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Author: Mike Wolber

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Modern Multifamily is an interview-style podcast where we talk with leaders across the Multifamily industry about ways we can keep moving it forward. Topics include and are not limited to: technology, innovation, and improving renter experiences with a focus on positive impacts on both industry operators and suppliers.
23 Episodes
I had such a great time with Matt Rogers on this episode. We covered a ton of ground!Some of our big takeaways from NMHC OpTech, the future of maintenance and operations staff for communities, and even a conversation that pointed right to us at Rent Dynamics... creating value for renters.If you want to get in touch with Matt - find him here on LinkedIn: learn more about MEB, please check out there website:
Justin Bingham is the CEO of Opiniion, a Utah PropTech company focused on gathering and incorporating resident feedback to impact revenue, retention, and the holistic experience owners and operators provide.He's a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with a very good pulse on what is happening in and outside of the industry which made for a super fun and dynamic conversation.Thanks for joining, Justin!
I had an awesome time with Ryan Hand, the VP of Business Development at CA-Ventures. We covered a lot of content but really focused on how to make sure that the relationship between Ownership and Property Management is set up for success.We also hit on some technology trends and things that Ryan is excited to see coming into the Student Housing space which made for a great conversation.To learn more about CA-Ventures, head over to their website: Ryan mentioned on the show - the best ways to get in touch will be LinkedIn or E-mail, both of those are listed below: 
I had such a great time talking with Robert Martinez on the podcast. He is the CEO and Founder of Rockstar Capital and shared so much incredible perspective.To learn more about Rockstar Capital - here is their website: get in touch with Robert you can find him on Facebook or LinkedIn.
What a great conversation!Carrie Antrim and her husband, Patrick have built one of the most successful education and event platforms in the Multifamily Industry, Multifamily Leadership.In this episode of Modern Multifamily, we cover their focus, the future of Multifamily education, and the benefits for both suppliers and operators.To learn more about their events here is some great info:Multifamily Women®'s Summit:'s Leadership Series: Leadership: Studios®: get in touch with Carrie - here is her e-mail as mentioned in the episode:
I had such a great time getting to know Shane Raby on the podcast this week!Shane is a Senior Community Manager with TriBridge Residential and has a big heart for our industry.We cover a lot of new topics for the show including:- Industry Associations- Education in the Industry for on-site teams- On-Site Opportunity for how vendors/suppliers can better partner with operators- Post-Pandemic learnings that Shane plans to take forwardTo hear Shane's upcoming speaking engagement at AANC on 9/16, you can tune in here: get in touch with Shane - here is his LinkedIn:
I had such an awesome conversation with Tony Sousa.He's a remarkable communicator and storyteller and I learned a lot from him during this episode. We covered a lot of topics in 30 minutes - mainly focused on Multifamily operations, technology, and leadership.If you want to get in touch with Tony, he's active on LinkedIn and a very fun follow: for joining, Tony!
I had a great time talking with Rebecca Smith and Brent Gratton from WPM Real Estate. Rebecca and Brent represent the Marketing & Leasing function at WPM where they plan a major role in ensuring the success of the 25,000 unit (and growing!) portfolio.This conversation was amazing.We talked through the modern leasing tactics and strategies that they use to ensure success in their portfolio - we even discussed the recent opportunity they had to lease up a new property in a brand new market for them in Virginia.In this episode you'll hear about sales process, an incredible leasing academy, the balance that WPM finds in investing in technology while being thoughtful before they jump in, what sets WPM apart, and many other fun topics.To get in touch with Rebecca or Brent, their LinkedIn profiles are below: learn more about WPM, you can visit their corporate website here?
Moshe Crane is a Director of Marketing & Leasing in the Multifamily industry who is building an exceptional personal brand through LinkedIn.Being relatively new to Multifamily it was fun to discuss his role and perspective on the broad topics of Marketing and Leasing. In addition, we discussed how important it is to align yourself towards work that gives you energy and some things that we can learn about building community by studying companies like Peloton.To get in touch with with Moshe, here is his LinkedIn profile: was a fun conversation - enjoy!
I had an awesome time talking with Mitch Fanning, the VP of Marketing at Rentsync. This conversation was broad but super energizing as we covered topics involving rebranding a B2B software company, marketing and leasing strategy, along with lessons that we can all apply from big companies like SalesForce and Hubspot.To get in touch with Mitch, I'd highly recommend that you connect with him on LinkedIn: learn more about Rentsync, you can learn more at their website:
I had a great time talking with Jonathan Treble, the Founder and CEO of PrintWithMe, about several fun and important topics tied to the Multifamily Industry.In this episode, we cover the founder's story of how PrintWithMe was started, the future of the rapidly growing amenity category, along with some of the key trends that Jonathan is hearing about from partners and customers in the industry.To get in touch with Jonathan directly - here is a link to his LinkedIn profile: learn more about PrintWithMe, I'd recommend you head over to their website:
I had an amazing conversation with Mike Whaling, the president and founder of 30 lines, a marketing agency focused on Multifamily.I consider Mike to be one of the biggest names in our industry and certainly an authority on all things Digital Marketing. As such, we had a phenomenal conversation that will almost certainly warrant a 2nd round!In this episode, you'll hear about the evolution of marketing, how marketing/leasing can better partner to improve the prospect to resident experience, and some additional low hanging fruit in Multifamily.To learn more about 30 lines - head to their website: highly recommend you connect with or follow Mike on LinkedIn - his posts are gold!
Jonathan Ehrlich has had a fast-paced career in Multifamily. Spending time on the technology side and now leading Lightning Capital where they own and operate a technology first multifamily portfolio.What first caught my attention about Jonathan was a series of posts he wrote and published on LinkedIn called 'The Multifamily Tech Stack.' His perspective is clear but also very strong and it was a blast digging into his takes on the following:- How owners and operators can drive the right degree of technology adoption onsite- How to make the most of the investments you've made in technology- How to utilize technology as an amenity to positively impact your sales and marketingTo learn more - I'd highly recommend that you connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn. - get in touch with Jonathan directly - his e-mail is and has more information about Lightning Capital's portfolio and point of view.Lastly, here is the link to the article that first caught my eye on LinkedIn.- you for joining, Jonathan!
In Episode 10 of Modern Multifamily, I talked with Rob Eyckmans and Chris Kostoulas from Peek. Peek is a virtual leasing platform that's in the middle of one of the biggest transformations happening in Multifamily - transitioning the leasing experience to being digital first.In this episode, you'll hear about how their approaching leasing, why they think there is still room for more innovation in the virtual space, and how their backgrounds at LinkedIn and Uber are positioning them for success at Peek.Thanks for joining, guys! To get in touch with them - check out the links below:
I really enjoyed this conversation with Gary Gregory. An accomplished leader in the Multifamily industry with more than 20 years of experience, a 2-time, best-selling author, and we even discovered a common passion in endurance sports.In this podcast, we dive into leadership development and some of the specific principles that Gary believes in that can apply to all of us, no matter where we are in our careers.To get in touch with Gary or to learn more about his books and coaching opportunities, check out the below.
I had an awesome time catching up with Justin Choi, the Director of Marketing at Sequoia. We covered a lot of topics but kept a big focus on Multifamily Technology - what is working but also, what the industry needs.You'll also hear about the Outside In business philosophy, why the next hot amenity could be dog treadmills, and how they used Influencers in their community to impact leasing and retention.To get in touch with Justin - you can find him on Linkedin:
I had a blast spending time with Jake Zachariah aka JZ. He's been in Multifamily for 15 years and we talked about his passion for social media, personal branding, and creating efficiencies in the workplace. In this episode you'll learn the role that personal branding has had on JZ's career, tips and tricks for how you can get started on social even if you aren't ready to be posting, and what the silver lining of the pandemic was for him.To get in touch with JZ:
This week on Modern Multifamily, we sat down with Mike Rovito, the CEO of Dwelo. Mike talked about the opportunities ahead of the Multifamily industry with Smart Apartments and shared why he's so excited to be in the category.To get in touch with the Dwelo team - head over to their website.To get in touch with Mike - you can find him on LinkedIn.
In this episode of Modern Multifamily, I sit down with Brandon Hornibrook to discuss his take on the evolution of Digital Marketing. He's been a marketer for over 20 years and has experienced radical technical transformation from the era to now, where he is leading the industry from a technical and analytics standpoint.Here is the link to Brandon's LinkedIn profile.
There is a big opportunity in the Multifamily Industry to create financial freedom for Residents. Not only is credit reporting for on-time rent payments available in Multifamily, but the state of California is also mandating that this is offered in affordable communities starting in July.In this episode, you will hear from Sarah Chenven and Talia Kahn-Kravis from the Credit Builders Alliance as well as Alex Buchanan from Rent Dynamics on this important topic of Renter Credit Reporting. To learn more, here are a few resources:Link to the the California Bill, SB-1157. to get in touch with the CBA, you can e-mail them at
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