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Author: Jonathan Graeupner and Kevin Burton

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This is Minimally Viable - the podcast for founders by founders. We interview other early-stage entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and investors on all topics relevant to early-stage startups from PMF to growth, fundraising, hiring, and all things related to early-stage startups
16 Episodes
In today's episode of Minimally Viable we talk to Matthew Wilson, Angel Investor and Founder of Allied VC. Allied is a Canadian based investor group with hundreds of global members. Matt was always an entrepreneur by heart, he started his first business at age 11, founded and exited his CPG startup after being one of the top performers at both Nestlé and Coca-Cola . We talk about the story of Allied Partners, building a syndicate from scratch, connecting the Canadian startup ecosystem with Silicon Valley, and his thoughts on becoming a successful founder
In today's episode, we talk to Drew Elliott, founder and CEO at RoundlyX. RoundlyX allows you to invest your spare change from everyday transactions into crypto on your favorite exchange. We discuss his military background, finding a co-founder through your personal network, trying out various ideas before finding the right one and fully committing. Drew also extensively discusses his view of a crypto-first world, tokenizing any asset, and democratizing various industries through crypto and blockchain. We do NOT discuss price moves or provide investment advice in this post but look at where the crypto and blockchain industry is headed for the next 5-10 years
In today's episode of Minimally Viable we talk to Sarah Hum, founder and CEO at Canny. Canny helps SaaS companies build better products by being better at listening to and acting on user feedback. Sarah started her career as a Product Designer at Facebook and founded Canny 4 years ago. Today, Canny has over 900 customers. We discuss Canny's story, pricing strategies when building a SaaS tool, teamwork in a remote startup, and how to approach growth and sales from a designer's perspective Canny recently also started a podcast for product managers which you should definitely check out:
In today's episode of Minimally Viable we talk to Matt Lerner, previous 500 Startups Partner and founder and CEO of Startup Core Strengths. Matt started his startup career at the early stages of Paypal in 2004 and joined 500 Startups as a Partner in 2015 to advise startups on how to grow. Today, he helps founders grow and shape their startups with Startup Core Strengths. We discuss PMF, growth, ownership and common mistakes founders make in their founding journey
In today's episode of Minimally Viable, we talk to Ben Matcalfe, Founder and Managing Partner at Ben has spent time at Uber, was one of the founders of WPEngine, and as an investor while at Ridge Ventures. Ben's focus at Monochrome is on early-stage and AI-driven startups. We talke about his history at Uber, his migration to an investor while at Ridge and how to get traction as an early-stage B2B SaaS company.
In today's episode of Minimally Viable, we talk to Nitesh Agrawal, founder and CEO at letsdive. Nitesh started letsdive after meeting remote workers while traveling in Vietnam. He discusses in depth his learnings from being one of the early hires and using that experience to become a serial founder. In particular, Nitesh's approach to feature prioritization is quite unique and we also discuss how letsdive prioritizes features by mapping them against specific KPIs
On today's episode of Minimally Viable we discuss - a virtual office for people sick of sitting in Zoom all day. We discuss Dayton's background in gaming and how that allowed him to rethink team communication. Branch launched during Covid which definitely helped inspire their thinking on virtual and allowed their customers to rethink how their teams were working. We discuss how Dayton and Branch are building their own team and the tricks and secrets around their execution.
On today's episode we discuss with Petar Ojdrovic. We discuss how Yada focused on early product market fit and building a minimally viable product. Petar talks about the AI space, how they're focused on building a team, and how you innovate in AI when companies like OpenAI are rapidly executing. Petar has a background in tech so we also discuss their tech stack and some of the decisions they made early on to get to market quickly.
In this episode, we talk to Max Azarov, co-founder and CEO at Novakid, about his experience as a serial founder, his thoughts on the EdTech space, and how he grew the startup to over 150 employees. He talks about his experience of seeing a similar idea during a trip to China and implementing it in Europe. Novakid is an online learning platform for children age 4-12 to learn English as a second language. The platform matches students with native-speaking, certified English speakers. They use AI to analyze the data they collect to personalize each curriculum to the respective student.
In this episode, we talk to Victor Vatus, co-founder at Makesales on how his career in sales led him to found a sales startup. He also talks about the importance of finding the right co-founder, and his thoughts on how to write the best sales emails
In this episode, we chat with Johannes Radig, founder at Leadsie. He previously advised startups at 500 Startups, led growth at an early-stage startup, and got his start in the tech world at Paypal. As a founder and advisor focused on growth, we dive deep into his step-by-step approach for doing growth at early-stage startups, iterating on growth tests, considering growth when building the product, and nurturing a growth-focused mindset in early-stage startups. We also discuss his experience as a digital nomad
Ahmed Khairy is founder and CEO at Gameball, a 500 Startups-backed startups that brings turns gamification into a SaaS play. In this episode, he talks about his experience transitioning from doing consulting in the Middle East to the tech world and founding a startup
Robert McLaws is founder and CEO at, a platform that helps founders manage their finances and combine operational and financial data to manage their run rate. In this episode, we dive deeper into his thoughts on fundraising, managing finances during the early stages, and iterating on features and product market fit
In this episode, we talk to Justin Michtell, the founder of YAC. YAC is an asynchronous communication tool for remote-first teams. He discusses in detail building a remote-firststartup, from hiring to daily communication. We also discuss his approach to prioritizing features with limited resources, and delve into his thoughts on growing at an early-stage
In this episode, we talk to Sherif Ali, founder at Funnelll. He discusses how his struggles in marketing led him to found Funnell, a no-code tool to help startups and SMBs build out their funnel. We also look deeper into growth strategies for early-stage startups, iterating on pricing, prioritizing when too many tasks need to get finished, and of course his experience going through 500 Startups.
Martijn De Wever is founder at Floww - a tool that helps investors streamline their administrative work and help startups fundraise based on hard data. In this episode, we explore his thoughts on the fundraising process and becoming a founder after many years on the other side as an invesor.
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