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Just a Dude With a microphone talking to awesome people. we explore everything from business to the deeper layers of life. and so much more! Come and join me and this wild adventure.
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Join us for an enlightening journey into the twisty labyrinth of asset protection with our esteemed guest, Lee Phillips. Prepare to have your misconceptions about Wyoming LLCs shredded as we expose the truth about asset protection and tax strategies. Lee, with his wealth of knowledge, sheds light on the major threats to your assets, including lawsuits and the IRS, and offers some golden nuggets of wisdom on how to protect what's yours.We'll guide you through the complex maze of LLCs, trusts, and corporations, helping you understand their unique roles in providing asset protection. Lee will unravel the enigma that is the charging order protection, a concept unique to LLCs. We'll also dispel some myths surrounding privacy in today's world, explaining why setting up your LLC in the state where you operate is not just a good idea, it's essential.The podcast wouldn't be complete without an exploration of tax strategies and retirement planning. Did you know that the decision by Wyoming to allow LLCs to be taxed differently has opened up new avenues for tax shelters? We compare Roth IRAs and Standard IRAs, considering how the tax rate at the time of withdrawal could tilt the balance in favor of one over the other. Finally, we'll dive into the legal maelstrom surrounding LLCs, state laws and the high-stakes implications of not registering your Wyoming LLC. Hold tight, because this is going to be a wild ride!Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Have you ever questioned the societal norms and wondered if there's more to what meets the eye? Well, in our intense conversation with Caroline, we unravel the often overlooked aspects of our world, challenging the status quo and unearthing fascinating narratives. From the intricacies of government manipulation and the role of ammunition in our society, to the unsettling realities of surveillance technology, we go farther than the surface, eliciting thought-provoking dialogues and insights.From the streets of California to the global political stage, we traverse a myriad of topics, opening up discussions on the divisive political climate, the implications of AI and technology, and the chilling prospect of a thousand-year war. We also delve into the mind-bending world of Caroline's science fiction and paranormal books, bringing to life characters and plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat. No topic is off-limits, as we share personal stories, discuss intelligent farm animals, and ponder over the human concept of time, religion, and karma.We wrap up this rollercoaster of a conversation by probing into trigger warnings, their sensitivity, and how they've become an integral part of our society. We journey through stories of personal conflict and surprising animal intelligence, all while exploring the power of narrative. Join us as we navigate chaos, philosophy, and the fascinating intricacies of our world. Sit back, grab your popcorn, and be prepared to be thrilled! One thing's for sure - Caroline's captivating insights and stories are something you wouldn't want to miss!Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Imagine growing up in an environment devoid of love, support, or even basic respect. Now, imagine the coping mechanisms one might develop in such an environment, only to find that these mechanisms are not beneficial in the long run. That's what we delve into with seasoned psychotherapist, Phyllis Leavitt. From tracing the roots of societal issues back to familial or community-based trauma, we dissect the impact of discrimination, abuse, and neglect on an individual and society at large. We highlight the urgent need for more psychological education to understand and navigate these dynamics, further discussing how these problems are mirrored on a broader scale, threatening societal stability.Are you aware of the two possible outcomes of an abusive upbringing - learned helplessness or identifying with the aggressor? Phyllis guides us through these dynamics and how they play out within our homes and society. We also touch on the overlooked gender dynamics and their societal impact. The conversation takes a deeper turn as we discuss the imbalance of power between men and women, the pendulum swing between genders, and the need for balanced role models.But it's not all doom and gloom. We explore the impact of small acts of kindness and love within a community. The role of generosity in healing communities is highlighted, along with the sense of belonging that can deter destructive behaviors. We then switch gears to discuss the long-term effects of emotional pain and discrimination, emphasizing the crucial role of love and care. Finally, Phyllis gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming book that aims to underscore the importance of kindness and respect in transforming situations and lives. Join us as we delve into these pressing societal issues from a fresh perspective.PHYLLIS Bio and linksI graduated from Antioch University with a Masters’ Degree in Psychology and Counseling in 1989. I co-directed a sexual abuse treatment program called Parents United in Santa Fe, New Mexico until 1991 before going into private practice full time. I have been a psychotherapist treating children, families, couples, and individual adults for over 30 years, and I have worked extensively with abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics, their aftermath, and some of the most important elements for healing. I have also published two books, A Light in the Darkness and Into the Fire, and I have a new book America in Therapy. I live in Taos, NM and I retired from my practice and focused on writing. My website is Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Looking to get more traffic from google Maps? Check out our guide on how to do local SEO on Google Maps!In this video, we'll show you how to optimize your business for google Maps by including key search terms and phrases. By doing local SEO on Google Maps, you'll be able to reach a wider audience and increase traffic to your business!we're going to show you how to get more traffic from Google using local SEO. By optimizing your locations on Google Maps, you'll be able to rank higher in organic search results and attract more organic traffic to your website.If you're looking to improve your website's visibility and traffic, then this video is for you! By following these simple steps, you'll be able to take your website to the next level and see a growth in your online traffic!Darren’s down-to-earth humor compels audiences to laugh while they learn. He engages groups from the moment he steps in front of them and leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they will use long after the lights have gone out on the event. Darren is passionate about people, leadership and successful businesses. He is especially inspired to help people take their companies to higher levels.  Darren is the owner and CEO of Thrive Management a technology consulting firm and the creators of Thrive Reviews, reputation management company.  Darren has delivered seminars on hundreds of stages across the US for the past 15 years, personally training over 20,000 business leaders. the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
You ever wondered why we act the way we do? Join us for a conversation with the insightful Jeniji as we unravel the complexities of human behavior. By discussing the 'three doers' - the habitual, emotional, and intentional - Jeniji takes us on a journey through our own minds, shedding light on how our emotions, habits, and intentions shape our actions. If you've ever felt lost in the maze of your own thoughts, this episode could be your guide. Venturing into the shadowy territories of addiction and mental illness, Jeniji shares his personal transformative experiences that led him to a profound understanding of these issues. He takes us through an unexpected thought that shifted his perspective radically and opened up a new world of mental health understanding. His insights on how our beliefs can create our reality and how we can use intention as a powerful tool for positive change will leave you contemplating long after the episode ends. But that's not all. We also delve into spirituality, religion, and personal development, discussing tal importance of being present. Geniji shares practical techniques to connect with our subconscious, helping to identify and address thought patterns that mholding us back. From the power of intention to overcoming procrastination, we tackle it all. And as a special treat, we will explore how you can structure a successful business by harnessing the power of intention. So buckle up and get ready for a mind-expanding experience!Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Axel started Wizest by bringing together the co-founding team around a clear vision and mission: building a solution that makes investing more approachable, collaborative and transparent. After an early career in France and Spain as an industrial engineer working mainly in the automotive industry, Axel came to the US to get his MBA from MIT. He then started his finance journey, serving as the head of strategy and transformation for two banks, leading areas like strategic and commercial planning, product development, marketing, operational efficiency, compliance, digital transformation and M&A. During this time managed an online bank, VirtualBank, and, before starting Wizest, launched another online bank one from scratch, TotalDirectBank.Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Craig Goldberg is a Relaxation Expert and Technologist on a quest to help humanity achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness through the use of sound and vibration technology. He is a Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner, and his work is backed by 40+ years of research showing the many benefits of this type of therapy. He is also a patented inventor, constantly exploring new ways to use sound and vibration to help people reduce stress and anxiety, heal, and transform their lives for the better. Craig is passionate about his work and truly believes in its ability to provide a path toward a more peaceful and fulfilling life.Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Dustin is a successful business owner in the wealth and lifestyle design space. Has many awards and achievements ranging from business excellence awards to multiple Top 40 Under 40 wins to snowboarding medals, golf scholarships, he is a hobby 1000 yd marksman, can be found in the backcountry snowmobiling in winter and currently is working on completing a mini resort when he is not authoring books or driving his sons to hockey practice.FACEBOOK (BUSINESS): | LinkedIn: | Instagram: | Twitter: | Youtube: | Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Hailey Rowe is a Marketing/Sales Coach & Linkedin Lead Generation Service Provider.    She helps service-based business owners (especially coaches) get clients consistently, develop their no brainer offers, & grow their income without the social media overwhelm.     She shares her F.A.S.T. framework, marketing, and business  tips in her Health Coach Nation Podcast & in the Health Coach Nation Facebook Group (    She’s been named as one of the Top 25 Coaches in Chicago & one of the Top 6 business podcasts for health coaches. Since 2010, Hailey has worked in the coaching industry & in business development/marketing for startups.    Hailey’s philosophy: You can have an amazing service and impact to make, but without a strong mindset, and sales and marketing plan, your business will remain a hobby.   To learn more about Hailey, go to, or connect with her directly on    LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES: Website: Instagram: Https://  Facebook:  Podcast:  Facebook Group:  Linkedin: Tik Tok: Free Content Roadmap: freebie: Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
this is a simple show today. just me talking about my plans for the show and what i want to do.Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Howard Wolpoff is the Chief Marketing Strategist of Profit Master Business Solutions and a marketing executive with over 25 years of experience helping hundreds of businesses create profitable solutions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers, and build a solid corporate brand. He has helped launch three businesses: Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment, the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team and GRIDIRONNOW.COM, the premier site for SEC football.Small business owners hire Howard to rebuild their business confidence and competence to exceed expectations because most have a business in a state of chaos, are lacking guidance and are frequently overwhelmed. So he helps redirect energies, create accountability and accelerate performance, actually doubling their revenues….In the process, making them love their business again.He previously has served as the Director of Best Media in Houston, TX and the Vice President of Client Integration at Client Focused Media where he also produced four local TV shows and was a host on Buzz TV where he interviewed local business owners and leaders. He currently hosts Marketing Champions on He is also the host of two podcasts, 30 Days of Marketing Mavens and Small Business Marketing - Then and Now. Born and raised in New York City, Howard moved to Jacksonville in 2007. He is married with three children and earned his MBA in Marketing from Fordham University.www.profitmasterbusinesssolutions.com the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
 Eunicia is an accomplished wealth strategist and business owner with over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Eunicia honed her expertise by delivering significant financial improvements to the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies and renowned global brands across multiple industries.       Her passion is to help multi 6 and 7 figure individuals optimize their wealth creation efforts by empowering them to leverage wealth creating strategies that go beyond 401(k)s, IRAs and other typical savings accounts in order to minimize taxes, maximize growth & increase income in retirement.       Based on serving hundreds of clients, Eunicia is a strong believer that those that don't have a personalized and holistic financial strategy,  will only get a fraction of the results.          Eunicia’s Wealth Freedom Formula is a customized hands-on financial consulting program offering end-to-end wealth optimization strategies that have historically only been leveraged by the ultra-wealthy.  The tried-and-true personalized approach has delivered significant bottom line improvements to hundreds of clients because it leverages a quarterback approach to ensure the clients’ financial team is working in unison to minimize financial leakage.          Eunicia is a huge believer in empowering her clients with the tips, tricks and know-how to grow and protect their money in a way that aligns with the client’s values and beliefs.            In addition to managing her own business, Eunicia serves as a strategic advisor to several business-oriented and female leader groups.     Link: the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
In 2015, I was a normal guy with a really great job, a beautiful family, a great home, a great dog, and a generally happy life. As the Director of Operations Development at LMI Solutions, I was the king of my own little hill, creating amazing business development solutions for the company that varied wildly from building ERP software for the company to establishing entire departments, all in the name of growth. The times were great, and the whole thing was genuinely fun.But unfortunately, I also have this thing called Sickle Cell Disease – a serious and disabling blood disorder – and on February 29, 2016, sickle cell took my vision in my right eye (after already taking my hearing in my left ear 4 years prior), and I lost my job over it because I was now a safety hazard. Really.So just like that, there went the wonderful job, and all that came with it (family included). At the time, I was too young and foolish to know that I should at least ask for some sort of severance pay, and I instantly found myself struggling to not only learn to read again with my remaining eye but also, how to work and pay bills again.Within 6 months, I’d figured out how to do both, but this time, I’d create glorious things, not for another employer, but instead, for myself and my own clients. And thus, the entity known as Oxford Pierpont was born.For over half a decade now, I have worked to provide incredibly polished and efficient business development services to small business owners and multi-national corporations alike, and the experience has been nothing short of incredible.More importantly, I have gained so much personal value from meeting and consulting with hundreds of business owners at all stages of the process, and in that process, I have changed lives.Like any good story, there is more to it than I can appropriately convey in a short bio, but if you’d like to learn more about me, my companies, or my missions, please feel free to reach out to my team for a one-on-one conversation. the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Hello, and welcome everybody today on the show.I am starting a solo podcast idea just me talk about different ideas that come to mind a concept for the show, if you like what you hear please hit like subscribe and share the show.enjoy!Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
After starting her career in the banking industry, Kristin Colca noticed that conventional financial wisdom was not working for many of her clients. A low-interest rate environment combined with Wall Street volatility and a growing pile of debt made it almost impossible to plan or create a secure plan for retirement. Further complicating these issues are the financial “experts” and “advisors” that are too quick to recommend one-size-fits-all solutions without fully understanding their client’s goals or dreams. Kristin’s mission is to create custom-tailored and holistic financial strategies for her clients that empower them to achieve financial freedom. Connect with Kristin Colca at the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Christina Inge is a best-selling author on digital marketing, digital strategist, and marketing teacher.     Christina Inge has two decades of experience leading digital strategy and managing complex marketing technology projects. She specializes in articulating effective, efficient digital strategies for organizations using the latest channels to drive results.     Her areas of specialty include go to market strategy, marketing analytics, SEO, inclusive digital media, and data-driven marketing.Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Matt is a two-time author of the book Breath: 5 Meditations for Stress Relief and the motivational book Living Gratitude, Matt O’Grady welcomes you to join him on his podcast show where he teaches his clients how to live happier, more successful, and gratitude-filled lives. He is a former co-host on the Matt and Phil LOA Show which aired for four years. Matt is also a co-founder of a non-profit organization, Soul Brothers, that supports adults and children in need. the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Kim Becker is a motivational and inspirational speaker and an award-winning author of two books about beauty, cancer, and the amazing scope of the human spirit.  Kim is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story of faith, hope, and service to others, and the Co-Founder of Hello Gorgeous! of HOPE, Inc., a non-profit organization that restores the beauty that cancer steals.   Kim has been a business owner and national educator for more than 30 years.  Through her many experiences in the for-profit and non-profit business worlds, Kim has become a businesswoman, fundraiser, event planner, educator, public speaker, podcast host, and the face of Hello Gorgeous!  Kim received the Mom`s Choice Award for her first book, “Hello Gorgeous!: A Journey of Faith, Love, and Hope”. Kim received the 2011 Spirit of Women award, the American Cancer Society 2014 Coaches Versus Cancer Inspirational Award, she received the prestigious George H. W. Bush, Points of Light award in 2015, and in 2019 Kim received the Shero Award from Zeta Phi Beta Society.Support the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
Into the Night: the Death Fences: Hearts: Notes: @Giammanco BookFacebook: Caroline Giammanco Author FansSupport the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
My name is David Angel and I’m a sales coach.As someone who had has great results in sales. At my peak, I had the flashy cars, the Rolex watches, and multiple successful companies.To then lost everything (including nearly my life) due to a breakdown and chemical abuse. I have rebuilt myself to be strong than ever before.All I was left with was my skills of selling. I have built myself back over the year coaching other people on how to be incredibly effective in businessNow I use my in depth sales skills to help others with my interactive sales and coaching program.My goal is to help 1000 people in the next year and thought this could bring value on some podcasts.Discover More the showif you enjoyed the show be sure to check out my info:
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