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Author: Mike Wolber

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Modern Multifamily is an interview-style podcast where we talk with leaders across the Multifamily industry about ways we can keep moving it forward. Topics include and are not limited to: technology, innovation, proptech, and improving renter experiences with a focus on positive impacts on both industry operators and suppliers.
88 Episodes
I was lucky to sit down with Dwight Dunton, the CEO and Founder of Bonaventure for our first conversion in a while here on Modern Multifamily.Dwight started this amazing business almost 25 years ago and ever since - he's been on a mission to build a business that's about the people, not about the sticks and the bricks.In this conversation, we dug into:- What it's like to lead a people-first business- The origination of the name Bonaventure- Current market trends - UPREIT's and creative deal structures- Optimism in the Sunbelt regionThis was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy. Also, be sure to find Dwight on LinkedIn here:
Marcella Eppsteiner, everybody!I'm so excited to have hosted Marcella on the podcast.She is the SVP of Marketing, Learning & Revenue Management at Mission Rock.With more than 18 years of experience, she brings a TON to every conversation, and I was so fortunate to sit down with her in person at their Denver Headquarters.In this conversation, you will hear:- Industry lessons from Marcella's career- Her take on leadership- What a 'yes mentality' means- What it means to be a driver- And what she's excited about as she looks forward for MultifamilyThis conversation was everything I hoped it would be and more - and I can't wait for you to listen to it.Be sure to find Marcella on LinkedIn: head to Mission Rock's website if you'd like to learn more:
David Watson is the Founder and CEO of RentVision.David has an entrepreneurial background and is a real estate owner/operator on top of being the visionary behind RentVision.RentVision is a digital apartment marketing system that is both predictive and dynamic.In this episode, you will hear:- The Founder's story - Some of the exciting RentVision products that are in the works- What makes them unique- How they think about predictability in apartment marketingConnect with David on LinkedIn: learn more about RentVision, head to their website:
Daniel Paulino is the VP of Digital Marketing at Bozzuto and is making a big impact on elevating industry conversations.I was lucky to sit down with Daniel in-person at the AIM Conference in Huntington Beach, CA in early May to dig into what Daniel and his team have been working on and thinking about.This conversation will certainly become a series, as Daniel put on a bit of a masterclass on marketing and the world of data and AI.We discuss:- Customer Data Platforms (CDP's) and why they matter- Industry observations, as Daniel is new to the space but experienced in marketing and tech- Trends, including AI and Chat GPT- And what Daniel and the Bozzuto team are thinking about regarding the future of marketingEnjoy this conversation with Daniel and please be sure to connect with him on Linkedin.
The final episode of our Multifamily Social Media Summit series is here.Kadi Mancuso Rice is the VP of Sales and Marketing at JVM Realty Corporation, and I really enjoyed spending some time with her.In this episode, we discuss:- Career growth- Core values and what it means to 'be a sponge'- Conferences- Industry Trends- And building a teamThis was a really fun conversation, and I highly recommend that you connect with Kadi on LinkedIn:
Whew! This was fun.I was fortunate to have Lindsay Duffy and Lacy Jungman on the podcast in-person at the Multifamily Social Media Summit in Napa.These two brought it all to our conversation!We talked about - the session they presented at the conference.- being a Mom and Woman in the workplace- what has them excited for the future in Multifamily- finding balance between work and family- and heard some fun personal stories as wellThis conversation was so memorable, you absolutely have to connect with them on LinkedIn.Lindsay:
Ryan Perez is the Senior Vice President of Shared Services at Capital Square Living.She's embarking on the large task with the team at CS Living to integrate management with the Capital Square portfolio, and in this conversation - we dug into the details.A bit about Ryan - she has held important leadership roles for some of the fastest-growing companies in Multifamily for the past 20+ years. With experience spanning technology, marketing, and organizational transformation - it's no surprise that she was asked to take this important role at CS Living.We discuss:- Technology trends- Remaining employee first and focused- The task of integrating management into the CS Portfolio- And plenty of industry discussion spanning conferences, trends, and lessons along the way through her careerI hope you enjoy this conversation with Ryan Perez.Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn: more about CS Living here:
Absolutely loved spending with Delany Duke and Mark Jennings IV of Landmark Properties.I was fortunate to catch them in person in Napa, CA at the Multifamily Social Media Summit.We hit on a ton of relevant topics in the industry right now:- social media- short form video- the rise of Gen Z as renters- ChatGPT- and moreThis conversation was high energy and I found both of them to be incredibly engaging and fun.Please do yourself a favor and connect with them on LinkedIn:Delany:
I had an absolute blast spending time with Jessica and Lissi from PMG in Napa during the Multifamily Social Media Summit.We dug in to what they are building PMG as they stand up one of the fastest growing management companies in Multifamily.In this episode we learned more about PMG, their roles, the outlook for the future, the importance of culture and core values, as well as how they're thinking about technology.Be sure to follow Jessica and Lissi on LinkedIn:Jessica: more about PMG here:
Stacy Stemen is the SVP of Corporate Marketing & Development at The Passco Companies.She is an incredible figure in the Multifamily industry with a remarkable track record of impact that spans Healthcare, Hospitality, Fitness, and of course - Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate.I was fortunate to sit down with Stacy live and in-person at the Multifamily Social Media Summit in Napa, CA and we talked through some very fun, and relevant topics.- Influencer Marketing - Why Stacy attends conferences- Perspective from other industries that impacts her work at Passco- And of course, we learned a bit more about Stacy's background in and outside of MultifamilyPlease do yourself a favor and follow Stacy on LinkedIn: learn more about The Passco Companies, head to their website:
I was fortunate to host a live event with 3 incredibly smart and talented leasing leaders in the Multifamily industry.We got into the brass tax of leasing and discussed a handful of topics all connected to leasing apartments.Topics discussed:- How to deliver an incredible tour- Leasing tech- Getting feedback to the marketing team- Marketing collateral- The importance of being authentic- The fundamentals of leasingI was fortunate to be joined by:- Rebecca Smith of WPM- Andrew Hudson of American Landmark- Michael Lopez of Hawthorne ResidentialYou can catch the full video version here on YouTube:
Steve Wunch announced in Q4 of 2022 that he was moving across the country to join a brand new management company.It left the industry wondering: "Where did Steve go?"Today - you get to find out.Steve recently joined Capital Square Living as their Vice President of Learning & Development to begin the process of pulling management in house for their parent company, Capital Square.In this episode you'll hear about why Steve is so excited about Capital Square Living along with some very powerful career advice.Connect with Steve on LinkedIn: more about Capital Square Living: the full version in Video over on YouTube:
20for20 is one of the best pieces of content that the Multifamily Industry looks forward to each year.Dom Beveridge, Principal at 20for20 sits down with 20 of the top executives in the industry to uncover trends and insights and then shares a robust outlook for the year ahead.This year's whitepaper was packed.Topics like centralization, ESG, BI, AI, and technology adoption were all discussed.In this episode, we dig into the learnings from the 2023 guide as well as a few pieces that didn't make this year's edition.Find Dom on LinkedIn: 20for20 for free here:
I had the pleasure of hosting Mitch Ginsberg, the CEO and Founder of CommLoans on the podcast to hear the founder story and the why behind CommLoans.They are a borrower-centric organization embarking on redefining the commercial real estate lending category.I enjoyed learning from Mitch and also deeply appreciated his passion for the space. I'd encourage you to get in touch with Mitch or head to CommLoan's website to learn more.Mitch:
Dream team!!I was so lucky to host this session with such a powerhouse group.As the preshow session for Multifamily Demo Day, I hosted a fast paced live event with 3 Multifamily leaders that I truly look up to.Mike Brewer, COO @ RadcoAlexis Murrell, VP Marketing @ MiddleburgKadi Mancuso, VP Sales and Marketing @ JVMWe talked 2023 trends and strategies and also took a ton of fun questions from our live audience.You'll hear about AI, Vendor Selection, Centralization, and more in this fast paced 30 minute discussion.Connect with and follow these 3 on LinkedIn:- Alexis: Mike: Kadi: out Multifamily Demo Day here: watch the full-length video on YouTube - check it out here:
I was fortunate to host Gary Gregory on the show this week.Gary is a well-known executive leader in Multifamily, an author, and a renowned speaker and executive coach.He recently published his 3rd book: The SUPERFANTASTIC Me! and I had to have him on the show to talk all about it.We dig into the WHY behind this book and some core principles found throughout the entire read.Find Gary on LinkedIn: be sure to check out his website:
Autumn Hunt is the Director of Marketing at CIP Communities.She's an absolute marketing academic and has developed a great framework for taking properties from development to stabilization.In this episode, we learn a bit about Autumn's background and then we dig in to this 5 step Go To Market property marketing framework.Here is a sneak peak:Stage 1: Product Ideation & DevelopmentStage 2: Product launch planning & organizational alignmentStage 3: Pre-launch marketingStage 4: Full mar-comm and pre-leasing operationsStage 5: Ongoing marketing and sales alignmentI hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!Get in touch with Autumn on Linkedin: the video version on YouTube:
I had a blast spending time with Patrick Antrim on the podcast this week.Patrick is the founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership.A business that is aiming to be the CNBC of the industry that's created an innovation council as their flywheel.It was fun to talk to Patrick about what he's hearing from the market, what's next, and what his learnings were from attending the CES conference.Find Patrick on LinkedIn: more about Multifamily Leadership here:
I had an absolute blast with Eric Clark on the show this week!Eric has accomplished a lot in his 14-year career in Multifamily.Most recently, he played a big role in scaling BMC Investments, and over his career he's made major impacts on the operator, developer, and technology sides of the industry.It was fun to sit back and chat with Eric.We talked industry outlook, how to select and implement technology, what centralization means to him, and most importantly - what he's looking for next in his Multifamily career.I highly encourage you to connect with Eric on LinkedIn: stay up to date on the latest in Multifamily and on the podcast - be sure to sign up for the Modern Multifamily Weekly Newsletter:
I had an absolutely blast hosting Julie Butler this week on the podcast.Julie is the VP of Asset Management and Transitions at Sentral, a Multifamily operator that is embarking on building a new category in Multifamily.In this episode you will hear and learn about:- Sentral's very unique operating model- How Sentral is responding to the lifestyle that renters are asking for- Amenities that the team is thinking about- New Markets of focus- ESG and what Sentral is doing to impact this- And a ton of fun chatter with JulieI highly recommend that you connect with and follow Julie on LinkedIn: sure to follow Sentral on LinkedIn or go to their website to learn even more:
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