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 Ryan Margolin is the CEO of Professional Hair Labs, he Started in 1994, Professional Hair Labs has dominated the hair care industry while staying true to its vision of clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly hair adhesive products. Ryan can offer your audience his take on not only building a highly successful business from the ground up, but also his expertise in IP protection, international trade, dealing with product counterfeiting, B2B marketing, and much more. After his mother became ill from toxic hair care products, a call to action was spurred for Ryan Margolin and his family-run business, Professional Hair Labs. Ryan now has more than 20 years of experience as CEO and has done business in over 15 different countries with over 50 million in products sold globally. When he isn’t busy spreading the word on the risks of harmful chemicals in hair products, Ryan is a dad of three who loves music.Support the show
Brandi spent most of her career in management and leadership roles atMagnolia Gardens Nursery, is a family business with over 150 employees.As a “next generation” family member in a family-owned business, Brandiunderstands the delicate and at times challenging situations that can facefamily businesses.Brandi has experience developing strategic plans, leading departments, andmanaging capital expenses. She’s comfortable with complicated financials andthe nuances of organizational structure.However, her passion lies with the people. Organizations excel when the peoplewithin them thrive, and Brandi is driven to bring out the best in people.As a teacher and leader, she loves to help people reach their potential asempowered leaders who are confident in their abilities.Support the show
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Into the Night: the Death Fences: Hearts: Notes: @Giammanco BookFacebook: Caroline Giammanco Author Fans the show
Leslie Bosch, PhD, is a developmental psychologist and aNational Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Dr.Leslie received her training as an integrative wellness coachfrom the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr.Bosch helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs minimizethe negative effects of stress so they can make a biggerimpact without sacrificing their health, well-being, orpersonal relationships.Links:InstagramFacebookWebsiteLinkedinSupport the show
David Jones is the Founder and CEO at The Talent Enterprise, a leading ‘think’ and ‘do’ tank focused on the elevation of human capital, integrating modern psychometric tools and assessment solutions with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and data science.In addition, David is a senior advisor to policymakers and organizational leaders on their human capital priorities, utilizing his expertise in labor market economics. David leads global business growth and expansion at The Talent Enterprise and leads vital client relationships and the research and innovation efforts to identify future human capital priorities.With over 30 years of human capital experience, David worked with clients in more than 40 countries on a broad range of talent, leadership, assessment, performance, transformation, and inclusion projects. David is also experienced in various psychometric instruments and qualifies with the British Psychological Society at Level A and B.He has written many books and among his latest is "The Future of Assessments." Forthcoming publications include research contributions to volumes on the changing social contract in Saudi Arabia and an international perspective on happiness and positive psychology.Support the show
What’s in a name? Well, in Aryeh Sheinbein’s case, it’s a perfect metaphor forhis track record as a wealth architect; his given name derives from the Hebrewword אריה) aryé), meaning “lion.” He is every bit a lion for those he works with:passionate, courageous, protective, and willing to fight for the valuable assetshis clients entrust him with.Aryeh’s bread and butter is helping successful business owners andentrepreneurs invest their money intelligently, allowing their wealth toaccumulate so they can stay focused on what truly matters—their business andmission. He’s spent his entire career sharpening his operational experiencewith investments and valuing businesses, having worked with top privateequity, venture capital, hedge funds, investment managers, and banks, as wellas a wealth of success in the eCommerce and Amazon selling spaces. Aryeh isparticularly skilled in managing large, complex projects and teams—a credit tohis excellent executive leadership skills rooted in finance, business strategy,marketing, and operations.When he’s not sculpting the financial futures of his clients, Aryeh lovescoaching his kids' sports teams, donating his time to various non-profitorganizations, and enjoying quality time with his four wonderful kids andamazing wife. He also hosts the iTunes Top 100-ranked Inside the Lions Denpodcast, a show that explores the leadership skills, financial acumen, andoperational improvements required for sustained entrepreneurial andfinancial video: WITH ARYEHwww.solutionadvisory.comwww.insidethelionsdenpodcast.comaryeh@resultsdrivenadvisory.com646-239-6168@aryehsheinbein@aryehthebusinessman the show
I am an author who has published 8 books. I write sci-fi and non-fiction. I have coached over 200 authors on how to set up a successful career in Self-Publishing.Discover Morehttp://www.thebookmarketer.pro the show
JJ Reynolds, from Mediauthentic, started working in the field of marketing as a videographer who would create marketing videos and other assets. However, he quickly learned that organizations didn’t really know what to do with these things once they had them. Now he focuses on assisting businesses in measuring and acting on their marketing data.Understanding that being online takes a lot of work, he helps eliminate the "Guess Work".Reynolds helps his clients using Google Marketing Cloud, where he's able to predictably increase MRR while measuring each channel's step in the marketing journey. With his team, they take all of their client's Data from their CRM, Google Analytics, and cart platform, then turn it into a real-time data dashboard for you to take action.JJ believes that what most digital businesses need is someone to provide reliable consistent data to take action. He is eager to share with listeners how they can better understand and utilize data to improve their business. the show
Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press (, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them to best-seller with a 100% success video: the show
Shiran Weitzman is the CEO and co-founder at Shield, a regulatory technology software company specializing in eComms record-keeping and compliance data analytics. Shield helps organizations reduce the risks associated with electronic communications and uncover hidden insights, such as inside dealing, unlawful behavior and privacy matters, resulting in greater operational efficiency and reduced costs. The technology is currently being used in top-tier banks, leading tech companies and large organizations, with promising and successful results.Shiran has over 15 years of technology and management expertise, mainly in the financial services vertical. He was previously the head of sales at TM-Group, where he was in charge of the company's primary tier-one bank accounts. Shiran brings to Shield many years of experience as a trusted advisor and subject matter expert in the financial compliance market. Another testament to his expertise in his field is when he joined the Forbes Finance Council as a member in 2020.Shiran holds an MBA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a B.A. in Computer Science from IDC Herzliya. With his deep expertise in financial services and electronic communications in the workplace, Shiran is ready to extend a helping hand and inspire your audience.Youtube : the show
on the show with Scott we talk about discovering your soul purpose, how to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve your dreams and goals, and finding the work that aligns with your authentic skills, strengths, and passions.    Over the last two years, I hiked to Mt Everest Basecamp, built a business around my purpose, helped over 100+ men do the same, and am now living in the mountains of Whitefish, Montana with my amazing wife - and it all started with a dream.Website. the show
David is a seasoned sales coach who specializes in helping professionals increase their results through modern skills: frameworks and SOPs that deliver high-end results.He is the key choice for professionals who have spent their lives developing their level of expertise and are now looking to monetize this knowledge in a streamlined and professional way.David takes those looking to get their first clients and helps them become seasoned experts looking to build out a team and scale out to increase their impact. He does this through 1-on-1 coaching, a group coaching program, and a fully interactive platform — meaning every expert has an option to get their business to the next level.Gain access to hundreds of videos for free today at the show
Links for websites:·         LinkedInBusiness: Seiler TuckerPersonal: Michelle Seiler Tucker MAMI·         FacebookBusiness: @michelletuckerinternationalPersonal: Michelle Seiler-Tucker·         Instagram@michelleseilertucker·         Twitter@MSeilerTucker Support the show
Dr. Barbara R. Grossman uses her intuition and experience developed over forty years and 70,000 hours of counseling individuals and couples. She is a master at seeing a couple and knowing the next steps needed for their successful journey together.Dr. Michael J. Grossman is an M.D., #1 best-selling author, a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and an integrative- regenerative medicine and meditation expert. His office specializes in reversing the aging process.Dr. Michael is the author of five books:The Vitality Connection: Ten Practical Ways to Optimize Health and Reverse the Aging ProcessThe Magic of Stem Cells: Awakening Your Healing Power.Secrets to Deep and Effortless Meditation: Revealing the Treasures WithinTogether with his wife, Dr. Barbara, they have authored:The Marriage Map: The Road to Transforming Your Marriage from Ordeal to Adventure.Ageless Love: The Sexy Science of Falling in Love ForeverMichael and Barbara are competitive ballroom dancers. They have two married daughters and seven grandchildren.For over twenty-five years, Drs. Michael and Barbara Grossman have taught thousands of couples practical skills to create a fulfilling romantic partnership. They have TV appearances on CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. Tune in to this powerful interview to discover the secrets to having a fulfilling long-term romantic partnership with a genuine love that lasts forever through all the phases of life.Website: You can contact Barbara and Michael through their website: lectures and appearances, contact them at: the show (
Mitch Gray has combined over two decades of experience as a former pastor, life coach, entrepreneur, community developer, and creator to develop a brand of leadership that is at its deepest level- human. Taking his heart for inspiring others and his passion for empowering leaders, Mitch creates the space needed to consider a new way of leading. Mitch is the creator and host of The Mitch Gray Show and How to Hire and Keep Great People podcasts, author, consultant and a highly regarded speaker.Discover More the show (
Justin Varuzzo is a successful marketing professional with over twenty years of sales and marketing experience. With a heart of a teacher, Justin is working at building a community of like-minded marketing and sales professionals, small-business owners, and entrepreneurs through his “” podcast. Justin’s passion and focus is at the intersection of marketing and customer service – it’s here where he believes organizations can build the strongest relationships with their clients and customers.Justin has been featured in The New York Times, ABC’s 20/20,, and has had content licensed by Investigation Discovery. He’s also been honored as a Dutchess County 40 Under 40.As a marketing consultant and coach, Justin helps guide business leaders that are overwhelmed with analysis-paralysis given the broad range of marketing options available to businesses today. Justin provides guidance to enable immediate action to tackle the most important and fundamental elements in creating an incredible customer experience. Each customer journey is tailored to your organization and all focused on growing a long-term and loyal customer base. Discover Morehttps://marketingandservice.com the show (
Today on the show, we have Ken Woods.  Awesome dude. He explains to me all the different nuances of marketing but actually in a non-boring way. He explains it as if it's almost a story.  And then also explains the sale process and how to effectively start growing your business or your marketing as soon as next week.  Truly eye-opening. I was dumbfounded and just in awe of his good knowledge; you definitely will enjoy it.Support the show (
Adele Spraggon is an award-winning author, a thought leader, and an international speaker and trainer. Her book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment has won three awards and is sweeping the globe, transforming how people set and achieve their goals. Adele received the award of 2020, Woman of Inspiration Award, and in 2021, Adele also was recognized as the Top Behavioural Expert of the Year.After decades of feeling stuck in patterns of procrastination, avoidance, and quitting, all of which had her living her life below her fullest potential, Adele set out on a journey of discovery and learning. Her inquiry? The personal and professional methodologies she was following did not work for her. The result is the creation of her proprietary 4 Step Repatterning Technique, which she delivers through a member portal called the Pattern Maker Hub. Today she supports thousands globally to achieve extraordinary levels of happiness, peaceof mind, prosperity, goal achievement, and life-fulfillment.Links: Free training and how to get a free copy of Adele's book Shift: 4 Steps to Personal Empowerment can also be acquired here.Support the show (
Today on the show we have Howard.  Awesome dude. We chat about how to become a millionaire while working a 9-to-5 job tips and tricks on how to save and pay down your debt and use good debt to grow your wealth!  We even get into pickle ball. I didn't even know this was a sport and he explains this to me.  All around good thought-provoking and mindset show today.Support the show (
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