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Author: Leading Cities

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In this podcast series Michael Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities, speaks with a variety of thought leaders from visionary companies providing actionable solutions to major issues plaguing cities today. These issues range from air pollution to cyber-attacks to infectious disease and more. Michael dives into the inspiration behind each company and how they see themselves evolving in the coming years. This series will equip you with a plethora of valuable knowledge, and if nothing else, enjoy Michael’s amazing Boston accent.
24 Episodes
Almighty Algae. This episode of Preview of Tomorrow spotlights Brian Braginton-Smith, president and CEO of AquaGen-ISI, a company offering a sustainable approach to wastewater treatment. AquaGen-ISI’s integrated solution harnesses the natural benefits of algae to produce highly oxygenated clean water while simultaneously reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, the technology facilitates hydroponics while limiting cost and energy consumption, making it the most viable wastewater treatment system of its kind. Support the show (
The road to recovery.This episode of Preview of Tomorrow features founder and CEO of RoadBotics, Ben Schmidt. RoadBotics is a company that is automating the road assessment process, significantly reducing the cost of maintenance. Their AI and machine learning platform pairs smart phone video and imagery data with a community’s preexisting data to create interactive digital maps. These maps allow clients to identify issues within their road network, such as potholes and cracks, so they can begin implementing a preventive maintenance plan. RoadBotics provides governments and communities a fast, affordable and accurate approach to road maintenance. Support the show (
There’s more to you than your criminal record.In the US, there are approximately the same amount of people who have a criminal record as a 4-year college degree. Laurin Leonard, CEO of R3 Score, is dedicated to changing the way individuals with criminal records are perceived and the opportunities they are denied as a result. R3 Score recognizes that individual’s circumstances are not black and white, which traditional criminal background checks and credit scores risk models do not take into account. The company analyzes the context of numerous data points to provide an accurate risk assessment of each person, giving these individuals a fair chance of economic mobility. Support the show (
The kind of air quality you write home about.The WHO estimates that a staggering 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air. Natalia Mykhaylova’s company, WeavAir, presents a solution to this troubling issue. WeaveAir is able to detect, correct and prevent air contamination through predictive algorithms and advanced sensors. These sensors measure up to 20 different metrics of air pollution, which WeaveAir analyzes in order to create a new standard for both vehicles and commercial buildings. The startup’s innovative technology also stops the spread of infection at an extremely relevant time in the wake of COVID-19, as companies begin returning back to offices. Support the show (
Texts from Mother Nature Did you know that floods are the most common natural hazard on the planet? This episode of Preview of Tomorrow features Esteban Canepa, the CTO of Sadeem, a startup that provides early warnings of flash floods. Sadeem allows civilians and government officials to effectively prepare for oncoming floods by sending smart phone alerts 6-12 hours prior to the disaster. The company utilizes advanced sensors to detect floods before they occur in order to mitigate their impact and save lives.Support the show (
Not all water is created equal. In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow Louise Bleach, Head of Impact at Desolenator, explains how the startup pioneered a solar-driven, ecofriendly water purification system. Louise highlights the major pitfalls of standard desalination processes such as cost, carbon emissions and volume of chemicals used to treat water. Desolenator established a desalination process powered entirely by renewable energy that utilizes a singular biodegradable chemical and is resilient to water changes. The company’s solution provides clean drinking water at scale, all with a net zero environmental impact. Support the show (
Your seeing eye dog without the cleanup. This episode of Preview of Tomorrow features René Espinoza, Founder and CEO of Lazarillo, a company based out of Chile that helps the visually impaired navigate urban environments. Lazarillo is a free app that employs real time detailed audio guidance, enabling blind individuals to traverse cities quickly and independently. Lazarillo serves as an  intermediary between the visually impaired and businesses by highlighting specific companies selling products and providing job opportunities within the app. Support the show (
A workspace as smart as its tenants. In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow Rishi Chowdhury, CEO of Incube Space, touches on how the company is creating sustainable, reconfigurable workspaces through their data driven, innovative techniques. Incube Space utilizes cubes, its modular wall system helping commercial property owners build rooms using only sustainable materials without any onsite waste. These pop-up smart offices are extremely adaptable and can be built or redesigned in a matter of days, resulting in faster turnaround times and cutting both costs and carbon emissions.  Support the show (
Breeze Easy.If air pollution is one of the greatest environmental threats of our time according to the WHO, why are we using the same air quality monitoring techniques as we did in the 60s and 70s? Robert Heinecke’s German based company, Breeze Technologies, manufactures air quality sensors that are 1,000x cheaper and 50,000x smaller than traditional sensors, allowing for wide scale implementation. Breeze Technologies also provides an opportunity for citizens, companies and municipalities to become sensor hosts and gather local air quality data in order to understand the sources of their air pollution and how to mitigate them. Support the show (
There may not be free lunches, but there are free rides.In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow, Alexander Esposito, Co-Founder and CEO of Circuit, describes how his startup is reducing the amount of single-occupancy vehicles on the road to mitigate traffic in cities. Circuit offers free shuttle services that transport people to nearby bus or train stations within specific geo-fenced areas. The company employs hourly-paid workers and electric vehicles, providing economic and environmental benefits to local communities, while alleviating traffic. Support the show (
Save the world. Don’t flush your toilet. Did you know that one year of flushing the toilet uses enough water to live off of for 15 years? Ezequiel Vedana da Rosa, Founder and CEO of Piipee, is devoted to reducing this waste. Piipee, a Brazilian based company, produces an eco-friendly liquid that dilutes urine and instantly changes the color and smell. Piipee’s product can be installed in toilet bowls and provides an alternative to flushing, saving costumers both water and money. Support the show (
Water Without Worries

Water Without Worries


Don’t cry over spilled milk, cry over spilled water.In the US alone, there are over 1,000 water main breaks per day, which have major negative economic and environmental implications. This episode of Preview of Tomorrow introduces Jim Fitchett, COO and Co-Founder of Voda.AI, a company that operates globally to detect water main failures up to ten years before they occur. Voda.AI’s state-of-the-art cloud software utilizes artificial intelligence to not only rank pipes by risk of failure, but also identify the consequences of failure ten times more accurately than alternative methods. Voda.AI allows cities to proactively address pipe maintenance, increasing cost efficiencies while decreasing the loss of valuable treated water.  Support the show (
Who's watching us through all those surveillance cameras?In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow, Uday Kiran Chaka, Founder and CEO of Smart Sentry AI explains the short comings of modern surveillance systems due to human error. It turns out people just aren't designed to sit in front of monitors all day watching for security risks. To solve this issue, Uday's company has created an Artificial Intelligence system that can monitor video feeds 24/7, and detect danger more accurately than humans, sounding the alarm only when necessary. Not only is this system far more effective at alerting us when things go wrong, but it also is a less invasive and unbiased solution for keeping our communities safe. Support the show (
Kitchen Farming

Kitchen Farming


The future of farming is landless. In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow, Scott Massey, Co-Founder and CEO of Heliponix delves into how the company’s cutting-edge technology is reimagining agriculture. Heliponix’s GroPod smart garden device provides everyday consumers with the means to cultivate produce from the comfort of their own homes. The self-contained in-home appliance grows produce three times faster than traditional methods, while reducing greenhouse gases as well as food and water waste, making it one of the most sustainable gardening products on the market.Support the show (
Economic equality is one click away. This episode of Preview of Tomorrow introduces Dave Parsell, Cofounder and CEO of Localintel, an advanced technology company empowering communities to promote their economic development. Localintel works with organizations, enhancing their websites to increase engagement, educate consumers and attract new investment. The company is able to achieve this success through their highly sophisticated data tools. Localintel is forging the way for smart cities and small businesses to spread their mission and stimulate job markets to advance economic equality.Support the show (
Yoga can reduce more than just stress.Did you know that, globally, our carbon emissions are 100 times more than the weight of humanity? This episode of "Preview of Tomorrow" introduces Madison Savilow, Chief of Staff at Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a company based in Calgary, Canada committed to reducing carbon emissions by transforming CO2 into a multitude of products. From concrete to consumer products, such as yoga mats, Carbon Upcycling Technologies is minimizing our carbon footprint and providing a better future for our planet.Support the show (
The fight to combat human trafficking. In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow Rochelle Keyhan, CEO, and criminal justice expert, describes how Collective Liberty is working to eradicate human trafficking. Rochelle explains how in addition to sex trafficking, there is also a prevalence of labor trafficking in both cities and rural America that often goes unnoticed due to its benefits to supply chains. Rochelle recounts how Collective Liberty was born out of a lack of resources and best practices for prosecuting human traffickers. The company provides law enforcement with the data, intelligence analysis and training they need to effectively prosecute human traffickers and dismantle their networks to prevent future offenses.Support the show (
The Airbnb of Parking

The Airbnb of Parking


A walk in the park solution. The average person spends 17 hours a year looking for parking. Rocky Vitali, Co-Founder of XPressPark, formerly known as HAH parking, is committed to reducing traffic caused by parking inefficiencies. In this episode of Preview of Tomorrow, Rocky explores how XPressPark is increasing mobility in smart cities by tapping into underutilized spaces. XPressPark offers a private parking marketplace where individuals and companies can list their personal driveways or commercial parking lots to be rented for parking. Their mobile app also allows drivers to reserve nearby parking spots in advance or real-time and pay virtually or extend their time, all with a click of a button. Support the show (
Waste management just got a whole lot more exciting! This episode of Preview of Tomorrow introduces Andy Crofts, Business Development Manager at Enevo, a company out of Finland disrupting the waste management industry across the US, the UK and Europe. Enevo provides smart cities with a tangible solution to reduce waste system expenses and inefficiencies through their loT sensors. These sensors are placed in trash bins and analyze the amount of both trash and recycling and feed this data back to waste management companies. In turn, these companies are able to optimize their waste collections to reduce unnecessary driving and increase sustainability. Support the show (
A World of Zero Trust. Cyber-attacks pose not only a threat to cities and small businesses, but also to our individual personal information. This episode of “Preview of Tomorrow,” introduces Nathan Paul, CEO and President of Blacksands, an innovative cybersecurity company. Nathan explains how Blacksands administers point to point encrypted connections, securely connecting businesses and individuals to the applications they need without compromising any of their information.Support the show (
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