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NinonSpeaks is the newest and greatest global internet talk show that is dazzling the world with top class interviews and performances of your favorite entertainers & stars. Each week, Host & Executive Producer, Ninon de Vere De Rosa & Producer, Co-Host, A.J. Dean, provide dazzling and wonderful heart to heart conversations that will inspire and motivate you to live the life of your dreams. Join International and Award winning spokesperson, Ninon de Vere De Rosa, who comes from England to America and beyond as she covers any and all topics and shares her great sense of humor and witty charm.
31 Episodes
Ninon & AJ welcome three talented performers to their show, Rena Delgadillo is a world class entertainer, dancer, choreographer, magician, illusionist, inventor and master craftsman. Stephanie Thompson is a singer songwriter and Lynn Chapman also known as 'Fulya', is a Flamenco and Belly Dancer from Northampton, UK. This show is jam-packed with great talent!
Ninon and AJ welcome multi-talented Official Lilblaze. These talents include: professional dancer, artist, choreographer, performer, dance instructor, clothing brand crater, DLO Entertainment, Dance Legend, dance event producer actor, and agent. Sivil Williams also makes an appearance. She is known as 'Sheeba Queen of the Night' burlesque dancer. She's also a Pin Up model, performer, singer songwriter and musician. There's lots to discover about these two!
Ninon and AJ welcome two VIP Burlesque Guests. Jett Adore, known as 'The Diamond Stud' and voted the most innovative performer at the Las Vegas Burlesque Hall of Fame. He is a patron, performer and coach as well as teaching classes and workshops. He is also known by 'Your Private Jett' and The Prince of Boylesque. Michelle L'Amour also makes a guest appearance, She is a Neo-Burlesque performer, artist, teacher, instructor and Empowerment Advocate. Come along to learn about these talented people.
Ninon's guests are Grant Philipo, Legend of Burlesque, CEO/Curator of' The Las Vegas Showgirl Museum', Singer, Dancer Stripper, Fashion Icon, Performer and Costume Designer & Robin Wilson, 'Wonders of London' Tour Guide, Actor and Rapper & Stephanie Castellone, Burlesque Performer, Dancer , Contortionist, and she's with the Non-Profit ,'BurlyCares. This trio really has a lot to offer.
Ninon welcomes Eric P. Granger, Award Winning Screenwriter, Production Developer, and Location Scout & Jimmy Fingers, Magician, Performer and Entertainer. Learn what these two have been up to.
Ninon is joined by Dixie Dooley, Mystifier Owner of 'Magic Productions', Master Illusionist, Owner of 'Dixie's Magic Shop' and featuring Dixie Dooley's Tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Miranda Smith also graces the stage. She is a Burlesque Dancer, Femcee, Rabble Rouser, Producer, Pleasure Engineer and President of 'BurlyCares'. Listen to these talented artists and wonder how they find time to sleep:-)
Join Ninon and legendary Performer Georgette Dante and Dancer Jay Perez. Georgetter shares her long standing career as a Burlesque Dancer and her multiple talents. Jay Perez, also know as Smoove Diggity is a 'King of House' Dancer that talks about his career and what his future holds.
Join Ninon as she welcomes Bell Fire, Burlesque Dancer and Ringmaster Vibez, Hip Hop Bone Breaking Dancer & Sarah Barnard, Dancer and Model. Be awed and Inspired by this talented women and discover why they do what they do.
Ninon guests include Dixie Dooley, Mystifier, Master Illusionist, Entertainer and Owner of Dixie Dooley's Magic Shop & Zamora The Torture King, Illusionist, and Performer & Mary Hida from the 'Women's Federation for World Peace & Introducing Gracie the Wonder Dog with her film debut. This is a Star packed show you'll want to listen to time and time again.
Ninon welcomes Joshua Baron known as Karaoke Baron and he's the National Director of the 'Karaoke World Championship'. Dennis D'Satcho Keating also joins the fun, He's a Las Vegas Headliner and musician who can count like the famous Louis Armstrong. You want to listen to this one:-)
Ninon welcomes Kristi Ann , King Neptune from The Key West Mermaid Festival & Andrew Cortez from Trident Tails Entertainment, Discover what it's like to be a Mermaid and Water Performer,
Ninon guest Michael Asian talks about being a Magician and Entertainer. William Ervin discusses the 'The Big Elvis Show' and Suma Anjali Krishna shares careers as a Chef, Photographer and even a Loan Officer, You'll enjoy learning about these talented people.
Join Ninon as she welcomes Dusty Summers, Burlesque Legend, Dancer, Performer and Author of 'The Magical World of Burlesque' & Buttercup, Burlesque Dancer, Instructor and Burlesque Costume Designer. Learn all about these fabulous and talented women.
Ninon welcomesTim Wise, Illusionist, Master Magician, Owner/Creator of ABRA TV, Watch The Magic Happen & Suzanne Ramsey also known as the Kitten on the Keys, Musician, Singer, Cabaret Performer and MC. Learn all about this Dynamic Duo.
Ninon welcomes April March. She is a Burlesque Legend known as the First Lady of Burlesque. April is even on the Burlesque Walk of Fame. She also discusses her new book, 'Reflections of My Life'. She shares her passion and what made her different thereby creating a fabulous career,
Ninon welcomes the entire cast of American Trilogy. Rob Garrett performs as Neil Diamond, Justin Shandor performs as Elvis Presley, Chris Jason performs as Frank Sinatra and Gabriella Versace performs as Barbara Streisand. You'll want to tune in for this one:-)
Ninon welcomes guests Aimmee Kodachian and Blanche DeBris. Aimmee is an author of her book 'Tears of Hope' and she also hosts her own TV show 'Empowering Humanity'. Blanche is known as the Burlesque Fairy Godmother and she is also an MC. You'll want to learn about these fascinating women and their passions in life.
NinonSpeaks with the Gorgeous Lady Brandy, The Queen of the Blues, at Lady Brandy's Place, R&B Music and The Wonderful Tony Taylor, Film & TV Actor, Producer & Writer
Listen to the stars and Legendary Show Business Elite including the Amazing Grant Philipo, Burlesque Legend, Performer, Dancer, Singer, Stripper, Model, Actor, Fashion Icon and CEO, Creator of The Las Vegas Showgirl Museum. Along with the fabulous Grant Philipo, we have the Show Business Legend, herself, Georgette Dante, the Wonderful Woman of Many Talents, Show Business Performer and Creator of GD Productions, her independent film company. This NinonSpeaks! show will be sizzling with stars!
Lou Gazzara, World Class Las Vegas Singer, Performer, Musician and Actor.
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