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Being fed up with Tik-Tok "Glow-Up" challenges, today we decide to talk about what glow-ups mean to us. We reminisce about our glow-ups whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. 
TW for discussions of gun violence and school violence. Our school went into lockdown this week, so we decided to talk about our experiences. We recount what was going through our heads in the moment, what the school should do better, the what-ifs of the situation, and our anger at what the lockdown was actually called for. Link to article on the lockdown:
We're back!! We've had a long hiatus caused by a corrupted audio file and winter break, but that creates some fun stories to tell. In this catch-up episode, we talk about what we did over break, the best holiday gifts, and our New Years' resolutions (or lack of them). 
Snow Day Story Time

Snow Day Story Time


After a snow day, we decided to talk about some of our past snow day experiences. We chat about sledding, the myth of seeing the first snow with your true love, and how eventful (or not) our snow day was.
In the midst of thanksgiving chaos, Sophie took a step back to talk to Michelle Ritter about students' mental health. Michelle works with various organizations on Mercer Island to take care of students' mental health across the school district. Sophie and Michelle talk about the projects and campaigns she has brought to life and what inspires her to do what she does. 
TW: discussions of gun violenceIn response to the Ingraham High School shooting, we decide to speak out on how we feel about our safety in our school. We talk about how real it became when the shooting was 20 miles away from us and what change we need to see.This is a heavy topic, so as always our DMs (@riceandshinepodcast) and email ( are openUse your voice to speak outMore information on gun violence in America: 
Is The Ick Real?

Is The Ick Real?


The ick is a topic that has taken the internet by storm, defined as "something someone does that makes you instantly hate the idea of being with them romantically". In this week's episode, we dive into icks we have, icks we've seen go viral, and discuss whether the ick is a valid basis for no longer liking someone.
With Halloween being this week we decided to talk about the problematic side of Halloween costumes: cultural appropriation. As we discuss we get into where things deemed as problematic come from, and talk about our personal guidelines when assessing if something is offensive or not. 
In this episode, we discuss the internet's favorite recent topic: the Ned Fulmer cheating scandal. As the conversation shifts away from the YouTube star himself, we question why celebrities take up so much media space over more serious topics and debate whether we can separate art from artists. 
MBTI Revisited

MBTI Revisited


After a mixup in plans, we decide to go back to one of our favorite topics--MBTI. Listen to us take the test, explain our answers, and break down our results. We reflect on how our results have changed and what exactly impacted them.
With Lauren out of town, Ava, Sophie, and Grace explore the idea of family. In the chaotic nature of life, many of us have one thing to fall back on--family. But what does that word entail? Blood-related or not, today we uncover the meaning of "family" and the roles ours have in our lives. 
After getting so pumped up on the SAT topic in the last episode, we decided to go all out in this week's to talk about standardized testing, college counselors, our competitive school, and our future lives in the American college system. With some tear-jerking moments in the end, this episode is truly a time capsule into our teenage lives. 
Welcome to Season 3!

Welcome to Season 3!


After the summer break, we are back with season three of Rice & Shine! In this episode, we give a quick recap of our sophomore year and summers, talk about the future of Rice & Shine, and discuss our worries and what we're looking forward to as juniors. Here are the links we referenced in this episode: Ava wins a Toyota art competition: first vlog Lauren made: Lauren makes vlogs for KMIH: 
Sophie and Lauren are back for a duo episode to dive into their experiences as student-athletes. They get candid about their years playing volleyball, the ups and downs of various teams, and why they eventually quit. 
In this week episode, Grace and Ava discuss the term “Tiger Parent” by unpacking its origin in media, the traits of the parenting style, and examining whether or not they have true Tiger Parents. Links:On Amy Chua: Chua Website:
With how the past weeks have played out, we decided to talk about Asian Pacific-Islander excellence together! In this episode, we highlight our favorite API people in film, music, business, and talent in our community. Link to donate to Sophia's upcoming film: 
With the recent leaked Supreme Court draft suggesting the Roe v. Wade case be overturned, there has been a lot of back and forth between various sides. Yet with all of this discourse, teens' perspectives seem to be rarely shown. Today, we decide to use our platform to provide this perspective. As always, everything in this piece is our own opinion.Link to the latest news on the Roe v. Wade standing from NBC: 
It's Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2022! To celebrate, we have set up a new series highlighting people we think represent AAPI excellence. In this episode, we give some teasers for our upcoming series, talk about the unity of AAPI Heritage Month, and give a few ways you can help celebrate and uplift the AAPI community this month and all year. 
We're back with another Asians On-Screen! Turning Red has turned heads on its representation and diversity, so today we put that to the test as we give our analysis and opinions on the film. We discuss the depth of the characters, give our thoughts on Ming, celebrate the woman-forward attitude of the movie, and much more.
If you're looking for a good laugh, you've come to the right place! We initially planned on this episode being about the world "going back to normal" after COVID, but after a long day with tough exams and spring break around the corner, we welcomed the chaos as we talked (and laughed) about whatever came to mind. With Starbucks in hand, we talked about our plans going into spring break, middle school memories, our opinions on theme parks, Phineas and Ferb, and much more. Make sure to check out the article we were featured in here: 
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