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Just a Dude With a microphone talking to awesome people. Come and join me and this wild adventure.
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today on the show we have Terry Tucker.  A man that has gone through many careers and powerful changes in his life from marketing to some work in the hospital to a police officer from their security consultants, motivational speaker, a cancer survivor. and so much more.  We get into a little bit about mindset entrepreneurship.  Some cop talk. it's just a blast.Motivational Check:  LinkedIn: Excellence, Ten Principles to Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life - AmazonLink: the show (
today on the show we have Luke Hohmann, an entrepreneur in the educational finance arena for children.  Teaching children how budgets work to investing group projects within the money management system.  So many more amazing topics.  We go into, enjoy. www.firstroot.coSupport the show (
Michael S. Seaver is an award-winning executive coach, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and author. He’s on a mission to unlock human potential to help people uncover and live their purpose, and live a more meaningful and authentic life. His unique methodology has revolutionized how leaders can live authentically and how organizations engage employees. He offers no-nonsense strategies to help people find confidence in their life’s narrative, commonalities across generations working today, and ways to communicate with emotional intelligence.Michael’s newest book, I Know, A Practical Guide For Awakening To What’s Within And Finding Work-Life Integration, tells his story of excruciating emotional pain and contemplating suicide. Cleopatra, his cat, sensed his despair, kept him grounded, and helped him rise from his life’s ashes. I Know is a how-to guide Michael uses with clients walking you through the three phases of personal transformation and nine processes you can complete alone or with trusted friends. The book tells Michael’s raw and authentic story, offers research-based psychological truths, and is full of real-world client examples. After reading I Know, you’ll transition from believing life’s answers come from outside yourself to knowing you can discover the answers already inside yourself., LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, TwitterSupport the show (
Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc., a 15-year-old operations management firm. She specializes in increasing bandwidth for fast-growing organizations via business infrastructure. Alicia has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University, an MBA from Tulane University, and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Combined, her content has over three-quarters of a million views across various online platforms. Alicia hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues podcast. She’s also the author of the 2x Amazon bestseller, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success. Committed to doing the right things the right way, Alicia's mantra is "to leave it better than you found it." the show (
today on the show we have Shahar Abrams, we talk about blockchian, crypto, future of "the market" the show (
Alison is an energetic speaker that is busy every day helping entrepreneurs prepare for the next stage of their business. Whether the next stage is to sell, scale, or get the business running so the owner can actually step away for a vacation, Alison is the person to work with.She has a unique perspective as she has built and sold a business for over 10 million dollars as well as worked in the private equity firms looking to buy businesses like hers to scale them and make profits long-term. the show (
Founder and CEO of Naked Warrior Recovery, a CBDcompany focused on the recovery of veterans and firstresponders. He is a retired Navy SEAL with 26 years of service.He has served on both traditional SEAL Teams, taught as aSEAL Sniper Instructor and served on Teams that specialized inundersea operations, who’s missions must be approved by thePresident of the United States. He led major combat operationsranging from protecting the interim Iraqi elected officials to DirectAction missions in Baghdad and across Ambar province.After retiring from the military in 2018 he realized that hewas suffering from physical and psychological symptoms thatnegatively impacted his well-being and quality of life. Migraines,severe anxiety, chronic pains, difficulty focusing, difficultysleeping/falling asleep, and depression are some of thesymptoms I struggled with on a daily basis.Like so many others, he used alcohol & prescription drugsto mask the symptoms he had. Then he discovered CBD and itchanged his life. It had such an impact on him he started NakedWarrior Recovery to bring the highest quality products to themarket and to teach the GET NAKED! Mindset.The post I was talking about Cash the show (
how to manifest a better you. and better life. Shawn Gives us some awesome tips and tricks. the show (
Twyla Dell is a published author, an environmental leader, and a fuel transition historian. She is podcasting and blogging on reducing gasoline use. She worked for the  Environmental Protection Agency and as a professional public speaker. She graduated from Antioch University  Graduate School in 2009 with a  PH.D. in Environmental Studies. the show (
James is an accomplished, forward-thinking marketing professional with 30+ years of multi-disciplinary experience in marketing and marketing communications companies serving high-profile, global brands and B2C clients in consumer packaged goods, durables, transportation, telecommunications, and financial services.He has been involved in digital marketing for more than ten years, first as president of a direct marketing agency Brann Worldwide's San Francisco office, where he led the evolution of the agency from traditional direct marketing to digital. Clients included Apple, Wells Fargo online bank, and Nestlé. He went on to become the head of a mid-sized agency’s interactive group, with Toyota as the main client. Over ten years ago, he joined Red8 Interactive (, a long-term vendor, and became an owner and managing director.Discover More the show (
Her process is like a Disneyland Fast Pass – it gets you to the places you want to go, efficiently and easily. Her MBA comes in handy as she works with people who are:∙ 50+ and downsized   ∙ Re-entering after a time gap∙ Veterans who like processes & procedures ∙ Plug and play entrepreneurs ∙ Currently employed but nervous about their futureNote: Diane’s last name, Pleuss, rhymes with choice, voice or Rolls Royce. the show (
Into the Night: the Death Fences: Hearts: Notes: @Giammanco BookFacebook: Caroline Giammanco Author Fans the show ( the show (
TempDev is a healthcare IT consulting and technology firm focused on NextGen Healthcare software. They specialize in creating innovative and forward-thinking solutions, such as credit balance software, reporting dashboards, business intelligence solutions, and practice management templates. TempDev has worked with some of the largest medical groups, private equity firms, and ASCs in the country. They have presented at the NextGen National User Group Meeting conference on multiple occasions. TempDev offers consulting services for Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) and practice management. They are also a NextGen Preferred Partner handling outsourced white label work and consulting with research and development teams.Computer Engineer Laura Miller founded TempDev in 2007 and remains the CEO and owner of the company. Miller founded TempDev to help clients improve operations, clinical, and financial performance. The team solves complex problems and develops solutions to drive their clients’ businesses forward and reducing or eliminating the need for outsourcing.Discover MoreHere are a couple of links  we talked about:TempDev - https://www.tempdev.comA bio about me if you’d like - – https://www.asana.comRippling – https://www.rippling.comBonusly – https://www.bonus.lyTime Doctor 2 - social media links!Twitter - - -  LinkedIn - - Support the show (
Marc Azoulay

Marc Azoulay


today on the show we have marc, awesome dude. we talk about business, mindsets, and so much more stuff. enjoy Website: page: iTunes link:, Support the show (
As a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit, I cofounded my 3rd business 3 years ago to offer Wellness Routine to women. We have 2 product lines: We started with a subscription for personal care and have $3M in sales. In order to scale and expand we added the 2nd product line which is a Fem-care subscription and an AI-powered solution for menstrual discomfort. This product is a labor of love for me, given that my wife experienced period pain for years! As an engineer, I decided to help her. What we have is a pocket-sized wearable + the next generation of period trackers app. Something that started off to comfort my wife is now a solution to help every woman with period discomfort.Discover More the show (
Skyler Lewis

Skyler Lewis


today on the show we have skylermy linktr.ee the show (
About MeWhether you want to break that 7-figure ceiling, make a big difference in the world, or finally have enough support to take weekends off, Vanessa and her dedicated team of professionals at the BGA can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality - whether you’re an attorney, healthcare professional, financial expert, marketer, branding agency or other professional service provider. Through proven growth strategies, smart business tools, expert support, and direct accountability, her clients have: Grown by more than 100% in 100 days or lessTaken a worry-free vacation as their business continued to growBecome the breadwinner of their families Vanessa will guide you into getting clear on your big dreams, help you craft a bold vision for your life and help you translate it all into a practical roadmap for success.Described by her clients as an engaging coach with a sharp eye for business, Vanessa has a genuine passion for mentoring entrepreneurs as they break through barriers and dare to play bigger. On a mission to empower women financially, she created a 100 day program that has generated $5.5 million in new revenue during Covid for 40 small business owners - and she’s just getting started. Originally from the UK, Vanessa has over 16 years of experience working with business leaders ranging from startups to billion-dollar companies as well as the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. She’s also held senior leadership roles within the International Coach Federation.Her client roster today includes attorneys, healthcare professionals, financial experts, marketers, branding agencies and other professional service providers who are really good at what they do and seeking help to grow and scale their business. Vanessa is currently soaking up the desert sun in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband Robert, their two children, and a collection of four-legged friends.Discover More linktr.ee the show (
As a founder of Your First Income Property Program, I teach people how to purchase and manage income properties profitably and passively. Your First Income Property Program is a mentorship program that includes 20 weeks of interactive learning and taking action toward making your first income property purchase.Discover More linktr.ee the show (
Joseph Wilkins founded ProCreative Studios in 2000, a marketing agency focused on infomercials, TV commercials and web sales videos. Over the past 20 years, Joseph has directed thousands of ad campaigns for clients including Google, Linkedin, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs, Chevrolet, Home Depot and other mega brands.As habits shifted away from broadcast TV, Joseph launched where his team creates attention-grabbing "viral style" sales videos that entertain viewers into making a purchase.With two decades experience, hundreds of millions of broadcast and online views and over $50 MILLION in tracked sales, Joseph enjoys sharing 8 simple steps any business can follow to drive immediate online sales on his podcast "How To Make A Video Go Viral."Discover More the show (
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