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Author: FTN Network

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FTN Network presents "Bring The Smoke" with Josh Collacchi and Stefano Vaccarino. The unfiltered podcast talks about all things sports, gambling, fantasy sports, and an alternate view at life from the perspective of working in sports media.
4 Episodes
The guys bring on special guest Joe Metz to talk about NBA All Star snubs, this week's "Dumbass of the Week", Nobody Runs Worse, and more.
Stefano Vaccarino and Josh Collacchi bring you the second episode of BTS with a live reaction of the Carson Wentz trade, NBA All Star Voting, Nobody Runs Worse, Dumb$*@ of the Week and more!
In the first episode of Bring the Smoke, Josh Collacchi and Stefano Vaccarino discuss what Bring the Smoke is all about, the Super Bowl, and the weekly segments such as "Dumbass of the Week".
Episode zero of Bring the Smoke provides a preview of what is to come from the Bring the Smoke podcast with Josh Collacchi and Stefano Vaccarino.
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