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Dating while in the adult industry can be hard. Luckily we have Zack here to tell you guys his ideal dating situations so you know what to expect when dating someone in the adult industry. 
In this day and age online dating is the new normal! Or so we thought (hehe) In this episode we get into all the nitty gritty details of why online dating kind’ve actually sucks. With that being said with every two negatives does come one positive. Do you think you’ll be giving online dating a chance in 2022?
Karens are taking the nation worldwide right now, we've all seen the videos.  What makes you think the Lgbtq Community is absent of them?? This episode we discuss the Karens of the Trans Community. They stay thinking they are fighting trans rights as internet keyboard warriors. Do they really reach the level of activism they think they do? Is there message really getting through to people?  Find out now what we think about all of this!!
In this weeks episode we dive deep into what makes a girl dateable versus what makes a girl fuckable. Would you consider yourself a girl he wants to take home to mommy, or are you the girl he buys Plan B for ?? Stay tuned to find out :)
Sext With Us  !

Sext With Us !


Do you ever get so horny you don't know what to do? Are they out of town on a business trip and not there to physically please you? Well this episode teaches you the ins and outs of how to sext and what pleases your partner the best! Tune in to find out just the way to get them off. We know a thing or two;) Enjoy!!!
The myth, The legend, The gossip source herself. This is The Planet Tranny interview and we get down to figuring out who she really is. Her first public debut and you have to stick around to see what she has to say.
So much to update you guys on ! Air Thugger is back and he's ready to catch you guys up on whats been happening. For starters he is officially signed into the adult industry. Listen to the full episode to find out the rest. Let's just say, things get pretty juicy !
Dating as a trans girl can be hard no doubt. We all struggle with trying to find love. What are you doing wrong ? Why is love not working out in your favor you may ask ? Look no further because in this weeks episode, Dani and I cover the ugly truth behind why most trans girls can't find love. 
Why did he bend over in front of me ? What does this mean ? 
Hook on the Look Barbie Doll Brittney discuses her sugar baby lifestyle and dating while in the adult industry. 
Cheaters are everywhere ! You can't escape them. You're probably one of them and you're probably awful at it at that. You don't have to be. Listen to this episode to find out how you can be a professional cheater all while understanding the signs to look for incase your significant other is also cheating. 
More trannies More problems ! I let you in on why trans friendships never work out. You know exactly what I mean and if you don't, looks like you'll just have to play the episode.
My strange addiction ! I can't stop c*mming! Send help
Why are men c*umming so damn fast after hyping up their dick game ? It's super annoying and we've delt with a 2-pump chump ! Give this episode a listen to find out how you men can last longer during sex and save yourself the humiliation of c*umming fast !
The dirty truth behind social media. What you see may not be what it seems. I EXPOSED myself ! You must listen to find out. Find out how I fooled the whole world into thinking I was a Rich Bitch !
You're dating a DownLow man and you don't even know it ! Luckily for us we will help guide you through figuring out if your man is DL or not. But first ask yourself, are you ready for this kind of information ?
In this episode we cover the male guidelines to mastering tinder. The Do's & Don'ts to get you laid. Men are constantly fucking up their own game ! Allow us to help you out silly willy. 
Time is evolving and so has our dick sucking skills ! We are no longer licking dicks like lollipops. We are choking ourselves out gagging on the male piece of meat ! Slipping and slurping our tongue on that dick like it's the last dick we're ever going to suck. Baby we have so much to teach you about how to get on board with the 21st century blowjob ! You gotta keep up with all the other girls out there trying out suck you.
We all love sleeping with men. But why are they so annoying to sleep with ? No one tells them to do half of the annoying shit that they do. Don't know what I'm talking about ? Stick around and you will !
Lost about how to prepare for a D*ck Appointment ? Worry no more because Dani and I will guide you on what to expect and what to prepare for. Followed by a tons of our own crazy d*ck appointment experiences as well. 
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May 14th
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