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The Bitterest Pill: The Dan Klass Monologues
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The Bitterest Pill: The Dan Klass Monologues

Author: Dan Klass

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“Former comedian, failed actor, stay-at-home dad/shut-in” Dan Klass mines the victories and failures of his life in Los Angeles to bring you true stories of the joys of being a parent, and the soul crushing realities of feeling like a neurotic loser in modern America. Did Dan really have to pee into a Snapple bottle parked outside the Brentwood Country Club on his way to lunch with a celebrity priest? Yes. Did Dan screw up his lines on The X-Files over and over and over while having a hypoglycemic melt down? Yes. Did Dan’s family end up on the news after a San Francisco mass murder? Yes…

Always funny, often poignant, sometimes heartbreaking, The Bitterest Pill is a work of self revelatory bravery that shouldn’t be missed.
32 Episodes
#386: The 90045

#386: The 90045


I complain about Westchester and take a shower...
I recorded this episode a week and a half ago, and I don't remember what I said...
My dad had an operation.
I made an AI version of my voice, I am a horrible friend, and Cousin Ronny (River) is a cowboy...
I switched to "less expensive" health insurance, tried to get AI to make me a Me, and finally fixed the washer and dryer...I think.
#381: Cyanide & Hot Water

#381: Cyanide & Hot Water


I bought a Koke Zeero laced with cyanide, got new glasses that are useless, called in "sick," and tried to fix the leaking shower...
#380: Hugo

#380: Hugo


I talk about Hugo.
I talk about not wanting to go to the "Black Chipotle," getting COVID twice, the proper way to write an obituary, Lighthouse Spaceship & card tricks, bald guy hair maintenance, and how I am no good at reacting to getting a traffic ticket...
After a bit of an extended hiatus (almost 3 years?), I am back with the usual nonsense about restroom phone etiquette, rabid raccoons, the Bitterest Pill connection to possibly the greatest movie ever made, my version of TikTok, and my expertise in installing smart thermostats...
PILLBOX: The Wish Book

PILLBOX: The Wish Book


I talked reality with my agent.  Honestly, if you’re trying to make it in show business, reality is the last thing you want to talk about.
PILLBOX: Science Fair

PILLBOX: Science Fair


(Originally released April 21, 2011) Hudson and his friends took part in the LA County Science and Engineering Fair, and I chaperoned.  No, not my first choice of chaperone, but there […]
We were supposed to go to Hawaii again this year. But, things can change. Try explaining to your 8-year-old daughter that she won’t be spending her birthday in Maui after all. Gulp.
I drove to Arizona with my eyes closed and slept with my eyes open...
I went to a football game. Well, two. I think. Jimmy drove us. I "talked" sports and drank a third of a beer. And survived.
I go to a wedding, I go to Michigan and I go back in time. It's good to be back...
I talk about my need for a new coding system, so I know when a woman is interested in me and when she is just being polite. "What's Your '17?'" "Butterscotch?" "Lima bean?"
I was trying to network...
#372: The Fix Is In

#372: The Fix Is In


All I wanted was to get some frozen yogurt on a Saturday night, and maybe get my daughter's phone fixed.
We went to Arizona on Christmas Day and our daughter wished for snow. Silly girl...
This is sort of a reprise of Hudson's first appearance on the podcast way back in 2004. In this episode, like back then, we talk Christmas music, except now his voice is much deeper (and apparently so is mine).
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