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Author: Amanda Lee

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Your hiking and trail dancing companion. The podcast that keeps you company while you explore the outdoors with your pooch.
5 Episodes
You’ve gotta meet Liz! Liz Meredith is in dermatology and has a passion for running, hiking, diving, and almost any adventure outside. While she’s currently training for an ultra, she’s done some pretty sweet trails and mountains…with sunscreen and water, of course! In this chat, Liz shares her three-day trek up Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai, Thailand equipped with trail and ghost stories!In this episode, Liz references:·      Doi Inthanon, which is the tallest mountain in Thailand.·      The guide service she used in Chiang Mai was Green Trails.·      Her sighting of bioluminescence while kayaking in Thailand.·      Her upcoming ultra is called the Cloudland Canyon 50K , filled with waterfalls and trails.Some of her favorite hikes other than Doi Inthanon are:·      Sacred Falls in Oahu, Hawaii·      Kokee State Park in Kauai, Hawaii
Rebecca Echols is a commercial manager for ceramic medical devices and is a hiking and running fanatic. It’s a good thing Becca knows “a guy” or gal in orthopedics because she’s done enough marathons, Ragnars , Spartans, mountains, and everything in between. She continues to challenge her body with new races and adventures. In this episode, she shares her adventure up Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest single free-standing mountain in the world. Be prepared to chuckle and visualize this epic hike as Becca retells her story.  You may also get some excellent pieces of advice and hike inspo from this spunky lady.In this episode, Rebecca mentions:The guide service, Ultimate KilimanjaroA medication for high altitude called DiamoxNa Pali Coast as her favorite hike in HawaiiGarth Brooks music
It's been a tough year and who doesn't need a little pep talk?! That's why I'm here to encourage and tell you to stop beating yourself up.  You don't have to hike to a top of a mountain every time or even most of the time.  Spoiler alert: I don't really enjoy hiking 14ers!  In case you don't know what that means, Colorado has 58 mountain peaks that exceed 14,000 feet of elevation.In this episode, you'll hear:5 reasons for why I'm not a fan of hiking 14ers.  You can read the list on traildancer.netReferences to Netflix' The Social DilemmaUpdates to where I've been/up toYou can also see some pics of the remnants of the porcupine Cici found on a recent hike on my blog.Song credit: DNZ's Wanderlust available on SoundCloud by Hear We Go.
Haaaaaaave you met Jami? Meet Jami Elyse! Jami is a well seasoned hiker and Colorado native. She has a passion for nature and her dogs.In this conversation we discuss Jami’s background as an emergency dispatcher. She reveals some tough calls and how a career as stressful as emergency telecommunications has impacted her and led her to the outdoors.Jami also shares her experience with COVID-19 and it’s impact on her life both personally and professionally. She talks about how the virus started in her “2-inch torso” and took her out for nearly 8 weeks. She was told that her trail running regimen is what most likely saved her and gave her an advantage over the virus.On top of overcoming COVID-19, Jami has a history of a variety of medical issues. She shared her recovery journey following a hip reconstruction surgery.Did I mention Jami made friends with a porcupine and mountain lion in one day?! You’ll have to hear that story from Jami herself…in this episode.In case you missed it:Jami’s Dog mom hack is a leash splitter with a bungee cord and running belt.The outdoor product she loves is the Patagonia Houdini jacket that fits into a small pouch. I found one here:…dbreaker-jacket/
What's better than hiking alone? Hiking with your dog of course!  And bringing me along for your hike.Let's cut the crap and stop letting companies take over the podcast world.  Let's build a community of like-minded people who simply enjoy the wilderness and don't need a ton of gear to get out there!This podcast is less about hiking "tips" and more about casual conversations about hiking, camping, dogs, and the outdoors.  
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