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When Pigs Fly

Author: Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey

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Hosted by Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey, When Pigs Fly is a podcast that uncovers Cincinnati's rich business history from the 1800s to today.

We talk to companies to learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, what it takes to grow a successful business, and to simply prost to future innovation.
5 Episodes
It's a new riff on an old tradition. New Riff Distilling has created waves in the whiskey world, and we're uncovering the tri-state's rich whiskey history, New Riff's take on what it means to be an urban distillery and what happens when a distillery launches during a time of barrel shortage.
From bullets to beer. What once was the Peter's Cartridge Factory (aka The Powder Factory) is now Cartridge Brewing. Kyle and Lindsey Hackbarth give the lowdown on how to launch a brewery, what it takes to renovate a historical site and what it's like to be in business together as husband and wife.
Pre-prohibition, the Queen City was the beer capital, and to this day, Cincinnati still has the most pre-prohibition brewery architecture in the United States. Craig Maness, aka the Gatekeeper of Cincinnati & tour historian with American Legacy Tours, explains Cincinnati’s brewing history, the significance it’s had on the city and how Cincinnati’s beer scene has come full circle.
It helps to have an understanding of the past to successfully move forward into the future. So with that, we’re kicking off When Pigs Fly with a little Cincinnati History 101 with Greg Hand; a west sider who uncovers the Queen City’s curiosities. He’ll explain the industries in which Cincinnati was built on, how it’s impacting us now and what he thinks we need moving forward to make Cincinnati better.
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