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New Insights On Life with Bill Burridge

Author: Bill Burridge

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New Insights on Life, hosted by personal development and life coach training expert, Bill Burridge, is the audio version of the New Insights On Life Blog. 

The theme is personal development and self improvement within the overall context of life coaching. Topics discussed are wide ranging and will be of interest to life coaches, aspirant life coaches and members of the general public who value personal growth and development advice. 

The mission of Bill's organisation, New Insights, is to bring greater personal Freedom, self-Confidence and Growth to people from all walks of life. As a specialist life coach training institute, it does so both directly, by training people to become life coaches, and indirectly through the great work of its certified coaches. 

New Insights distributes Its life coach training and certification programme to people around the world from its sister companies based in the UK and South Africa.

56 Episodes
We live in a world in which effective communication is becoming increasingly challenging but increasingly necessary. Perhaps surprisingly, the concept of communication is a highly complex one. The authentic intent behind a communication is subjected to filtering based on the receiver's unique internal map or mindset, and is therefore easily distorted.Bill considers this issue in this podcast and proposes a simple yet powerful way to prevent many of the misunderstandings that happen in the communications jungle.
In this episode, Bill presents and discusses eight of the key assumptions, or principles, that form part of the philosophy on which the transformational service of life coaching is based. These are drawn from the content included in the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme.
The world is changing.Slogging away at a job for 40+ years to try to assure a comfortable retirement, is the stuff of the past. The digital world is turning the way we think about our careers on its head."How much money can I make?" is no longer the key criterion for choosing a job. "How meaningful and fulfilled will I feel?" is the key question driving the new approach to job selection.
Right now we seem to be surrounded by negativity in the world, what with wars, violence, political tensions and rivalries, and natural disasters on an increasingly destructive scale.But that is how it seems, especially if you remain consumed by the stuff dished out by our mainstream media.However, there is a different perspective that offers a new way to look at life and it has its roots in wave theory!Join Bill as he explores this.
7 Key Life Insights

7 Key Life Insights


With these 7 key life insights, originally offered to a teacher to share with her class, Bill offers some fascinating food for thought.This podcast is for anyone looking for powerful insights that will help them to build their self-belief, and create and live a happier, more meaningful, and fulfilling life.
New Insights is committed to the pursuit of life coaching excellence.As life coach trainers, that means offering our trainees a comprehensive package that builds awareness, knowledge, skills and experience and that takes no short cuts.We aim to promote effective life coaching, that works to bring about genuine personal transformation and foster a clear sense of purpose.
Life coaching has never been of greater importance to the world than it is today.There are a great many compelling reasons to become a life coach. In today's podcast Bill discusses five of his favourites. And he ends the recording with a very important caveat for anyone with an interest in life coaching as a career.
It’s hard to believe but our 20th anniversary is upon us! We've been focused on pursuing our mission of promoting greater personal freedom, self confidence and growth for people from all walks of life, through life coaching, for all of this time!On behalf of New Insights, I'm proud and delighted to share this occasion with you.
Misperceptions about what life coaching is and what life coaches do, abound.Frankly, our industry as a collective must take a lot of the blame for poor communication. And the term 'life coaching' certainly doesn't help. Its broad nature leaves it wide open to speculation.In today's podcast Bill explores some of the common misperceptions that exist and sets out to correct these,  explain what life coaching is and offer a brief glimpse at how important life coaches are in helping people find their way in an increasingly confusing world.
Investing in life coach training is a smart move ... even if you decide not to become a life coach!That may sound strange. But the fact is that to become a life coach and help others to appreciate who they are, understand what they really want from life and then go after it with passion, you have learn to follow the same process.And if you use the training as intended to become a professional life coach, you can enjoy the rewards and fulfilment that come with this progressive and flexible career.In this podcast Bill explores six compelling reasons for investing in life coach training.
In this podcast episode Bill discusses the power that growing your self esteem can have in transforming your life. He puts forward six suggestions for helping to bring about that growth.
In this podcast episode, Bill argues that life coaching can be considered as a form of preventative psychology, much needed in today's demanding world where mental health issues are increasing rapidly in number and severity.Life coaching focuses on developing self awareness and the ability to harness one's inner power to adapt one's value and belief systems to serve one's purpose in life. Enjoying a meaningful life in which you contribute constructively to the world, is the foundation for positive and sustainable mental health.
The journey of life throws up many apparent roadblocks that can leave us frustrated, disillusioned, hurt and even feeling like we have failed. But there's another more positive way to look at these 'roadblocks'. That is simply as 'detours' that provide learning opportunities and offer tantalising new possibilities for growth and development.As Bill explains, the inspiration for this podcast comes from a Malawian national currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.
Motivation, and staying motivated, is a challenge for all of us; for some more than others. In this podcast Bill explores this topic and offers four powerful insights to improve motivation and help stay motivated
We have the power to choose what to believe and not to believe. So, it may seem counterintuitive that we would choose to believe things that inhibit our ability to enjoy the life we truly deserve. And yet, most of us harbour limiting beliefs that serve to hold us back. In this episode, Bill explains, using a hypothetical example, how limiting beliefs develop and how, through life coaching, they can be eradicated and replaced with beliefs that empower us to be all we can be!
The value of self reflection, as part of the learning process, should never be underestimated. Whereas the learning in itself is important, reflecting on that learning adds substantively to the overall experience as it offers the chance to understand what works and what doesn't work. This adds a new dimension to the learning and promotes one's future effectiveness. 
Most of us spend our lives in reactive mode, simply trying to weather the turbulence and constant change, to survive and cope as best we can. And yet, each and every one of us is perfectly capable of leaving a significantly positive mark on the world, perhaps not immediately, but over time. Doing so is easier than we probably think. But it does require the courage to visualise big dreams and to commit to some small action to get the process of change underway.
Who Am I, Really?

Who Am I, Really?


In our world, routine is common and an accepted part of what makes society work. But for individuals, busy routines kill off introspection and creativity and falsely make us believe that who we are comes down to how we are seen through the eyes of others. In this podcast episode, Bill explains that we need to step away from routine in order to start the process of going within, so that we may explore who we truly are and start really living!
In this second part of the podcast, Bill visits the Change Cycle and the different stages that we go through when trying to bring about much needed change. Regression, or relapse, is an inherent stage in the cycle that most of us have to contend with. But with the right understanding of why it occurs and a few tips, we can overcome this temporary setback on go on to manifest the change we so desire.
For most humans, substantive change is both scary and difficult to bring about. This is because we battle against inbuilt programming that causes us to avoid anything we perceive as potentially painful. However, the ability to change and adapt, in an increasingly turbulent world, is vital if we are to survive and prosper. In this podcast, Bill shares some of the ideas that we can gain from life coaching to make it easier to bring about change.
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