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Muzak on Fridays

Muzak on Fridays

Автор: Radio Plato

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A regular weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.
25 Episodes
KorneJ - Muzak in May #3.02

KorneJ - Muzak in May #3.02


The new Muzak on Fridays from KorneJ, which in its third season has turned into a monthly show. The May version is about zen and peace, which are very close to us.Tracklist:1. Fabulous/Arabia - You Wont Remember This2. Eden Ahbez - Full Moon3. Martin Denny - Exotica4. Márta Sebestyén - András5. Emerson Kitamura - Rock Your Baby (Featuring MMM)6. The Durutti Column - Grace7. Westerman - Kathys Song8. Boards Of Canada - Peacock Tail9. Stereolab - Diagonals10. Cymande - Changes11. Wayne Shorter ft. Milton Nascimento - Ponta De Areia12. Kokoroko Abusey - Junction13. Seu Jorge - Quem Nao Quer Sou Eu14. Delegation - Oh Honey15. Timmy Thomas - Why Cant We Live Together16. Gap Band - Outstanding (Original 12'' Mix)17. Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall Mix)18. Speedy J - De-Orbit19. Palmbomen II - Mary Louise Lefante20. Baba Stiltz - Beirut21. Buddy Love - Party Language22. Chris Shivers - Detroit's a Beautiful Town23. Roy Davis Jr. - Gabriel24. OutKast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious25. Nina Simone - BaltimoreDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/663
The show returns in the format of monthly mixes. This time KorneJ prepared 2.5 hours of jazz, hip-hop, experimental, balearic, electronic music and, of course, a handful of jungle. The mood of the mix turned out to be in many respects in line with the events that are happening now, but with the strong hope, that good will win.Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/628
A weekly radio show run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. Big Bud - A Way Of Life2. Aboutface - 51°30'59.4"N 0°04'33.1"W3. Directions - Echoes (Continental Drift Version)4. Mildlife - Im Blau5. Jason Letkiewicz - Double Dream6. Good Block - Strato7. Stereobeaver - Klutz8. Jaakko Eino Kalevi - No End (Manfredas Remix)9. Superpitcher - Smile It's A New Day10. Aboutface - 51°31'12.7"N 0°12'29.9"W11. Bonobo - Tides12. Jaromir Kaminski - Wszystkie Słonie Zachodnie (Petr YAC PLDE Dub)13. Ell Murphy & DJ Crisps - Freedom14. Ross From Friends - The Daisy15. Glass Beams - Taurus16. Nu Guinea - Parev' Ajere17. Chapeau Claudette - Pass Auf (Kifissias Ave Dub)18. Apelsin - Туристы в походе (Rahvamatk)19. Untitled - Untitled20. Не Ждали - Ще-е-еDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/522
A weekly radio show run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. Dlina Volny - Dazed2. Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon (12' Version)3. Elite Beat - Sports Radio4. Jazxing - Midnight Stand5. Sosky - Cotton Aquarium6. Big Yawn - Ragazzo7. Japanese Television - Beecage (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)8. Sosky - Indigenous Mariachi From Infamous Karachi9. Jaromir Kaminski - Westport (Sosky Remix)10. Jaromir Kaminski - Joyful Dub (Eirwud Mudwasser Remix)11. Jaromir Kaminski - K.M.O.N. (Original Mix)12. Das Komplex - Somebody13. Space Ghost - Soul Shower14. Anchorsong - Saudade15. Big Yawn - Surf Dive n Ski16. Vanishing Twin - Zuum17. Benoit B - Gyvenimo Tėkmė18. Mildlife - Phase II19. Almamegretta - 'O sciore cchiu' felice20. Elite Beat - Postcards From Gortupal21. Nightmares On Wax - Up To Us (feat. Haile Supreme)Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/506
This time I wanted to experiment with format and to investigate one label – Polena Records. It's based in Gdansk, Poland. According to the creator Jaromir Kaminsky, the concept of the label - to produce unfashionable music: balearic, downtempo, nu-disco, house. I was impressed by the abundance of cool releases (Jaromir Kaminski, Sosky, Das Komplex, etc.), about which I tell a few words and put them on air. I invite you to listen!Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/486
A weekly radio show run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. Golden Rules feat. Freddie Gibbs Yasiin Bey - Never Die (Prefuse 73 Remix)2. El Michels Affair feat. Piya Malik - Cham Cham3. The Still Brothers - Wake Up4. DJ Vadim - London Mind State5. Benoit B Elen Huynh - Vestigia Flammae6. Anchorsong - The Ocean (feat. Bookend)7. Atjazz - Everything8. Juravlove - Na Skateboarde9. Replicant - Analiz10. Mathis Ruffing – Celeste Undressed (feat. Strip Steve)11. Benoit B - 100% Zru (Original Mix)12. Benoit B - Vague à l’Âme13. Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest14. V.O. - Mashisa (Dub)15. Red Violet Red - Sense Of Danger16. todotodo - autogas17. Malibu - 80's 80's18. Vam Cyborg - Actos De Maldad19. STR4TA - Aspects (Demus Dub)20. Anz - Inna Circle21. Big Yawn - Skinrat (bullant Remix)22. Paranoid London - Linked In (with Paris Brightledge)23. Overmono - If U Ever24. |||||||||||||||||||| - Outlook Remains UntouchedDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/478
A weekly radio show run by KorneJ. This episode is dedicated to Night of Executed Poets when Soviet NKVD shot more than 100 cultural figures in one night. This should be remembered and talked about so that it never happens again. Today’s Muzak is about this event in a musical way.Tracklist:1. Ulla Straus - Billow2. Jabir - Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Xauen3. Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro4. Nubya Garcia - Stand With Each Other (feat. Ms MAURICE, Cassie Kinoshi & Richie Seivwright)5. Elite Beat - 1000 Stairs6. Glass Beams - Mirage7. Mildlife - Im Blau (Sleep D Remix)8. UNKLE - Days and Nights / Reprise (Rōnin Re-Edit) (feat. Dhani Harrison)9. Juravlove - Your Time My Time10. Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon (Tornado Wallace Remix)11. Sonny Ism - This Modern Life12. Future Utopia & UNKLE feat. Jelani Blackman Ghetts - Nature or Nurture / Am I Built Like This13. Chaos In the CBD - False Awakening14. Sedef Adasi - Gel Gidelim15. Joy Orbison w/ James Massiah & Bathe - swag w/ kav16. DJ Crisps - Dynamic Reflections17. Primitive Needs - Spectro18. Deech - Alpha19. Paranoid London - The State Of That20. ThugWidow - Invisible Shell of Energy21. Terra Utopia - #0722. Tapes - Sauna Research23. Hamburger All-Stars - Swinging London Pt. 2
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJTracklist:1. Luis Paniagua - Neptuno2. El Aviador Dro - Nuclear, Sí3. Jeanne Foly, J.L. Hennig, VXZ 375, Hector Zazou, Bazooka - La Soupeuse4. Michael James Pollard - Surrender5. Elite Beat - UniFi (Slab Creek Version)6. Terra Utopia - #057. Psychemagik - Valley Of Paradise8. Vanishing Twin - Phase One Million9. Nubya Garcia - Stand With Each Other (KeiyaA remix)10. Anchorsong - Remedy11. Beau Zwart - D Choir12. Joy Orbison w/ Léa Sen - Better13. Jon Sable - Scumbag Unity14. Beau Zwart - Evolove15. Eric Kupper presents K-Scope - Organism16. Jungle - All Of The Time (DJ Streaks Remix)17. Raja Zahr - Drum Sequence18. Charlie Charlie feat. Mapei - Save Us19. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (12'' Version)20. Diane Tell - Souvent Longtemps Enormement (Mikeandtess Edit 4 Friends)21. Elite Beat - Tom's By 222. Moin - It's Never Goodbye23. Junior Kimbrough - I Gotta Try You Girl
Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/439Tracklist:1. Cylob - Are We Not Men Who Live and Die2. Dundundun - In Outer Space3. Moin - Right Is Alright, Wrong Is To Belong4. Terra Utopia - #065. The Alliance - Virtual Heaven6. LTJ Bukem - Resolution7. Nookie Feat. Robbie Craig - Funk Be The Flavour8. Terra Utopia - #109. Anchorsong - Flourish10. Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger - A Rheinfahren11. As Damas Do Rap - Um Sonho Real12. Intrinsic Trance - Hey Policeman13. Sirarcusa - Streap-Tease in the Stars (The Way I Do)14. Sonny Ism - Et Andet Sted15. Terra Utopia - #0116. El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey - No One Else17. El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey & Black Thought - Conquer & Divide18. The Pearls - Return Of The Pearls (Version)19. Omar Shooli - Hab Isii (Hug Me)20. Tenderlonious - Song For My Father21. Sonny Ism - Alpha Rhythm22. Language - Tranquility Bass23. Anchorsong - Common Ground24. Scruscru - Who Has The Jazz?25. Far East Flight - Sakura26. Mandee & Central - If I Feel Like It27. Maizena - The Future28. Brian Kage & Taho - Tour De Troit29. Terra Utopia - #03
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ1. Lucinda Chua - Until I Fall2. Kabloonak - What If She Knows3. William Stuckey - The First Time4. Black Grass - Nobody Knows (It's Sunday)5. Cujo - Lazy Daze6. Mathematik - Plastic7. Panache - Every Brother Ain't A Brother (12' Mix)8. Trouble Funk - E Flat Boogie9. The Bongolian - Bongo Mambo10. Ron's Neighbours - Ron Next Door11. Sara Mandiano - Venus Et l'Aquarium (Miraa edit)12. Sonny Okosun - Highlife13. Sonny Okosun - Highlife (Dub Version)14. Good Guy & Mikesh Filburt - Someone Told Me15. Black Loops - Circulation16. Kilig - Overthinking17. Prozak - Missing You18. D_Roots - #9 (Royer Remix)19. Planetary Secrets - Guatemala Dreams20. Lake Haze - Emotional Encore21. Lake Haze - That Rave Saved My Life22. Overmono - Pieces of 823. Paranoid London - The State Of That24. YUF-O - Rebuild, Recharge25. Amandra - Sarape26. merope - ei dvipaDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/289
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ. This time my guest is Finds, a young and talented DJ, who is responsible for Wednesday morning shake over Liquid Stream. Have a listen to his hidden gems vs. my old-school influences.Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/275Tracklist:1. Syabry - Svidanie S Davney Vesnoy2. Erkin Koray - Cemalim3. Mazhar ve Fuat - Adimiz Miskindir Bizim4. Deela - Shelta Blues5. Black Grass - The Finest Thing (ft. Ra Kahn)6. Birdy Nam Nam - Jazz It At Home7. Action Bronson - Easy Rider8. Pete Rock & InI - Grown Man Sport9. Eminem feat. Thyme - Open Mic10. Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out11. CunninLynguists - Murder (Act II) (ft. Big Krit)12. Mathematik - Everyday Movement13. SaferOne - Minskers14. jin 85 - Moy Pohuy15. Rap Crew - Hip-Hop Heads (OneMoment Instrumental)16. Slozhnie - Tyopliy Dozhdz17. Cujo - Cat People18. DJ Krush - Dig This Vibe19. Blue Foundation - Grand20. Red Snapper - Dnipro21. Death In Vegas - Opium Shuffle22. Beardus x Mihey - SukaLjubov23. Killers Dyan w/ Glouton - Baile Phonk24. Dj Smokey - Kill At Will25. Dj Smokey x Soudiere - I Thought You Already Knew26. Omni Trio - First Contact27. Noisia - Cloud Shine28. Husky - A Poem About The Motherland (Decent & Snapper Remix)29. Unknown Artist - Nu Pochemu30. Amon Tobin - Nightlife
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.1. J Foerster & N Kramer - Entrance2. Ryu & Syusaku - Tecno Shoppe3. Myst - Villete4. CFCF - Our World5. Marvin & Guy - Migration (Alternate Cut Off End)6. Khotin - Groove 327. Facta - On Deck8. Popp - Pingo9. Facta - Verge10. Kilign - Closer11. Johnny Hunter - 89' Brakes12. Black Loops - Banana 2013. Kilig - What My Mind Needs14. HNNY - Memory Tape One15. Genn Bo - I Live As I Want16. Fimber Bravo - Santana's Daughter17. The Zenmenn - The Magic Eye18. Mario D Episcopo - Ive Got The Music Of Your Love (Original Mix)19. Mirage - Summer Grooves20. The Warriors - Destination21. Pellegrino - Caucci (Damecuta Version)22. Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up (Krystal Klear Remix - Edit)23. Felipe Gordon - How Do U Spell That Spell24. Facta - Diving Birds (feat. Parris)25. Yuki Conjugate - BismuthDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/259
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ. With special guest Aslamin who brought his hidden gems and unreleased pearls from his label Estetika.1. Y.O.G.A. - Your Devotion2. Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday3. DMX Krew - Disco Theme4. Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Torso Corso5. Chuck Armstrong - Something Got A Hold On Me (Psychemagik Discomix)6. Brassica - Modern Magic7. Tommy Sparks - She's Got Me Dancing8. Marvin & Guy - Prince of Badlands (Dance Mix)9. All Is Well - Late Night Romantics10. James Shinra - Signs11. Hammer - Panoptic12. Troy Kurtz - Tangolunda (Original Mix)13. DJ Seinfeld - Xoul14. Black Loops - Mike The Dog15. Lou Karsh - Reacher16. DaRand Land - Blessings17. Lapti & Nocow - Sirenas (Aslamin Edit)18. Lapti - First Date19. David Bowie - Art Decade20. Reptant - Ectoplastic21. Dogpatrol - Temperature Is Rising22. Natalie Luengo - O-d-d23. Nico - Wolfram24. DJ Life - White Bricks (Adam Pits' Topsy Turvy Mix)25. Zharkov - Rim Dream (Unreleased)26. Johannes Albert - Свобода (feat. Кристина)27. Patapenka - Get Chill If You Needed (Unreleased)28. Aslamin - Ibiza Dreams29. Depeche Mode - Where's The Revolution
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.1. Eiki Nonaka - Phlanged Vortex2. Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Park (Piano Solo)3. merope - bitinelis4. Kuniko Kato - Vermont Counterpoint5. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Movement 16. Ólafur Arnalds - Loom (feat. Bonobo)7. Franco Micalizzi - Mara's Theme (#2)8. Ray Cathode - Waltz In Orbit9. El Michels Affair - Lesson Learned10. Scotch ‎– Jam Alley11. African Vibration - Hinde12. Erkin Koray - Öksürük13. Kerem Güney - Sıcak Bir Sevda14. Aşık Emrah - Bu Ellerden Göçüp15. Alan Weeks - Carefull Whisper16. Symptoms Of Love - Foam (Seaside Mix)17. Hillside - Walpole Days18. Onoe Caponoe - Miss Universe19. Mathematik - Rhyme Trainin' Remix20. Peshay - The Real Thing (90 BPM Version)21. nthng - Saafe22. MYKI - Genesis23. Full Circle - Beauty FuelDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/241
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. Nirvana - The Man Who Sold the World2. Joy Division - Warsaw3. Reymour - Holly Mother4. Dry Cleaning - Strong Feelings5. Felipe Gordon feat. Toro Moratto - The Colombian Excursions of House Music6. Felipe Gordon - Das Nuyorican Vibes7. Marshall Jefferson Solardo - Move Your Body8. Move D - I Gave My Love (Original Edit)9. Denham Audio - Club Culture10. Afriqua - Jumpteenth11. Middle Sky Boom feat. Eliezer - Bias Boys (Original Mix)12. Harry Charles - With Them (Nicola Noir Remix)13. Tai Rona - Amuka14. HNNY - Sylvia15. CKTRL - Robyn16. Earl Grey - My Souls On Ice17. Flytronix & JMJ - In Too Deep18. Stones Taro - Full Train19. Blame - Lift Off20. Pépe - Palinka Hammer21. DJ Plead - Massari and Me22. Ross From Friends - Epiphany23. Andy Garvey - Eternal Recurrence24. Gacha Bakradze - River25. Ambiance - Camouflage26. Ron's Neighbours - Sitting On Top Of The WorldDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/211
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. Peter Brown - Without Love2. Hiroki Ishiguro - Unity3. Special Touch - Share A Little4. Roots Unit - Mabonda5. Ethyos 440 - Makhno Dub6. Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Dubdope7. Pletnev - Voranto Bros (Drum Mix)8. Logic1000 - Na feat. DJ Plead9. Jex Opolis - Cave Dancer10. Juno D - Hotter and Hotter11. The Pilotwings - Dfc du pauvre12. Scuba - Little Big Bee13. Sandy B - Student Night14. Prabh Deep - Kala15. Da Bush Babees - We Run Things (It's Like That)16. ChillxWill - 911 (ft. BriskInTheHouse)17. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - C-Side18. Jungle Brothers - Braggin & Boastin19. The Realist - Can I Get Mines20. Digable Planets - Pacifics21. Sammy Massamba - Birika22. Raphael Top-Secret & Nelson Bishop - Love So High23. Khotin - Ivory Tower24. Domenique Dumont - Quand25. Four Tet - Teenage Birdsong26. Kenjiro Hirose - Sukeban Taiman Shobu M-5https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/196
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. David Bowie - Moss Garden2. Domenique Dumont - Everyday Life3. HNNY - You Feeling Alright4. 6th Borough Project - Lovin'5. Soul Connection - In And Out Of Love6. Ray & James - Nature Boy7. Lonnie Liston Smith - Floating Through Space8. HNNY - My Baby9. Kanot - Hit & Run10. Soul Connection - The Way Love Is11. Sofia Kourtesis - La Perla12. Kerri Chandler - Time Is Destiny13. dj poolboi - Ghosts (Original Mix)14. Duccio feat Emily Litta - What If?15. Benjamin Fröhlich - How Much Are They (Daniel Bortz Remix)16. Escape Two - Blauer Affe17. HNNY - Sunday18. El Michels Affair - Ala Vida19. Bridge - Next to Me20. Kanot - Turbulens21. Ghia - You Won't Sleep On My Pillow22. Jo Bogaert - Would You23. White Light - I Want You To Know Me24. Thomas Leer - Private PlaneDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/183
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.Tracklist:1. metra.vestlud - Водные процедуры2. metra.vestlud - Back v Reku3. Стажеры - Гимн детям4. Gigolo Tony & Lacey Lace - Why You Get So High (Vocal)5. Awlnight- Looks Interesting6. ChillxWill - 1-800-Fuck-Outtahere7. Invisible Temple - Ghost Valley8. Jesse Futerman Ft. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Luckey (Peaking Lights Remix)9. Invisible Temple - Plant Magic10. Electro Keyboard Orchestra - The Fire Dance11. Emmanuelle Parrenin & Detlef Weinrich - Gelbe Schlange12. Bedouin Ascent - Joyriding III13. November Group - Night Architecture14. Kosmonavt - Squat15. DJ Crisps - No Worries16. Bailey Ibbs - We Run17. Gilbert Cohen - Tu Ne Peux Pas Savoir (Priori Vocal Mix)18. Amount - Kreuzberg19. Jaymie Silk - Jack Johnson20. The Bongolian - Talking Synth21. Pigbag - Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag (12" Mix)22. Metal Moments - Metal Moments23. Pulse - Freedom Time24. The Jaffa Kid - Strenna25. Om Unit - Ulysses26. Croatian Amor - Point Reflex Blue27. Gilbert Cohen - Tribu Sauvage (Gilb R Late Night Mix)Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/173
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.1. Visit Venus - Digital Dub2. Ana Roxanne - - - -3. Photay - Please Hold4. Misha Panfilov Sound Combo - In a Dream5. Rêves Sonores - Mondial6. LTJ Bukem - Journey Inwards7. Neon Phusion - Space Jam8. Boof - Ana's F Is Chillin9. Mr. Ho Mogwaa - Conquest10. Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)11. Black Loops - Circulation (Original Mix)12. Mr. Ho Mogwaa - Hustler's Billiard13. Louis Marlo - Earchin' For Paradise (ft. Sam Brickel)14. Jimi - Sensations Of The Mind15. Mr. Ho Mogwaa - Bail-E16. DaRand Land - Blessings17. Ben Woods - Body Rhyme18. NSRD - Karstvīna recepte / Uz pirti / Garām aiziet vīrs ar cigareti19. Brijean - Ocean20. Pellegrino - Libra Position (Reprise)21. Hector Costita - Surprise Blues22. Kiri Ra! - Haplo'os23. Love Unlimited Feat. Barry White - Love's ThemeDownload: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/160
A weekly show on Radio Plato run by KorneJ.1. K.S. Eden - ... In Open Country2. Apifera - Lake VU3. ChillxWill - Warning4. DJ Krush - Only The Survive5. NAPPYNAPPA - BAGZ 4 TH LOST6. Beastie Boys - Something's Got To Give7. Jelee - Skittle Samba8. Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham - Low Ceilings9. Disconnection - Bali Ha'i (Uk Discomix)10. The Pearls - Groovy Beat (Jura Soundsystem Edit)11. Osayomore Joseph and The Creative Seven - Africa Is My Root12. Shamis Yobe - Believe (LCSM Remix)13. Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham - Learning Lessens14. Cody Currie feat. Ally McMahon & Andy K - LS Anthem15. Off The Meds - Karlaplan Remix16. Two Lone Swordsmen - Rico's Helly17. Azu Tiwaline - Magnetic Service ft. Cinna Peyghamy18. Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Two19. Okvsho feat. Sreya - Descobrir20. DJ Python - Pia21. Boof - Aci Is With Her A22. Tommy Mandel - II. Beta23. Reymour - Je Te Tiens Tu Me Tiens24. Die Form - Slow Love25. Crysalis - I Never Dance (Original Version)26. Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (Extended Version)Download: https://t.me/radioplatoshowsarchive/141
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