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Author: Jesse Simpson

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Welcome to the Action Hour! My name is Jesse Simpson and I believe there's never been a better time in the history of the world to be alive, but we must work together if we want humanity to survive. Our task right now is to come together, learn from each other and set our differences aside. In order to succeed, we must unite. My mission with this show is to bring you the insights, ideas and inspiration you need to radically level up your life. Overcome adversity, serve your community and change the course of history before we run out of time. Stories touch deep into the human experience and provide the action steps we need to take back our lives. Guests on this show are a mix of engaging experts and inspiring people from around the world who aim to bring out the best in you. These are ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary adversity and they want to help you do the same. If you've got the itch to act, now is the time. Allow the inspiring stories within this show to serve as your guide. This is the Action Hour! Join us in the fight for our lives.
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Sam grew up believing he was a burden to his family and used drugs, alcohol and partying to cover up his insecurities and fear. During an 8 year bender he ended up in jail more than 15 times and at rehab 6. He ostracized all his family and friends and eventually sank to a low point which led to a suicide attempt. After a fresh start in a new city, he started to acknowledge the toxic behaviors and limiting programs he had running his life. He decided to pursue his passion for personal training and started a healing journey to get to the root of his problems. A couples years later a psychedelic experience helped him find a profound sense of inner freedom. He founded the The Full Fuck Yes Frequncy™ men's movement and is now helping men transcend their edges, raise their vibration, and say a full fuck yes to themselves from a place of truth, authenticity, power, honor, and love for themselves. We get into all that and more on this Full Fuck Yes episode of the Action Hour. Tune in - the Episode with Sam is live! Connect with Sam here on Instagram and
Becoming a Man

Becoming a Man


I'm taking ownership of my personal power, my purpose and really focusing on being present. I feel like I am stepping authentically into my definition of what it means to be a man. All of this on the backside of breakthrough conversation with my Dad. Every boy needs love and attention from a masculine figure.Without it little boys grow up stunted.The demasculinization of men in the modern world and prevalence of single moms is, I believe, a destabilizing force in our society. Men, it's time to step up. After years of carrying anger and resentment towards my father, I have been able to rebuild our relationship. This episode I detail how I did it. I hope it serves you well and can support you as you step into the next level of leadership for your family and community. We need you here now. 
Rachel helps people uncover who they really are. A woman of many talents - entrepreneur, Kambo Practitioner, animal reiki healer, medicine woman, intuitive movement guide and more - she helps people build a relationship with their physical body. After struggling with anxiety and depression for years a divine intervention directed her to an ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. Her focus on integrating her transformative psychedelic journey opened up a number of energetic gifts and revealed her empathic nature. She has been embodying her souls mission ever since. We talk about water, frogs, energy, ayahuasca, crystals, channelling, intuition, embodiment, movement and all the other things you don't know you need to radically level up your life. Rachel is water and fire at the same time, and she over delivers in practical wisdom and advice to help you on your journey to embodying your highest purpose. This is episode is SO GOOD! Tune in and let Rachel's words light up your life. Find her on Instagram at@divinemovements@kambowaterwarrior@highvibewaterand at
Own Nothing. Be Happy.

Own Nothing. Be Happy.


Own nothing. Be happy. That's the promise for the year 2030 and it's a clear and present danger to the foundation of our democracy. The Agenda is clear, so is the means of getting us there. Tear down the world we're living in so it can be rebuilt by a billionaire class that wants total power and control of every area of your life. We've got a bumpy road ahead folks. Every single one of us will be affected.It is an imperative for you to start to trust those intuitive hits that have been poking you the last couple of years trying to get you to pay closer attention. The time is Now. We must come together and find alternative ways of functioning in this world or our freedom will go to waste. If you're alive right now it's for a reason. Your soul chose this life during this time for a definite purpose. Your purpose is just waiting to push out so you can step fully into who you were born to be. So you can stand out as a leader for your sake and for your families. This is the greatest opportunity. Will you answer the call or just wait until you're wasting away, owning nothing and being happy? -------Connect with me on Instagram @action_jesse -------Are you living your purpose or wasting your life?Take the Freedom Fighter quiz and find out! 
Sebastian Hernandez is a U.S. Navy Veteran turned Self-Mastery Coach now on the path Shamanism. We get into his inspiring journey through it all starting off with Ayahuasca, Kambo and whats it like to work with Shamans. He drops the 3 most fundamental questions you must answer to live your best life, plus offers the 6 step process to help you live your highest purpose. This episode is so packed full of adventure and actionable advice and it is live. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Connect with Sebastian: www.ignitewithsebastian.comWebAppigniteselfmastery.passion.ioInstagram@Ignitewithsebastian
I am calling forward the Collective to lay the Groundwork for Humans in Harmony.A network for the people by the people so we no longer rely on outdated systems and perceptions put in place to hold us back. The vision is to build a community, separate from and sustainable without the systems currently set in place. A template for the world where humans learn to live in harmony with themself, each other and the world around us. This is already happening with more and more sustainable and conscious communities popping all over the world.It has been done for hundreds of years by indigenous people from all over the world.Now it's time we come together as One Unified Front. A front that stands for freedom.Because freedom is life and life is love.Together, let's secure for ourselves and for future generations a world filled with the peace, love and harmony that we already are. I'm calling forward the collective to lay the Ground work for Humans in Harmony and I need your help.Tune in. Spread the world.Message me on Instagram @action_jesse and join us in the fight for lives.
Jessica Gongora- the Conscious Zipporah - leads Sex Magic Workshops and Conscious Cannabis ceremonies to help people activate their sexual energy and connect with their Higher Self. After a handful of toxic relationships and abuse she was pushed to go on a journey to Colombia where she faced her anxieties, paranoia and panic attacks which led to a breakthrough on her path of inner healing.She has since traveled internationally facilitating ceremonies within Spiritual communities and at Retreats, co-hosting Tantra Awakening workshops.We talk about her experience with different plant medicines, hosting women's circles, cosmic orgasms and how she continues to be pulled forward to a vision of her higher self - helping as many people as she can along the way. This episode was a lot of fun!Tune in now. Connect with Jessica:On Instagram at @conscious.zipporah and @yessika.gongora or join her facebook group here. 
The future of the free world is built on community, crypto and consciousness. This is the new world we are moving into now. ⁣What's most important during this transition is that we find and build relationships with likeminded people.We contribute in meaningful ways to a community of others who want the same.⁣We’ll need each other in the new world more than ever. It’s time to invest in cryptocurrencies that will replace the failing financial system. ⁣These are not fads. They are literally the future of finance. Get in now before it’s too late.  ⁣Finally, Consciousness.⁣We are living through a global spiritual awakening.⁣We are spiritual beings living in a universe made of energy. ⁣We are a part of an infinite intelligence that permeates through all things. ⁣We are just now remembering this fact.The old systems are failing but what will replace them is beyond our wildest dreams. ⁣We can be a part of creating this new world or cling to the old systems falling apart at the seams. ⁣These 3 C’s are what I believe will be needed in this new world and we’ll be better off if we work together in teams. 💥I’m grateful for the gift of being alive during the time and hope you’ll join us on the other side. ⁣Join me in the fight for our lives! 
Ryan Magic is a peak performance coach for heart-led entrepreneurs. After breaking free of severe anxiety as a teenager, Ryan learned how to embrace courage and develop confidence to make his first 6 figures in business by 19 years old, his first 7 figures by 22 years old and first 8 figures by 26 years old. He now adventures the world aligning, unlocking and unleashing beautiful human’s to their wildest dreams.We go through the ABC's of moving from your head to your heart, dive into courage,  learn how he built his business through massive action and more in this action packed episode. Join us! Connect with Ryan:ryanmagic.cominsta - @theryanmagicFacebook - you living your purpose or wasting your time?Take the Freedom Fighter quiz and find out! 
Hold the Line

Hold the Line


As an illegitimate world government continues to use fear to disconnect, divide and deceive us we are all being called to decide where we draw the line. We must decide if we will continue to let the lies perpetuated by paid off politicians and mainstream media push us into a state of confusion and panic, where we are easier to control..Or if we will come together as One Human Family born to be Free and Feel Fully Alive. I know where I Stand. My ask is that all Freedom Fighters - regardless of color, background, and belief - come together fueled by a desire to create Peace, Love and Harmony for all of Humanity. We must police each other and protest in lawful ways so that our movement for freedom is not overshadowed by violence or destruction. Come together. Hold the line. Stand as One. Join us in the fight for our lives.Connect with me on Instagram @action_jesse --------------------------Join me at the free Freeway to Freedom - Free Webinar.Tuesday, March 1st at 6pm EST. Sign up here! 
Ashley is an Integration Guide, Community Leader, and Author utilizing the most effective tools available to curb the mental health crisis today. She places a strong focus on the integration of indigenous medicines for healing and recovery.  She's the founder of Elemental Growth - an integration collective at the forefront of the field, designed by nature and supported by her expertise in nutrition, coaching, hormone health, and energy work. We get into Ashley's journey of overcoming addiction and trauma, her trip to South America, how she is now helping people ascend their anxiety and how you can become the change you wish to see in the world. Plus so much more! Free Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Join us! Connect with Ashley:Website: Social Media: @elementalgrowth on Instagram, Youtube, and decentralized networks like LBRY, Minds, and Odysee. 💗 Elemental Growth Family on Signal -------------------Are you living your purpose or wasting your life?Take the Freedom Fighter quiz and find out! 
Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters


This is a message to all the Freedom Fighters. We're either working together or falling apart. We're either fighting for freedom or running from fear. We are either standing together, committed, and strong, by the love that unites us all...Or we are continuing to perpetuate a problem of fear and control put on us by the people who want us to fall. I believe the key to success for all the Freedom Fighters out there is for all of our forward action to come from a place of Love. From a place of Love, we embody our authentic power to create the change we desire to for our lives. Without it, we open the door for more restriction and further increase the divide.Fear can not win, when you've got Love on your side. You came here for a reason.Your soul chose this time, this place, for a definite purpose. It's up to you to decide what that means for you. I hope that means you will stand for what you believe is right and true. If you are Freedom Fighter, the world is waiting for you to follow through. -------------------Join me at the Freeway to Freedom - Free Webinar.Sign up here! 
Dr Shelly is a Sexual Trauma Facilitator, who leads people through her Shakti Synchronization and cannabis ceremonies to heal traumas, reset their nervous system, & reclaim Divinity. She facilitates womb and prostate healing and the Heart Warriors Sisterhood. She owned  4 chiropractic practices in 3 different countries, but gave it all up to facilitate plant medicine ceremonies.She drops so much value and wisdom in this episode. We get into all things sexuality, creativity and how to activate your life force energy, plus so much more!Join us and activate your LIFE Force Energy!Connect with Dr Shelly:www.drshellypersad.comOn Instagram @drshelleypersadAt the Heart Warriors Sisterhood. ---------------Are you living your purpose or wasting your life?Take the Freedom Fighter quiz and find out! 
Come Alive

Come Alive


No one is coming to save us.We are it! As we move into this new year and the world continues to shift, I believe we are being called upon to own our gifts, to claim our power, to wake up to who we really are and what we are capable of. In order to do that, we must take complete and total responsibility for our life and results. Our results are a result of our behavior and our behavior is a result of our state of being. So, instead of looking for things outside of yourself to change, blame or otherwise limit your life, choose to become the change.Become the change by choosing to change your state. Change your state by choosing to feel gratitude for who you are and where you are - no matter what. Choose to feel grateful because the only constant in life is change.  And there will be a time where you'll be forced to trade in the lies you were given for who and what you really are.Feel gratitude because it's so much closer to this Truth. So you can start living and expand into this new year with open arms and open heart. Ready for what's to come with a knowing that everything you need is right where you are. You are alive! So, come alive. And be grateful you have made it this far. -------------------Are you living your purpose or wasting your life?Take the Freedom Fighter quiz and find out! 
Ruby Fremon is a Transformational Coach, Leadership Mentor and Speaker who has helped thousands gain the confidence they need to lead their movements with integrity. She's an author (check out her new book Potent Leadership ) and the host of top-rated podcast “Potent Truth." Her work bridges the gap between practicality and spirituality, offering leaders an opportunity to create true inner-expansion. Ruby sees herself as an advocate for humanity, and uses her online presence to encourage her community to question the narrative, and cultivate true sovereignty of mind, body, and spirit.She blasts through this interview with the wisdom and inspiration you need to lead your life - and our world -with integrity and love. Connect with Ruby at @iamruby across all platforms and apply to work with her here. This episode is so good! Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 
The Awakening

The Awakening


If there’s anything we’ve learned from the last year it’s that life is too damn short. Life is too damn short to sit around and play small. Our freedoms can be taken away in the blink of an eye.So why wait to create what you want?Why not decide that this is the summer you finally stood up for yourself?We’ve been restricted and shut down for far too long, I think it’s time we take back our life.  It doesn’t matter where you come from or how bad it’s been.It is never too late to change your life. We’ve created a transformational experience in Colombia to expedite the awakening that is happening all around and I want you to join us.In 8 days and nights you’re going to shut down the fears that have limited you all of your life. You’re going to get clear on who you are and why you are here.And develop the courage, confidence and clarity to create anything you want in this world. Adventure travel and sacred medicine in the heart of Colombia. Join on this Adventure of a Lifetime! September 4-12th. Learn more here. Schedule your confirmation call here. 
Justin Brien is a mental health advocate, inspirational speaker and a certified executive coach. Before taking back his life he had a 16 year long battle with addiction, 6 year long battle with suicidal ideation and a lifetime of depression. He credits finding his WHY and reaching out for help when all seemed lost to his recovery. He now speaks on mental health and addiction, created his own personal development program and coaches people through the The Stronger You Project.If you know someone struggling with addiction share this episode with them. If you are ready to transform your life, dive into Justin's world. Connect with him or on Instagram.  This action packed episode is live. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! 
The Way Forward

The Way Forward


Terror attacks sent us to 20 years of war abroad. Mass media, corporations and politicians used this as an opportunity to make money and manipulate the masses. They spread fear so they can control us. Now we are at war within ourselves and have turned against each other. The terrorists win if we keep harming ourselves here at home. The only way to take our power back is to spend the next 20 years healing ourselves and each other here at home.This is the opportunity of our generation. Everything we need to heal ourselves, each other and the world is sitting right here. And I think now is the time we all step up and take back our lives. There is a world beyond fear -a place of absolute freedom and unlimited possibilities that awaits. Will you join me?If you are dealing with chronic negative emotions, limiting beliefs or the effects of trauma, set up a free clarity call today. www.action-oriented.comAnd be on the look out for the documentary - 9/11 Healing Our Heroes - The Way Forward out on the 20 year anniversary of the attacks - September 11th, 2021. 
Christian de la Huerta is an award-winning Author, Personal Transformation Coach, and TEDx speaker.He's a retreat facilitator, relationships expert, spiritual coach, and leadership consultant that has dedicated his life to facilitating profound personal transformation.Christian's latest book, Awakening the Soul of Power, is a call for all of us to wake up to our full potential so we can create a world beyond our wildest dreams. Connect with Christian at on Facebook and Instagram Purchase Awakening the Soul of Power here and be sure to join his Facebook group.
Had a recent bout of anger come out and I decided to dive in to see where it came from. Like most problems in our life, this one stemmed from an overall feeling of not being good enough. Instead of addressing it, I projected these negative feelings and insecurities onto someone I love. Freedom comes when we own these weaker parts of ourself craving attention and care. Through self compassion, forgiveness and care I can stop putting so much pressure on myself and start paying attention my needs.Instead of blaming the world for my problems and pushing them onto the people around me, I can become a psychologically complete human being. In this case I get to recognize that I am an imperfect human being, doing the damn best I can out here. So are you.Let's own these parts of our psyche so they no longer ruin our life. No matter how we grew or what we observed, we are responsible for our actions moving forward. Own this fact and we become free.Tune in to see if you might be doing the same thing as me. 
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