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Author: Barry Dodds and Ray Peacock

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The ParaPod is a weekly podcast of all things mysterious and supernatural, hosted by Ian Boldsworth (voice of reason) and Barry Dodds (gullible believer). Join us as we debate mysteries famous and rare, conspiracies, the paranormal, explore hauntings, and delve headfirst into the unknown.
49 Episodes
Many of the dates listed at the end have been postponed because of the apocalypse - but check for what's what.
Fourth episode. It's 100% independent and free. Refuse to have ads so as not to disrupt your listening. There's 27% of the tickets for the movie left in the UK. know...
Bit of live, bit of home, load of nonsense
Here's another one of them stupid things for the greater promotional good
Doing a bit of PR for the movie. That's all.
The ParaPod Special 2018

The ParaPod Special 2018


Oh look who it is
Not how we remembered it
He clearly has no license for this coach
Scenery for the public
Brain has left the building
Nothing to see here
Previously cheeky cows
A load of balls
So may I introduce to you the one and only
One eye sees nothing
I hope his legs will break
Interim nonsense, admin and catch up
Ray finally tries to see Dodds off
Concluding ritual nonsense
The Dodds Doth Protest Too Much
Comments (7)

David Powell

Is this show still alive?

Dec 15th
Reply (3)


Very funny. Fans of the Ricky Gervais Show will love this even more.

Jan 16th

john Taylor

No capacity for logic + paranoia = conspiracy theorist.

Dec 27th

Chris Mann

A brilliant podcast. I stand firmly with Ray, but I love Barry because I cannot believe that a person can actually be like him! It doesn't go massively into depth with each "case", but it is funny!

May 29th
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