to accept oneself, others and our circumstances in order to let go of who we think we should be in order to live to CELEBRATE life to the fullest!
Episode01: Hear Amanda share her story and dive deep into the meaning of what living to celebrate really means. Learn the importance of celebrating the highs and the lows and the importance of gratitude in everyday life. 
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