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Author: Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey

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Hosted by Allie Martin and Patrick Bailey, When Pigs Fly is a podcast that uncovers Cincinnati's rich business history from the 1800s to today.

We talk to companies to learn the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, what it takes to grow a successful business, and to simply prost to future innovation.
58 Episodes
How to turn an experience into a profit.We chat with Emily Geiger, Founder of Vitamin Collective, about how Vitamin Collective is a venture platform that is building experience driven brands in the health and wellness space forward, trends she's seeing in the health and wellness industry along with other startup advice. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Vitamin Collective:Website
Impact Funds 101.The power of the dollar goes a long way, so we may as well use it for good to great social and environmental change. We chat with VC founders Wolf Starr and Navin Goyal about how impact funds and impact investing is the future, why companies of all scale should consider it, how to start an impact fund and the metrics behind calculating impact investments. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Navin Goyal:LinkedinFollow Wolf Starr:Linkedin
What happened to Kobe's championship court?...and more importantly, what happens to NBA and NCAA courts when they're all said and done?Chris Rose, founder and owner of Artsman, has the answers. We talk the art and business of sports craftsmanship, what it takes to curate sports history and how the NBA is helping build start ups and giving back to the youth.  Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Artsman:Website
It's the business of freezing water, but it's also so much more than that.We chat with James Ferguson, the owner of BIG ICE, why he chose to launch a cocktail artisan ice company, how BIG ICE is changing the drinking experience in the Cincinnati Tristate and what it's like growing a brand that's perishable.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow BIG ICE:Website
Becoming a Brewmaster Monk. That's Del Hall, the CCO & Owner of 16 Lots Brewing Company's, mindset every Lenten season.We chat with Del to learn more about what it takes to stand out in the craft beer noise, how he drinks only beer (no food) for 46 days during Lent and how to get creative when giving back to a community. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Del Hall & 16 Lots Brewing Co.Del Hall Social, 16 Lots Website
Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, which means there's a market for success.Catherine Baxter, founder and CEO of Nettie Pickleball, has witnessed that growth and launched a pickleball gear brand. We chat with her about why she's selling out, what she's learned in her first year of creating a brand and the logistics behind producing a physical product, as well as advice to young entrepreneurs. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Nettie Pickleball Co.Website, Instagram, Twitter
Manifesting a Mission Statement.Madtree Brewing is a Cincinnati community leader when it comes to manifesting their mission statement of creating environments of conversation, trees and craftspeople. We chat with co-founder, Brady Duncan & Director of Strategic Impact, Rhiannon Hoeweler about how they and their leadership team are building a brand culture that not only serves great beer but also is positively impacting the community and our environment.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow MadtreeWebsite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Who are we and why are we creating this podcast?For the last 49 episodes we've had the opportunity to interview and explore conversation with a wide range of business owners and entrepreneurs. We love telling their stories, however this time, we're going to uncover a little bit about ourselves to give you a better understanding as to who we are as people.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Building a Blockchain Business. What does it take?We talk with Michael Hiles, Founder and CEO of 10XTS, to learn more about the execution of blockchain, how Cincinnati fits into the blockchain industry and Cincinnati's rich software and tech history. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow 10XTSWebsite
Gold is Lame. Crypto is Cool.We chat with crypto enthusiast, Alex Kroeger, about the basics of cryptocurrency, what Web3 is, why it's important to pay attention to crypto and how to begin investing. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Alex KroegerTwitter
The Art & Business of Comedy.It isn't easy to make a statement while also gaining the laughter of a crowd, and Tabari McCoy is no stand up stranger to the matter. We chat with him to uncover his experience as a stand up comedian, his perspective on the art of comedy, along with how it's evolving.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Tabari McCoyWebsite
Gratitude in the Workplace.We welcome back Jae Washington of Headspace to discuss how employers can cultivate gratitude, what to do if you're feeling under appreciated at work and why words matter.
Creating Experiences while Giving Back.We chat with Scott Ruprecht, the Founder and President of GIVEBACK XP, about his journey to building a for-profit company that is creating unforgettable experiences while also giving back to the non-profit world. We'll dive into the nuances of the travel business, how GIVEBACK XP was effected by the pandemic, what it takes to build a network and why not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow GIVEBACK XP:Website
Recent Ohio State University grad, Kai McKinney, grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. and we talk with him about his journey building Helm; a HR Slack powered platform that helps company's prevent employee burnout. Kai dives into how the pandemic forced him to pivot Helm's original idea, his opinion on entrepreneurial persistence and how community has been crucial for Helm's growth.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Helm:Website
Improving the Cancer Process with Cincinnati Cancer Advisors. No one wants to be diagnosed with Cancer, but if it happens, would you be prepared? Cincinnati Cancer Advisors is a non-profit that slows down the decision making process while educating patients along the way. We chat with Steve Abbott, the Executive Director of CCA, to learn how he's implementing the for-profit model into the non-profit world, how CCA is scaling up and why their long term goal is to not reach new audiences. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Cincinnati Cancer Advisors:Website
Making medical bills Bearabill. We chat with Lisa Matsuyama and Forest Satterfield, the founders of Bearabill, to learn how they're building a startup that predicts future healthcare costs, identifies medical billing errors and overcharges, and how they're negotiating on your behalf for lower bills. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Bearabill:Bearabill
What's it like to become a franchisee? How does one connect to a world of entrepreneurs? Chris Mann, the owner of three Cincinnati Woodhouse Spa locations and the President of Entrepreneurs' Organization, talks about his journey becoming a franchisee owner, what it means to be a good boss and what the Entrepreneurs' Organization of Cincinnati is all about. Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow The Woodhouse Day Spas:Website Follow Entrepreneurs' Organization - CincinnatiWebsite
What is the future of the bar and restaurant industry?Jacob Trevino,  owner of Gorilla Cinema (Bars: Ofrenda Tequila, Lonely Pine, Tiki Tiki Bang Bang, Overlook Lodge, Tokyo Kitty), uncovers his experience building a bar and restaurant group based on immersive concepts, hiring & employee retainment post pandemic, along with what he thinks the city of Cincinnati can do better to make the industry more appealing.  Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Gorilla Cinema:Website 
Employee-owned with a side of soy sauce. We chat with Sam Pellerito, founder and part owner of CinSoy Foods, about his journey creating small batch fermented soy sauce and miso, what it takes to get a product on the shelves, the food culture in Cincinnati and why he chose to make CinSoy employee-owned.Follow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow CinSoy Foods:Website 
Separating from Traditional Healthcare.Physical therapist and owner of Beyond Exercise uncovers his PT journey of separating from the traditional healthcare system, what it takes to be a good physical therapist, and how he operates his practiceFollow When Pigs Fly:Facebook, Instagram, TwitterFollow Beyond Exercise:Website