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Use Cases

Use Cases


Colleen and Aaron talk through use cases for Refine that may actually get people excited.Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Back from Vacation

Back from Vacation


Aaron and Colleen are both back from vacation with a lot of updates to share.Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Aaron got stranded in Dallas thanks to two cancelled AA flights. We're sending outreach emails and doing a bunch of ancillary product work.Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
We're starting to have calls with customers!Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Glimmers of Hope

Glimmers of Hope


Things are starting to look up!Refine: https://torchlight.devAaron:
We sent the Nova email! And it didn't go quite as planned.Refine: Nova: https://torchlight.devAaron:
It's Time to Business

It's Time to Business


Tech time is over, it's time to business.Refine: Nova: https://torchlight.devAaron:
The Nova landing page (with a buy now button!) is live.Refine: Nova: https://torchlight.devAaron:
Some Big Changes

Some Big Changes


Some big changes happening at Hammerstone. Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen:
Aaron got a new job! We're trying to figure out how to balance client work and product work. Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean: Tuple:
We talk about the future of Rails and how it differs from Laravel. Aaron has been experimenting with Cloudflare, Edge Workers, and Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
Laracon is over, Colleen is speaking at a conference in March. We got paid! Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
In a long bonus episode, Matt Swanson ( joins Aaron to talk about Twitter. Aaron: Matt: Boring Rails: ShowCode:
Aaron is practicing for Laracon, a lot. Laracon: Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
Our first Nova user has it installed and is trying it out. Aaron is prepping for Laracon and running out of steam. Refine: Refine Nova: Torchlight: Aaron: Colleen: Sean:
We're wrangling multiple frontends all at once, trying to onboard Nova users, and Aaron did some fun MySQL stuff.
It's starting to work, but Sean always knew it was going to.
Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle


The team is back from Christmas break, with a lot to talk about.
Matt Wensing ( joins Aaron to talk about sacrificing time early on in hopes of having more freedom later.
Talking through a few Vue changes, making a call on a Livewire frontend.
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