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Author: Russell Jay Palmer

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Russ Palmer started Front Porch Perspective out of the notion that we are a divided country- because it's a lie. People aren't as hostile towards new ideas and opinions as it might appear. In fact, we're mostly the same. Here, we're looking to recover the value and appreciation of the nuances, the 10%, of other people's perspectives.

So far, it's working...

24 Episodes
We were fortunate enough to sit down this week with an extraordinary duo, Gavin and Gabe Erickson. These brothers, hailing from the heartland of southeastern Minnesota before their own transition to Montana, are the founders of Warrior Transition Outdoors, an organization devoutly dedicated to serving those who have honorably served us all. In our conversation, they warmly shared their early experiences, how their love for the outdoors was sown, and how their faith in God guided their feet along an unexpected path.The Erickson brothers took us through their personal journeys – Gavin’s decision to join the armed forces and his experiences on the ground in Iraq, and Gabe’s entrance into the University of Minnesota to study engineering, only to pivot to journalism. Gavin shared the tensions and trials he witnessed during his deployment in Iraq, and how it shaped his understanding of religion and conflict. Both Gabe and Gavin passionately narrated their spiritual awakenings, how they heard God’s voice, and the divine guiding force that led them to establish Warrior Transition Outdoors.Navigating the nonprofit sector, particularly when it comes to organizing events for veterans, is not devoid of challenges. Yet, our conversation illuminated how the Erickson brothers' faith has shepherded them through these difficult moments. They've created Warrior Transition Outdoors to fill the gaps for veterans transitioning to civilian life – this is evident in the unique services they provide and the heartfelt stories they share. As you tune in, you’ll hear how they're reshaping the narrative around veterans, advocating for them, and showing us all the genuine humanity of our brave servicemen and women. Join us for an unforgettable, touching conversation with Gavin and Gabe Erickson.
Who knew a humble beverage like beer could unfold such an intricate tale? Join me as we navigate the captivating journey of Michael Uhrich, a passionate brewmaster and owner of Carter's Brewing in Billings, Montana. From his early fascination with craft beer to transforming his pastime into a profession, Michael's story is as rich and layered as the beers he crafts. With a staggering array of 25 unique brews on tap, Carter's Brewing is a testament to Michael's relentless creativity and love for brewing.Our conversation takes a flavorful turn as we unravel the complexities of Saison, a Belgian beer with a character as unique as its origin. Michael's initial unease with the beer's complexity eventually turns into a deep appreciation, leading to it becoming the first seasonal beer at Carter's Brewing. As we journey from Saison to the world of funky IPAs, we delve into Michael's adventurous collaboration with local brewer Shay Dawson to create a distinctive IPA fermented with wild yeast.Finally, we tap into the age-old history of India Pale Ale (IPA), tracing its evolution and the pivotal role of agricultural states like Montana in the craft beer industry. With Michael’s insightful narratives, we explore the creative process of brewing, the art of naming brews, and lastly, the societal impact of beer. This episode is not just for beer enthusiasts but anyone who appreciates the artistry of crafting a beverage that brings people together over shared stories and experiences.
Experience the testament of time and history as our esteemed guest, Wayne Gustafson, a WWII Navy veteran and noted architect, shares his life’s remarkable journey. From navigating the tumultuous waters of war to crafting architectural marvels, Wayne's stories provide a unique lens into a pivotal chapter of world history and the evolution of architectural design. In our conversation, his reflections on the aftermath of the atomic bombings in Japan, his encounters with civilians post-war, and his transition into the field of architecture paint an evocative picture that is sure to captivate and inspire.As we journey through Wayne's past, the architectural landscape of the 1950s springs to life. Wayne cites his fascination with Frank Lloyd Wright, his stint at Lockheed Aircraft, and the influence of modern architecture evident in his later works. His narratives about his architectural career are teeming with interesting anecdotes, including his partnership with Vernon Drake, the design of a gymnasium for West High School, and his lasting contributions to the community.Prepare to be intrigued by Wayne's reflections on his 50-year long architectural career, his most memorable projects, and the enduring impact his work has made on the community. This conversation is an immersion into the world of service, architecture, and the boundless human spirit. Join us for an enlightening dialogue with Wayne Gustafson and let his inspiring narratives leave an indelible mark on your understanding of world history and architectural evolution.
In this episode we are talking with three of the best brewers in Billings and Montana. This is a round table discussion with Billings brewers, Mark Hastings of By All Means and Uberbrew Brewing, Shea Dawson of Thirsty Street Brewing and Micheal Urich of Carters Brewing. We will talk about beer and brewing styles,  brewery culture,  and sample some amazing area brews.We hope you enjoy!
In this episode Tiffany Youngren, podcasting pro, founder of OMH Agency, and host of Next Up Nation, steps out of her host and coach role to share a brave story of walking her faith. 
Aaron Flint is the host of “Montana Talks” Montana’s leading call-in talk show,  broadcasting over more than 20 signals across the state.Aaron has spent more than two decades working in Montana Politics. His work included a stint as State Director for then Congressman Ryan Zinke’s, and as communications director for now Governor Greg Gianforte.He has been featured on Fox News, The Drudge Report, Huffington Post, Politico and several others.Aaron has also served four tours of military service including; Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.In this conversation we will not talk much about his political leanings or opinions, but instead about his work and Military experience, and how both have shaped his life, his view of the world and the powerful lessons he has learned learned and applied.
Terrill Bracken is a teacher…. His tools are pushing the hard things, extending growth through failure, overcoming… and never giving up.His life is that of a student, a practitioner, a teacher of martial arts, and a keeper of peace. Terrill lives by the mantra “Comfort Zones are Overrated”Today we are going to discuss his lessons and experiences of serving a native community as a law enforcement officer, his passion for growth and expansion through martial arts, his faith in God and journey of commitment.I find Terrill's tenacity and obsessive ability to stare his shortcomings directly in the eye, inspiring.  He states in the interview "I've archived a level of success in spite of myself, because I just wont give up." This ability to try, reflect, correct and move on make this an interview worth listening to.You can check out his MMA events at Fusion Fight League.  And stay tunes for his upcoming launch of Total Defense, a complete personal and home defense system brought about by his combined experience of martial arts and law enforcement.
In this episode we talk about  Anna Paige's life in journalism, feeding communities thru Eat. Share. Give. and Project Love. We also touch on her extensive work  with Apsáalooke people in the Yellowstone Valley. Anna takes us through the podcast like a journalist looking over field notes. Her uncanny ability to make space and time for her journey and her experiences, brings a deeper understanding to her story and the stories she tells.
Erika Willis On The Porch. Erika has spent her life working to get the most value she can from the experiences she has created.At 10 years of age, at a family week in the very place she works today, she realized that anyone can choose to change, from that moment helping people “see their light” was her mission.A practitioner of Radical Self Responsibility, Erika believes that “failure is just another opportunity to learn”. A practice tested not once, but twice in attempts to be the first female firefighter in the state of Montana.The manta “Love the Hell out of Yourself”, has pulled her thru a teen pregnancy, a career of helping people and raising a family.She is currently the Director of Development and Business Growth at Rimrock Foundation a group dedicated to helping individuals and families break bonds of addiction.
George Blackard is a Naval veteran and outspoken advocate for veterans and veteran issues around Yellowstone County and Montana, through his work with the Andrew Pearson American Legion Post 117. He is also a strong Conservative Constitutionalist and Friday host of Montana Talks Veterans a popular local call-in show. In this episode we have a Free Form Conversation about Federal House Resolution 127, a poorly written resolution requiring heavy regulation, taxation and banning of most firearms in the United States. We also talk about the current state of everyday things like hiding behind modern social media and what it means to be a good neighbor during these trying times.This episode is the second Free Form Conversation this season on Front Porch Perspective. This is still very experimental for the podcast, and listener feedback is welcome. What I liked about this episode was the ability to exchange opinions and even disagree on some issue and still have a civil conversation. 
In this episode we talk about the beginnings of Thirsty Street Brewing and the growth of a brewer, a family, and a company that not only make really great beer, but an amazing culture.
In this episode Kristy and I talk about the exciting growth of the Billings trail system, the need for trails and her determination to make them a lasting part of the Billings Landscape.
In this episode Trevan talks about his Blind Bison collaborative, fun events and some very interesting cocktails!
In this episode we explore Kevin Kooistra's  journey to Montana, the exploration of it's peoples and history and the stories that root him here now. 
In the episode Leif will discuss some of his reinventions and how you can reinvent your life.
Part two of two - Randy talks about his home Urban Frontier House, and the lessons he believes will drive development, construction and habitats in the very near future.
Part one of a two part episode - Randy talks about his early life as an aspiring architect and the road to High Plains Architects and sustainable environments.
In this episode Seth and I will engage in a free-form conversation, covering media, long form conversations, spiritual journeys, the future of free speech, and an aggressive middle.
In this episode we will discuss with Mike his recipe for simple service, kindness and a better community. 
In this episode, Lyndsay shares what Mastery, Faith and Purposeful  Positivity brings to fitness and a meaningful life. Navigating a year of anxiety, showing people a better them, keeping community and making space.
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