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Professor Mark Lewis, an expert in musculoskeletal biology, discusses his involvement in the National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) plus future research and why a small, cute amphibian has piqued the interest of scientists working in this area. 
Dr Kinga Morsanyi, Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Cognition, discusses the issue and highlights that it’s important that those with maths anxiety understand it doesn’t mean they’re bad at maths. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Welcome00:01:12  - Introducing Kinga Morsanyi 00:03:35 - Life as a Cognitive Psychologist00:05:51 - What does a Cognitive Psychologist do?00:10:11 - Misconceptions surrounding the role00:12:26 - GP aspirations and journey into psychology00:20:50 - Life after a PhD, travelling and standout moments00:27:00 - Competing for jobs and being a woman working in science00:30:35 - Varied work life and research00:39:55 - Maths anxiety doesn't mean you're bad at the subject00:53:29 - Most unusual part of the job...00:55:45 - Career goals00:57:27 - Cognitive Psychologist hobbies00:59:02 - Hot topics and advice for students01:04:43 - Why should somebody consider a career as a Cognitive Psychologist?01:07:12 - Thanks and goodbye
E7 - Cuppa with a Physicist

E7 - Cuppa with a Physicist


Physicist Dr Sarah Bugby discusses her academic journey, ongoing research and an idea involving artificial skin that led to a peculiar meeting, to name but a few topics...Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Welcome00:01:08  - Introducing Dr Sarah Bugby00:03:35 - Life  as a physicist in the medical field00:05:53 - Misconceptions about being a physicist 00:07:16 - Vet? Butcher? Teacher? The journey to becoming a physicist 00:11:57 - Handling rejection and bouncing back as a researcher00:11:40 - Stories from the field00:13:00 - Being a woman in physics00:16:25 - Life after a PhD and working life00:20:54 - Collaborating overseas...00:22:30 - Lab work... building and testing00:24:22 - Small Gamma cameras to identify cancer 00:37:05 - More exciting research areas00:42:03 - Favourite parts of the job... and the not so good bits00:44:37 - 3D printed mouse skeletons and... ahem... unexpected adult toys00:47:51 - Inspiration and career goals00:50:18 - What does a physicist do in their spare time?00:51:46 - What's next...00:53:24 - Hot topics and advice for students aiming for a career in physics00:58:05 - Limit-less campaign00:59:12 - Thanks and goodbye
Aspiring scientist and host Meg Cox is joined by extreme weather and climate scientist Professor Rob Wilby to discuss a career in environmental science, extreme weather and COP26.Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Welcome00:01:46  - Introducing Professor Rob Wilby00:03:48 - What is a Professor of Hydroclimatic Modelling00:06:21 - Storms and the journey to a career in extreme weather00:10:48 - Losing a passport in Tajikistan00:11:57 - Handling rejection and bouncing back as a researcher00:13:57 - Varied work life and COP2600:17:50 - Research: from extreme weather events to conservation 00:26:35 - Climate change and the fear of uncertainty00:28:12 - Extreme indoor temperatures and taking action 00:30:05 - Capturing water temperatures and why it's important00:34:23 - Favourite part of the job and not-so-glamorous bits00:36:30 - Hanging Polo mints in rivers...00:38:09 - Battling environmental issues provides great motivation 00:39:50 - Next career goals and hobbies00:42:40 - Importance of communicating research for the media and a wider audience00:44:07 - Hot topics for climate research and words of wisdom for aspiring scientists00:47:06 - Why should people consider a career in environmental sciences?00:48:17 - Summing up a career in three words... plus the lights go out! 00:49:49 - Thanks and goodbye
Aspiring scientist and host Meg Cox is joined by gender and an expert in the physiology of ageing, Professor James Goodwin, to discuss what is good for the brain, how a career in the army helped his scientific work and writing a book...Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Welcome00:01:08 - Introducing Professor James Goodwin00:05:13 - What is does an expert in the physiology of ageing do?00:09:23 - Do you have the answer to eternal youth? (Common misconceptions)00:10:36 - Career goals growing up and the army00:15:33 - Becoming a mature student and completing a Masters degree00:19:38 - Presentations to experts, PhDs and beyond00:32:53 - Working at Age UK, meeting royalty and research00:41:02 - Returning to Loughborough University as a visiting professor00:44:07 - Stand out moments in field work and project outcomes00:46:42 - Career challenges and learnings00:52:00 - Ongoing research00:54:15 - Further research and standout work00:58:30 - Supercharge your brain... What is good for your brain?01:05:15 - Next career goals... and most exciting part of the job01:09:03 - Weirdest parts of the job...01:13:30 - Next hot topics in the field and words of wisdom01:18:26 - Thanks and goodbyeLIKE Loughborough University on Facebook: Loughborough University on Twitter: Loughborough University on Instagram:
Aspiring scientist and host Meg Cox is joined by gender and health psychologist Dr Gemma Witcomb to discuss life as a scientist, juggling children and academia, transgender and non-binary participation in sport, and body image and eating behaviour. 
Professor of behavioural medicine Amanda Daley joins host and aspiring scientist Meg to discuss her research in weight management and exercise, 'down the pub' science and how much exercise it takes to burn off a Lion bar. Plus much more! 
Aspiring scientist and host Meg Cox is joined by Conversation Analyst Professor Elizabeth Stokoe to discuss the weird and wonderful aspects of conversation, including why US sitcom Friends is the perfect source material for breaking down speech. 
Climate scientist Dr Tom Matthews joins host and aspiring scientist Meg Cox to discuss his trip to the top of Mount Everest in more detail. 
The first-ever Cuppa with a Scientist podcast, brought to you by Loughborough University, as Dr Tom Matthews joins host and aspiring scientist Meg Cox to discuss his journey to becoming a climate scientist, fieldwork including a trip to the top of Mount Everest, and the weirdest jobs he's had to do during his career. Time Stamps - 00:00:00 - Introduction to Cuppa with a Scientist00:01:47 - Introducing Dr Tom Matthews00:08:56 - Misconceptions of climate scientists00:12:36 - How did Tom become a climate scientist?00:19:00 - University experience00:30:36 - Life after a PhD00:38:11 - Weird and wonderful moments as a climate scientist00:46:13 - What keeps you motivated?00:50:53 - Not-so-glamorous part of the job01:02:18 - Advice for up-and-coming scientists01:07:03 - Why be a scientist?01:11:02 - Follow on Twitter01:12:19 - Thanks and goodbyeLIKE Loughborough University on Facebook: Loughborough University on Twitter: Loughborough University on Instagram:
Loughborough University has officially launched ‘Cuppa with a Scientist, a brand new podcast led by the PR team that aims to inspire the next generation of scientists. Hosted by PR and Communications Officer – and aspiring scientist – Meg Cox, the series interviews a different scientist each week about their academic journey to the top. The show will discuss how some of Loughborough’s academic stars went from a confused teenager choosing A-Level subjects to a leader in their field – sharing plenty of weird and wonderful stories and golden nuggets of advice in between.As well as keeping your ears and brain entertained, ‘Cuppa with a Scientist’ aims to dispel the myth that all scientists wear white lab coats and provide an insight into how vast the world of science really is. 
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